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Alan Barsky


Alan Barsky – Hypnotherapy practice in the San Francisco area for two decades specializing in utilizing Mindfulness for clients with Anxiety, Executive Coaching and offering Medical Support for local doctors’ patients. Certified NLP Instructor. He co-authored the “QUANTUM FOCUSING” series with Michael Ellner. Alan has taught seminars on receiving referrals from Medical Physicians. Taught workshops at most every hypnosis conference in America. Myriad background: Former Executive Director of National Consumer Education Bureau. Alan also founded Information Services, Inc., that grew to 45 employees. Taught High School in inner-city Detroit, and Juvenile Halls (in a jail). And has shown hypnosis techniques to almost a thousand high school students to get better grades and improve their life.


“Bite, Pull, and Suck” is what some people call the class as it includes thumb sucking. Affecting 20 to 30% of adults (and up to 45% of teenagers), somebody has to help them. It might as well be you. Stop embarrassed adults from biting their nails to the quick, or young adults pulling out hair leaving patches. A standard in every private practice.
End the Shame with one surprising concept. This unique approach encourages the client to ask for additional sessions for other hypnotherapy work.
You can make the session a mix of fun and seriousness. What is the underlying cause? What must you tell them to tell their family and friends? Harm reduction or harm elimination? Increase their internal resources.
Blend Mindfulness with Self-Hypnosis to double your client’s success. Learn to pronounce Trichotillomania (hair). Create Lasting change. And become the local expert. Get referrals from doctors who don’t know how to help their patients. A unique combination of inside secret tricks to end “Tric”.
Fun class, guaranteed.