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Bruce Eimer


Bruce is a licensed Ph.D. psychologist and certified master hypnotherapist who has specialized in the use of hypnosis for pain management for over 25 years. He also worked for 7 1/2 years at a busy hospital-based pain clinic. Bruce is board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology and is a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He is also an American Psychological Association-approved sponsor of continuing education for psychologists. Bruce has written several books and numerous articles on hypnosis for pain relief. Having relocated recently to Florida from Pennsylvania, Bruce currently spends his time building his Florida hypnotherapy practice, writing, teaching, and training his dogs.

Mastering Hypnotic Inductions for Pain Control

Chronic pain is an undertreated problem in the United States because it does not neatly fit into the medical model of disease treatment. The current “opioid crisis” partially stems from the unavailability of effective non-drug pain treatments. While hypnosis is an empirically supported non-pharmacological pain treatment tool, it is under-utilized. This course will examine how the practicing hypnotherapist can use hypnosis for pain management in a manner that is consistent with what we know scientifically about the neurology of pain mechanisms, thereby bolstering its effectiveness. Attendees will learn how to choose, adapt or create appropriate hypnotic inductions for delivering effective pain relief/pain control suggestions. The effective use of post-hypnotic suggestions and the teaching of self-hypnosis for pain relief will also be covered.

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