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H.Larry Elman


Colonel H Larry Elman, Dave Elman’s son, took his father’s course several times before attending MIT. During careers in engineering and the Air Force, Larry had to restrict his hypnosis activities. Now CEO of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, Larry lectures and teaches hypnosis internationally, as well as producing CDs and DVDs demonstrating Dave Dave Elman’s medical hypnosis methods. Larry also teaches Certification Courses for several hypnosis professional organizations as well as courses in more advanced hypnosis subjects.

Examining Actual Regressions II Audio and Video Samples of Live Regressions by Several Masters

After a brief Review of the material covered in Regression I — Organizing Your Concepts of Regression – actual live Regressions which were recorded in hypnosis training courses will be presented and discussed. A number of these will be modern cases, caught on video. Others will be audio only because video recording was not available 60 years ago. Both forms involve the Subject being placed in a deep state (usually Somnambulism) and Regression obtained by methods explained earlier in Regression I. In most of these cases, the Hypnotist attempts to obtain problem resolution in the one session, so both Hypnoanalysis and Hypnotherapy are usually applied within the Regression. Heavy emphasis will be placed on student discussion, dissecting the cases being observed. This Workshop will be very interactive.