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Filip De Pressemier


Filip has a background education in IT and later studied Psychology. He has been a Corporate Consultant for almost 2 decades and for several years mainly into “the people” business now. In 2004 he started a Personal & Executive coaching company which was branded MindCoach®. In 2010 he co-founded the company Begrip® together with Pieter Hoekstra. He has been developing seminars and trainings about behavior in general and foremost with a twist towards people getting a genuine good feeling about themselves, their purpose and their goals. As a skilled and trained NLP trainer, practitioner and coach of the Society of NLP he founded the Brain transformation Institute which became a think tank on defining ways to help people in re-wiring their brain to become more impact full on their daily activities when desired. Adding skills to a persons’ available portfolio or latent knowledge base became another highly in demand request from his customers. Late 2017 he teamed up with Dr. Gabriela Garaba, developing a proprietary Peak Performance Program for executives and professional sportspeople.

The Excellence Algorithm.

Working with top athletes in different area’s (Tennis, Cycling, Swimming,…), C- level executives and managers, actors, performers and the occasional TV-star, they identified a lot of commonalities between these people as they all had more or less the same challenges to induce peak experiences that lead to their peak performances.
At the end of 2017 both seasoned professionals joined forces and developed a structural method to enhance the ability to unleash the gems hidden in these high potentials. Although their system is based on recent brains studies, combined with cognitive biases and research and evidence form the field of psychology and hypnosis to cultivate peak performances with clients, today they want to give an insight on three basic psychological needs and 4 types of motivation everyone can put immediately to use.
This approach can be complementary to existing programs used by managers, coaches, trainers and therapist.