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Don Spencer


Don Spencer, founder of™ began practicing Hypnotherapy in 1985. He founded Hypnotism International® to provide professional hypnosis training to his growing international clientele. He taught Hypnosis at College level along with a weekly radio talk show on Hypnosis called the Master Mind Hour. He ran multiple hypnosis clinics providing services for over 25,000 people. Spencer added entertainment to his resume. His work has been highlighted on Fox, NBC, ABC, MTV, PlayboyTV, Virgin Radio and as a Hologram! Currently his clinic and training facility in Southern California is busy when he is not at the beach with his son. Each fall Don conducts a vision quest for students and clients in search of alternative earth wisdom and healing.

Hypnotism, Psychedelics & the Future of Healing

Is there a connection between Hypnotism, Mysticism & Psychedelics? In this 2 hour presentation Don will lay open a discussion of the various subjects and provide the evidence that support the ancient practices and how they intersect in today’s evolving world. He’ll explore the foundations of trance states from the ancient civilizations and how one can integrate earth based wisdom with spiritual insights. We will then open the door and discover the current revolution that integrates psychedelics into a holistic healing model. 2 hours to expand your mind in ways you might not yet have considered.