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Gail Webster


My career in the DOD Morale Welfare Recreation industry earned me the name “Queen of Theme ” for my innovative parties & hosting large events Stateside, Europe and Asia with well known entertainers. A Certified Master Hypnotist honors graduate of the Hypnosis Institute in Tarzana California. I have been blessed with being mentored and trained with the best of the best in clinical & stage hypnosis. Change agent, Laughter Conductor, Grief Healer, Hypnotherapist, Comedy Hypnotist, Medium, Mentalist, Author. As a professional Trance channel, Empath, Life Coach & Hypnotist I have touched well over 75,000 clients I have either read for or hypnotized from all walks of life all over the world. Certified Imagery facilitator, Certified Advanced Handwriting Analysis, Past Life Regression Therapy. American Hypnosis Association & NGH.

Your Story in the North Node

As hypnotists we gather information on our clients before we actually see them in our offices. I will show you a quick tool that you can use to prepare before your first session to help your clients. The North Node tells us who they are working to become. This is an amazing tool for healing. You will be amazed with the rapport you will gain with this tool.