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Duff McDuffee


Andrew “Duff” McDuffee has worked as a coach and trainer since 2003, using NLP and hypnosis to create change at the unconscious level. He’s taught NLP practitioner trainings, Neo-Ericksonian Hypnosis, Core Transformation, and more. He’s presented at top hypnosis conferences such as Hypnothoughts Live, ICBCH, HPTI, and ACHE. Duff specializes in helping people transform anxiety and stress into calm and courage. Duff’s private practice website can be found at

Vocal Warm Ups for Hypnotists

As hypnotists, we are also musicians — our instrument is our voice. Growing up my sisters and I would hear voice lessons taking place in the living room, as my mom was a voice teacher and choir director. Later we practiced these same vocal warmups when we sang in choirs. To utilize our voices well, it is important that we relax our shoulders, neck, and throat, warm up the vocal chords, and speak from the diaphragm. Properly warming up ensures not only a more full and hypnotic tonality, but also a longer vocal career. In this class you’ll learn and practice some simple vocal warm ups that you can do while driving to the office, to ensure that your voice is warmed up and ready for a full day of hypnotizing clients.

Ascending States

New Zealand NLP Trainer Richard Bolstad created the Ascending States process to transform problem states into spiritual experiences. Modeled from spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ascending States allows a person to quickly discover transpersonal states of love, beingness, peace, and joy underlying even the most unpleasant of emotions. This is a gentle and powerful method that really “takes you there” and even works for the spiritually skeptical. No particular belief system is required to touch into your own inner resourcefulness and live from these states more and more in an ongoing way. Watch a demo and experience it yourself.