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Brandon Dean


Brandon Dean is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor.

Media Insider’s Advice: Tips & tactics to get your hypnosis business covered

Attract Everyone wants media exposure for their business or brand, or to be featured as an expert – but without media connections or pricey public relations agencies, getting coverage can be a challenge. Imagine the value to you and your hypnosis business being featured in print or on television or radio. The free publicity – the free advertising! The biggest problem is few small business people know how to properly pitch their ideas, aligned with the right media, and to the correct editors. In a different life, hypnotist Brandon Dean was a broadcaster, journalist, newspaper published, and media executive. In 2016, he left a 30+ year media career to work full-time in hypnosis. Learn how to avoid common mistakes most small business people make trying to deal with media. Learn why your media list in golden; how to develop it, and how to use it. Learn a strategy to reach out to reporters, producers, and editors. Learn how to properly pitch stories – to the correct people. Learn how to cater pitches to the different needs of different editors; news, lifestyle, business and entertainment – a ‘one size’ approach does not fit all. Learn ‘public relations’ press release – and tips on how to craft a ‘story driven’ press release that might garner better results. Learn how to connect your message and expertise to news of the day, current events and seasonal schedules. Learn the basics on how to craft a story pitch and a story idea list that doesn’t get deleted.