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Adam Nassor


Adam Nassor learned about NLP and hypnosis at the age of 12 as he was bullied for having Asperger’s Autism. Amazed by the success he dedicated his life to help people end their suffering.
He developed his own system for reading people which is used by doctors, police officers, therapists and even magicians around the world, called the Sherlock system.
His memory system WHITE ROOM was featured on Austrian national TV and helps children succeed in school effectively and effortlessly.

One of his trademarks is the analytical approach to everything he does and breaking down even complex processes into simple, bite-sized bits of information. You know what this means of you ever got to use one of the mindmaps he gives out freely for any of his courses!

Adam specialises in creating, using and teaching systems for :

Smoking cessation
Weight loss
Pain control
Peak performance
Reading people

He is always willing to share so make sure to pick his brain!

Create long-lasting, MASSIVE changes: The Arons Scale Therapy Protocol

I’m thrilled to share this with you, because it just works so well. If you know me, I like transferring principles from one thing to another so I wanted to see if the preferred in street hypnosis Arons Scale can be used in therapy. The answer is yes and boy, how powerful it is.

I have used it on almost every single day on every single one of my clients and it hasn’t failed me once. Why? Because it’s modular. You can work through the full set of just parts of it -whichever is needed.

I have induced amnesia in about 80%of my clients even some were not born somnabulists!! I helped a mother, who said “I HATE MY CHILD”(and meant it) forget she ever had children so she can recover from her distress,anger and frustration and become a caring,relaxed and loving mother again in one session.

You will get a full mindmap that you can work through as a guideline and useful phrasings as well.

Seriously, I’m hyped to bring this to you, I have worked on this since I got in hypnosis and now I finally made it teachable 🙂