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James Dayley


James D Dayley C.Ht.
Mentalist and Hypnotist, AKA as the Spoon Bender. James was raised in the magical islands of Hawaii and has always sought out magic in all its forms. When first learning of the abilities of Uri Geller in the early 1970’s, James started out on a lifelong quest and has studied spoon bending for more than three decades. Join this fun presentation and learn how you too can bend spoons and teach your clients.

Spoon Bending Party

Spoon Bender, James D Dayley invites you to his Spoon Bending Party. This is the program that was inspired by Uri Geller and Rocket Scientist Jack Houk. Learn how to host your own Spoon Bending party for fun, profit and most importantly to inspire your clients.
James will share a few stories from his 40-year friendship with Uri Geller, how he has used Spoon Bending Parties in a drug rehabilitation center to help build self-esteem. If you can learn to bend a spoon, what other changes can you make in your life?

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference