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Barbara Baumgartner


I’m a certified hypnotherapist from Munich/Germany. Since I have always wanted to help people, I studied psychology for 6 semesters, but wasn’t satisfied with what I had learned about the human’s psyche. So I completed my hypnosis training at “Hypnosis Institut München” in 2013 and opened my own office. I’m specialized in “sexual problems” and “stage fear”. In my Youtubechannel I talk about hypnosis and psychology and my mission is to teach people that hypnosis is more than “quacking like a duck”.

HERE I COME – helping women with sexual problems

Many women aren’t able to enjoy intimacy.
Some may know a reason – like a bad experience in the past.
But what if they don’t know what had taken away their lust?

In my office I often talk to women who suffer from a low libido, complexes or are just not able to have an orgasm, even though they have a loving partner.
Unfortunately, many think this is normal and they don’t have anyone to talk to.

Help your female clients love their feminity and start enjoying their sex life now!

In this presentation you will learn how to prepare an atmosphere of trust, delicately talk to your client, find out the cause and as a free gift you will receive a list of beautiful words that stimulate the female subconsciousness.

PS: Male hypnotists are very welcome to join! You will get a deep insight into the women’s mind that will help you understand your clients event better!