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Dan Goyette


Dan Goyette is the founder and CEO of Houghton lake hypnotherapy studios He is a member of the National guild of hypnotists as well as the American PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION WITH HIS UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES IN PSYCHOLOGY FROM BAKER COLLEGE mi. Dan is also a clinical hypnotherapist with the nation guild of hypnotists as well as the clinical hypnosis institute of MI. also a thirty year veteran of the fire and ems services with his education methodology certification from baker college. dan specializes in working with stress anxiety and behavioral modification as well as continuing his work with first responders in prevalent stress and PTSS.

Hypnosis and the human brain

This presentation will discuss my findings thus far on how hypnosis/hypnotherapy works within the human brain as it pertains not only to physical effects but mental and emotional as well this presentation will include video interviews with individuals who participated within this three year study conducted at Houghton lake hypnosis therapy studios in conjunction with Eastbay medical center in Michigan this presentation will also include video presentation of volunteers also connected to EKG as well monitoring blood pressure and oxygen saturation during states of hypnosis . I will also be discussing how we can effect marked behavioral change in individuals as it pertains to both the frontal lobe as well as the motor cortex and memory centers of the brain within the hippocampus and temporal lobe this is a presentation based on case studies. all attendees will receive copies of my presentation.