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Crystal Miles


Crystal Miles is a professional marketing specialist with degrees in marketing and business management as well as business administration . crystal has worked for some of the best marketing firms in Michigan and now she is the owner of crystal clear marketing and . one of the most sunlight after marketing companies in Michigan her client list ranges from real estate to hypnotherapy . crystal is an expert at getting you and your business to the best level

mastering your social media & on line image

This presentation is about putting your best social media and online presence forward . I will show you how to avid making those mistakes that cost you time money and clients . by giving you the tools to find and crate stunning eye catching adds as well as how to get people calling, messaging and emailing you .with as well as how to build an impressive e mail list . this presentation is about growing your business from the ground up .And if your already in business and not seeing your revenue climb i will show some simple but effective ways to get almost instant results. You don’t have to be lost in the ocean of the web i caan show you how manage or help you manage you Facebook ,Instagram and twitter accounts in away that is best for you .not to mention the all important website .