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Fern Tausig


I am a hypnotist and certified hypnosis trainer with a full time practice in Orange, CT since 2005. I have training in NLP, EFT and was certified as a trainer by the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. As a former health educator with a MA degree in health education, I combine my experience teaching with hypnosis and the results are remarkable. The focus of my practice is primarily, smoking cessation, weight loss and dealing with anxiety.

Stop Smoking In 1 Session

Smoking is a psychological addiction that can be eliminated in one session if approached from a multi faceted program. By doing a great pre talk that includes eliminating the cravings and the fear of being without cigarettes, the rest is rather easy. Be the expert that your clients need by combining EFT, NLP and hypnosis! I will share the secrets that you can also use for remarkable results!