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Dan Cleary


Daniel F. Cleary, is an internationally recognized, Pain Relief Educator and Hypnosis Instructor. He provides individual and group programs in Pain Relief, Hypnotic Techniques, and Communication Skills, to Doctors, Psychologists, Therapists and Care Givers, throughout the United States, Europe and Australia,. His specialties include; Pain Relief, Personal Transformation, and Effective Communication.

Practical Magic – Entrancing Language and Transformation

How many languages do you speak? This program reminds that we know far more than we were taught in our certification classes. Do you speak; body, tone, movement, breath, inflection or skin tone? The answer is: YES. The question is: ARE YOU FLUENT? Learn to recognize the skills we already use in new ways and welcome the adventure of life-long curiosity.

The power of suggestion is far more than the words we say and yet, words have power. Imagine awareness in all the senses, as a form of language. A language that we already know. Begin to explore our senses and you may notice changes in the ways we relate with our clients and even within ourselves. You may be surprised with how much you already know and wonder why some of your skills may have gone overlooked or underrated in the past.

Additional Workshop offered Pre/Post-Conference

August 18-19, 2020