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Ina Oostrom


Ina Oostrom is an internationally renowned hypnosis and hypnotherapy teacher. She is the instructor of OMNI Hypnosis Training Center in the Netherlands. She has a Master’s Degree in Science and has a range of international organizational experience. In 2017 she guided Mirjam Borsboom into hypnosis during a surgery for the removal of a glandular tissue lump without anesthesia. She is the author of ‘Hypnosis the Key to Self-Empowerment’ (2016) and ‘Operation in hypnosis’ (release October 2018). She received the ‘Gerald Kein Award for Excellence in Hypnotism’ in 2015. She received the Award for Best Writer of 2017 at the Hypnosis Congress in Zurich in 2017. It is her mission to promote the unique qualities of hypnosis and use them to help people achieve positive changes in their body and mind. Her goal is to help people to activate their inner sources. She says: “The power of hypnosis is proven time and again by the positive changes I see in my clients.”

What has hypnosis to do with quantum physics

Expand your thinking about consciousness and hypnosis by looking at the world around you through the eyes of quantum physics. In this presentation a link will be made
between quantum physics and hypnosis.

What quantum physics is trying to tell us is that reality is an illusion – a manifestation of many atomic processes which average out based on the scale in which we see it. That means at a micro level we see atoms and their parts, and that a macro level we will see planets, solar system etc. In other words, the reality that we perceive is only a part of a larger truth of the universe.

Topics: What has quantum physics to do with hypnosis. Why the power of belief comes into play. Why we need to educate our clients to take responsibility for their own lives and happiness. How we learned to see what we see and why this is important in a hypnosis practice.