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Devin Knight


Devin Knight is one of the country’s best-known mentalists and comedy hypnotists. He has been touring and performing hypnosis and mentalism shows for more than 30 years. He reveals in his presentations secrets few know.

How To Make $1000 A Day With A Stage Hypnosis Show

This is a little known but proven plan that you can easily use to make at least a thousand dollars a day and possibly much, much more with your stage hypnosis show. This involves a local group that will be begging to book your act. This plan shows you a backdoor approach that you can use to get into these venues and get paid a thousand dollars or more. This plan practically sells itself; you tell them about it and they will be ready to book you on the spot! This works in both small towns and large cities. If you follow this plan systematically, you will make big money and faster than you ever thought possible with your act.
If you wanted to, you could set this up in several different venues doing a show each weeknight. Doing this would result in a $5000 week for you. Please note this is not pie in the sky or pipe dreams, there are professionals working this plan right now and bringing home five to seven thousand dollars each week. You book the show, do a little prep work, show up on the day of the gig, and collect your fee.
• No Phone Rooms
• No Civic Club Sponsors
• No Halls To Rent
• No Professional Promoters
• No Ad Books