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Dan Candell


Known in business for being a behavioral communications specialist, Dan Candell is a world-renowned expert on high performance and helping people Break Free from anxiety on all levels. He is an international speaker, coach and also a Board Certified and Multi-Award Winning Hypnotist and Certified Instructor, as well as a columnist for the Journal of Hypnotism. He is also an author and podcast host. He teaches people how to positively re-program their subconscious minds to overcome their obstacles, achieve their full potential and get more of what they want in their personal and professional lives. Dan also lectures, teaches and speaks at conventions nationwide, teaching other healers about strategies that can be life-changing for their clients.

Hypnotic Horror Stories: What to do when they happen and how to avoid them in the future

Description: Buckle up! You’re in for a ride. Both on the stage during stage shows and with his office clients, Dan has seen the weird, the whacky and the unusual… Dan will share his deepest and darkest stories with you from working on murder investigations to having several bodily fluids spewed at him during shows. He will also outline a strategy for making everything a learning experience. This is a MUST ATTEND!

Out of the Box Techniques for Out of the Box Clients: Creative ways of working with the weird and the unusual

Dan consistently works with 4-8 clients a day. This leads to working with many “odd ducks” in his practice. Dan shares strategies from his experience of how he handles some of the more out of the box clients. Learn how he combines hypnosis, NLP, cognitive exercises with energy psychology tactics to create remarkable results with clients. Note: You can also apply these strategies to “typical” clients as well. Dan will show you how!