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Diane Edwards


Diane Edwards, owner of the San Diego Hypnosis Clinic since 1989 is a leading authority in addictive behaviors and has created many innovative group programs. If you want to learn from a seasoned and well-qualified Hypnotherapist, come to this workshop!

Make a Bundle of Money conducting Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Seminars

Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Seminars can be immensely lucrative. For the hypnotherapist who conducts them, some full-time, they can provide a very comfortable living. Also, some therapists in private practice find them an excellent means for introducing people to hypnosis and then moving these people into private therapy programs for other problem areas.

* How to choose the best Towns and Cities for your Seminars
* The best days to Conduct your Seminars
* Lots of Marketing Ideas
* Why it’s so important to Create Back-of-the-Room Sales
* How to turn Attendees into Private Clients
* How to create Corporate Seminars
* Equipment needed
* Ideas for added Profits
* How to use Discounts to your Advantage
* Sample of Sign-In Registration Form
* Script for Weight and Smoking Session