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Beryl Comar


Beryl describes herself as an Emotional Intelligence Development Specialist, this job description brings more business than that of “hypnotherapist”. Ex teacher, and teacher trainer, Beryl is author of “HypnoDontics: A Manual” and “The Broken Heart Ecourse” she has been based in Dubai UAE since 1976. She travels globally seeing clients (individuals, families, medical practitioners, schools and corporations) and teaching “mind sciences” thoroughly enjoying passing on her experiences and wisdoms so that others (YOU) can take them forward.

Emotional Intelligence – Your door into Corporations

Corporations are not looking for a hypnotist. However they do want to engage employees and increase Emotional Intelligence so as to improve customer relationships but do not know how to do it. This powerful powerpoint presentation describes differences between EI, EQ and IQ, why it’s important, the basics of the 4 quadrants of EI and how to use your skills therein. Come to discover how to talk (and sell) to them so as to bring your experiences, NLP, hypnosis and more (the tools of EI) into hospitals, hotels, schools and corporations.