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Holly Stokes


Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, 3 time Author, Speaker and Master NLP Coach, has more than 12 years experience working in a full time hypnosis practice with thousands of clients. Teaching classes and private sessions with weight loss, led her to create the A Lighter You! System. This program to address the REAL reasons we gain weight: old habits, cravings, mental blocks lack of motivation and sabotage. The program includes 2 books, A Lighter You Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body and A Lighter You Nutrition Guide to Superhealth, plus the 6 Hypnosis CD set for lasting weight loss success.

She has been quoted by Shape Magazine, Active Times and Chicago Tribune. She appears on radio shows and local TV in Salt Lake City, where she keeps a busy practice and co-owns The Life Harmony Wellness Center. She says, “Life, health, happiness, achievement – all gets easier with your brain onboard.” Find her books and Hypnosis CDs online at

Stop Sabotage with Weight Loss & 7 Levels Problem Solving

Do your clients get stuck with weight loss or say it’s not working? Or even if they are making progress, do they sabotage their success? Often sabotage is deeply ingrained. Learn to use the 7 Levels of Alignment to get clients on track, address the underlying issues responsible for habits, cravings and sabotage. Learn to customize your approach to each client for a more complete program and address the layers of sabotage. With the 7 Levels of Alignment model, you can personalize your evaluations, help clients understand the need for multiple sessions (its not one and done), and have a clear customized map for moving forward. Learn to prioritize the changework processes to keep clients committed to their program.
• Address the Common mental blocks up front: the skeptic, the critic and failure
• Manage client expectations through your evaluation process
• Create a customized program map
• Problem solving at each of the 7 Levels
• Give clearer, more accurate estimates as to the needs of the client
• Speak to the client’s motivating forces to keep them moving forward.