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Cheryl Elman


Cheryl Elman has a BS in Varying Exceptionalities K-12 and Elementary Ed plus 30 years experience in Business. She is president and the marketing force behind the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute. As a Certified Hypnotist and International Speaker/Trainer, Cheryl has presented at major conferences and co-trained with Larry Elman in 17countries. Cheryl has a hypnosis practice and is an Accredited Trainer and Consultant for the Goulding Process of SleepTalk™ for Children. Her ability as an artist blends with her energy and sense of humor to create fun, informative and interactive presentations.

“Open Sesame” with the Goulding Process of SleepTalk(c) for Children

Want to increase your visibility with presenter and speaker invitations? Many groups are resistant to “hypnosis” yet are very interested in having you come to introduce SleepTalk for Children. Like Ali Baba, you can magically unlock doors to parent groups, schools, churches and more so they can explore how to increase their child’s emotional resilience and self-esteem. Participants will workshop ‘The Legacy Tree’ – a group brainstorming session as to what gifts parents can give children which last a lifetime. We will learn Joane Goulding’s Top Hat Theory- the basis for the development of the Process. As SleepTalk Consultants, we train parents to speak to their children 2-3 minutes per night. The process is safe, effective and unobtrusive plus affords great opportunities to expand your business. Don’t have an office? This program is very skypable so your client base has no geographic boundaries and has global appeal.