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George Guarino


Opened my office in 2005 as a Certified Hypnotist. I currently work out of three offices in upstate New York, in the Albany, NY area. I limit my practice to ten sessions a week, seeing folks for smoking, weight, fear, stress, pain and performance issues. I’ve studied with Mike Mandel, Jerry Kein, James Tripp, Cal Banyan, Ron Eslinger, Sheila Granger, John Overdurf and the late Jeff Stephens to name a few. My passion is to connect hypnosis with art and explore new ways to use suggestion with pictures to enhance personal development and make better use of our powerful imaginations. Currently I run a monthly hypnosis MeetUp group, do workshops in area high schools, and teach How to Hypnotize classes.

Pictrance – Pictures as a focus point to trance

Pictures are natural emotion stimulators. It’s as if they hold the resonance of past memories, stories and thought, ready to be turned on with a mere glance. What if a viewer could have a feeling, memory or thought assigned into a picture of their choosing which causes the picture to stimulate in the viewer a persistence toward their goal, allowing their unconscious to automatically move them toward success? Would that be beneficial? The Pictrance process that I’ve developed does just that. It uses pictures as the focus point to a trance experience. Then conditions the viewer to continue toward their goal every time they see the picture, remember the picture, or just know that the picture exists in the world. The process is powerful, natural and guides the participant toward success without overt effort or work. They just feel like moving toward their goal… or uncover their real goal waiting in the picture.