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David Barron


David Barron has been a clinical hypnotist since 1998 and worked with over 10,000 hypnosis hours. He is operating two hypnosis centers located in New Hampshire and Oregon. David is the author of 12 books on hypnosis, language patterns and mind control. Many of his book are written under the pen name Dantalion Jones.

David Barron is the only person who has been personally trained to teach The Learning Place by Jeff Stephens.

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The Learning Place: Creating the Ideal Learning Mind Through Hypnosis

The Learning Place is a three day, one-on-one, hypnosis training designed to make learning easy and automatic.
Originally developed by the late Jeffrey Stephens, The Learning Place creates a subconscious process where whatever is learned or has been learned can be instantly recalled. Using the Learning Place people have speak Spanish at a conversational level in less than five hours of study. A hypnotist skilled is teaching The Learning Place can easily charge $5000 per client. This presentation will explain the origin of the Learning Place Process and detail how it’s done.

Further information on the Learning Place can be found here: