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Barbara Scholl


Barbara Scholl grew up in Switzerland, Brazil and USA. She is OMNI Hypnosis trained and the Instructor of the ISO 9001 certified HypnoKids® Method worldwide. She lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland and is highly specialized in child & teen hypnotherapy. Her passion and fine antennas for kids & teens she got from her own three kids and 14 years of being a high school ESL teacher. Since she does therapy in 4 languages, German, English, French and Portuguese she has often international clients who come see her. She is often consulted for very challenging kids & teens cases. Her motivation is to spread modern child hypnosis worldwide.

The HypnoKids® Method (ISO 9001 certified child hypnosis)

Are you fond of kids? Have you got talent with kids? Well, then that’s the most important ingredient you need to take off in child hypnotherapy! I will fill you in on lots of practical know-how from my daily hypnotherapy work with kids. I will let you know how your pre-talk is successful with kids, show you the 2 easiest inductions for kids, give you detailed info on how to help kids with attention deficit order, primary and secondary enuresis & fear and phobias. I will also let you know, how regression “r2c” is important for solid results. I will be super happy to share as much of my insider know-how with you as possible during these 2 hours because the world needs many more great hypnotherapists for children, the youngest out there need people like YOU! Let me get you started!