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Hansruedi Wipf


Hansruedi Wipf is the official successor of Gerald F. Kein and has trained thousands of hypnotherapists in Europa, North- and South America in the OMNI Hypnosis R2C methods – the very same methods that are being researched scientifically at prestigious universities in Switzerland.

Hansruedi Wipf is a best-selling author of 3 books on hypnosis and self-hypnosis, runs OMNI Hypnosis worldwide, is driving cutting-edge HypnoScience research and has introduced ISO 9001 quality standards in the hypnosis business.

“Passion for a Healthy Mind” is his motto and “Everything is Possible in One Session” his credo.

The OMNI HypnoScience Project – the latest results from cutting edge research

In this presentation, you will find out about the latest research that proves that hypnotic states do exist and what the significance of these finds is for our profession and for YOU!

The OMNI HypnoScience Project is a joint project between the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and the OMNI Hypnosis organization.

See the results of fMRI, MRS (Neurochemistry), and EEG and what each state (Somnambulism and Esdaile) looks like. This is cutting edge science for our profession.

The HypnoScience Project solved several challenges that previous researchers encountered. Find out what and how we did it. The results are stunning! This is scientific proof that hypnosis exists!

You will get insight information that is being published by major science magazines!

Additional Workshops offered Pre/Post-Conference

August 11-13 & 17-20, 2020