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Caryn Bird


Caryn Bird, Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoCoach
Caryn specializes in Sports Performance Hypnosis/Mental Toughness Training and is the author of ATTITUDE OF A CHAMPION. She holds a B.A. degree in psychology with a background in marketing and event planning. Caryn’s career in hypnosis began when she used and then decided to become a practitioner in HypnoBirthing. In 2004, she started her practice, Win With Hypnosis. Caryn is married to a collegiate wrestler/coach of 25 years and is raising champion athletes, so she embraced hypnosis and mental training as the most powerful tool for confidence and peak performance. She has since coached Olympic Trail Athletes, Ironman Winners, and many athletes from children to college to professionals while helping them reach their goals and dreams.

Hypnos-Niche – The Power of Niching for a Profitable and Successful Hypnosis Business

Most hypnotists are drawn to this profession because they have a desire to help people be happier and healthier. Yet, the realness of creating a thriving practice is difficult. The reality is that 90% of hypnotists struggle to build a full-time profitable business, worry about where the next client is coming from, and lack clarity of knowing where to focus their time, marketing dollars and energy. This presentation will cover the single most important thing that will allow you to create a profitable career with a steady stream of clients: the decision to niche. The decision to niche your practice – is the linchpin to becoming part of the 10% who enjoy a thriving hypnosis practice.