EVERYONE who finds this easter egg and enters their email address gets 10 recordings (listed below)

one person from that list will be randomly selected to win all the recordings from last year.

List of recordings:

  • Super Hero Hypnosis-Traci Kanaan
  • The Gallery Hypnosis: Stuck in Time – Gila Zak
  • My $500K Hypnosis Funnel – Jason Linett
  • The One-Two Punch of Neuroplasticity – Joseph Onesta
  • Emotional Intelligence Development to Expand Your Hypnosis Practice – Amber Cox
  • Persuasive Hypnosis – Rich Guzzi
  • Up Until Now Technique: Master the Power of the Present – Sandra Grace
  • Religious and Spiritual Trauma, how to Heal – Nickolas Ely
  • Imposter Syndrome – Matt Bradley
  • An Introduction to the Healing Power of Psychedelics – Carlos Casados; Jess Marion

2023 Easter Egg