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Alistair Horscroft


Alistair originally shot into the public eye with his hit UK 15 episode Discovery Channel T.V series ‘The Life Guru’ which was the first TV series in the world to showcase the unique integration of NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Coaching. 

In London he was known as the ‘therapist’s therapist’, working as hypnotherapist, coach and mentor to celebrities, rock and pop stars, entrepreneurs and CEOs. He has personally coached some of the worlds most successful people in their fields and is internationally recognised through his T.V shows, media appearances and newspaper and magazine features including The London Times and The Australian.
He has created programs for and consulted to government bodies, household name companies and has presented to packed out audiences world wide. 

Alistair now lives in Australia, where his training college The Mind Academy delivers the only government accredited training of it’s kind in the country The Diploma Of Modern Psychology  – an integrated program of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and Modern Psychology.
 His Tedx talk ‘7 seconds to change your life’ has over 1.3 million views.

Your Optimal Brain –  Using brain mapping & hypnotic self-directed neuro-plasticity to create an optimal, flexible and resilient brain.

Did you know that if we have high beta activity in the temporal lobes of our brain it makes it near impossible to have purpose and direction in life? Or if you have too much alpha activity in your pre-frontal cortex it will be likely you will suffer from brain fog and low motivation?
The next evolution of hypnotherapy is in it’s use to directly target areas of the brain and optimise them so that both ourselves and and our clients can function and live with freedom, energy and true self empowerment.
Alistair will introduce a simple brain mapping system that can be used to find out exactly what areas of the brain are out of sync and need optimising.  He will then guide everyone through the simple and powerful hypnotic self directed neuro-plasticity techniques used to make the required changes.
Alistair’s presentations are renowned for their great humour combined with cutting edge science and practical useable techniques that you can takes with you into your own practices and lives. Get your seat early, as Alistair’s talks always attract big numbers… you will have a blast.