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Douglas Meacham


Doug Meacham, Hypno-Historian, has been practicing hypnosis since 1996. While helping people be successful through hypnosis is his vocation, his avocation is 20th Century Popular Culture with a focus on hypnosis! He has an extensive collection of hypnosis related memorabilia, including early 20th-century movie posters, sheet music, War Department propaganda from World War II, as well as more current examples of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in popular culture.

Ecstatic Trance Experience

Trance isn’t always about relaxation, it can also be about excitation. Ecstatic trances have long been a part of spiritual and social practices, from Sufi dancers spinning in circles to ravers dancing all night at Burning Man and soccer fans chanting in the stands for their favorite team. Ecstatic trances can enliven, bring people together, and create transformation and change.

But hypnotists rarely utilize the power of ecstatic “ergotropic” trance states, preferring “trophotropic” relaxing trances. In this workshop we’ll explore the therapeutic potential of ecstatic trances through a series of experiences. Learn safety principles for entering into and returning from ecstatic states without negative side-effects. Come prepared to move, shake, and make some noise!