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Bunny Vreeland


Hi, I’m Dr. Bunny Vreeland (my clients call me Dr. Bunny). I am a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Robbins-Madanes Coach, and Founder of the Vreeland College of the Healing Arts, located in Camarillo, CA. I help people lose weight, stop smoking, and get past phobias and anxieties that are preventing them from living life to the fullest. These are just a few issues that Hypnotherapy can help with – there are so many more! I get to help people make a difference in their lives and I love being part of that. I’m also the Owner of an internet radio station,, where I host two internet radio shows, “SNAP! Unhypnotizing Hypnotherapy” and “Ask Dr. Bunny”. I’m so proud to be a Hypnotherapist and to be part of such a caring group of people. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything!

Communicate With Anyone!

Communicate with Anyone!
Do you frequently feel like you’re on “a different page” (or planet!) than your teenager?
Do you wish you could create excellent rapport with clients, colleagues and your boss?
Would you like to have a deeper bond with your partner or significant other?
What secrets do TOP SALESPEOPLE know about sales success?
Learn Advanced skills that will take you to the next level!
– Establish rapport in 30 seconds or less with Anyone!

– Build trust into every communication

– Increase your ‘likability factor’

– Improve your range of responsiveness

– Achieve personal and professional flexibility

– Establish bonds of trust quickly

– Verify that you have rapport

– Know when you have made your point
Let Dr. Bunny Vreeland help you learn the keys to Communicate with Anyone – in just 2 hours!