HypnoThoughts Live isn’t just the most affordable and value packed conference available, it’s the most straight forward. When you register for the conference, you get the whole conference. We don’t charge more for the longer classes or meals, we give you access to everything for one low price. Some people like to call us the “The all inclusive hypnosis conference.”

When you come to HypnoThoughts Live you come for the education and the interaction, so we make sure you have a chance to chat and learn. In addition to great presentations we have opportunities to eat and greet with the biggest names in the profession.

People are talking about how much we are growing. HypnoThoughts Live is the fastest growing hypnosis conference on earth right now for the same reason that is the fastest growing hypnosis website: You tell your friends about it! This is all of our success, and you are helping us build something none of us could do alone.

Maybe, just maybe, people were simply impressed by the fact that we give away cash every day. Seriously, we have a drawing every afternoon for a $100 bill and you’re automatically entered to win!

Here is a list of everything you get when you register for hypnothoughts live

  • All the 1,2, and 4 hour classes. Yes, all those classes are included in your registration!
  • All the meals and social events (with appetizers and no-host cocktails).
  • Access to the vendor rooms with a wide variety of products and professionals to learn from
  • Free entry into the daily drawing for $100 cash!!


When we say we are the “all inclusive hypnosis conference” we aren’t just talking about registration fees, we are also talking about philosophy. HypnoThoughts was built on the idea of giving a platform to different view points and applications of hypnosis, and you’ll see that reflected in our presenters. We are including a wider variety of topics that you don’t normally find at hypnosis conferences.

At HypnoThoughts Live you won’t just learn new techniques for being a better practitioner. We provide courses that will change the way you view hypnosis and run your practice. New voices, new perspectives, and new topics.

The philosophy behind
our conference is simple

  • Make it fun for everyone
  • Encourage great presenters to contribute
  • Play nice with people who want to play nice. ignore the others.
  • Stay as far from politics and playing favorites as possible
  • Have some new presenters every year. have veteran presenters include variety in their topics

People are talking about HypnoThoughts all over the world. It’s a friendly place for anyone and everyone interested in hypnosis to come learn more information and meet wonderful people.

Come see for yourself what all the excitement is about

Please be sure to tell your friends about this incredibly affordable, valuable, and fun event.

As successful as this conference was the last 7 years, we continue to learn a lot about how to make it even better. We’ll be sharing specifics of the upgrades and changes later, but trust us when we say you guys are going to love them. We think we can double attendance if we make it a goal. Like everything we’ve done with HypnoThoughts, we’re building something that depends on you guys showing up. We believe we can make this event something everyone wants to be part of.

Lots of great hypnosis organizations have put on a conference every year for decades. They’ve been trying to build a tradition for the profession for all of those decades, but the truth is, as evidenced by dwindling membership and attendance, traditional is looking more like stagnant. Don’t get us wrong, we hope you continue to support any organization that you feel is providing you service and, just like we do, we hope you continue to support their conferences.

But HypnoThoughts is different. We are not a business trying to make a living from our profession, we’re a social network working to “Evolve” our Profession. We want to break down the petty politics and profiteering. We want to give everyone a chance to participate and share with everyone else. We want to make learning and community affordable and are not looking to make our living off of you and your desire for those things. We have jobs. We see clients every day. We do this because we love learning and community building too.

Anyway… we know you are busy, so please, take a quick minute and reserve your ticket now while you are thinking about it. You can choose to pay or defer your payment with the click of your mouse. This couldn’t be any easier or more affordable.

Thanks for continuing to support HypnoThoughts.



We picked a location that has very cheap flights direct from most places in America, at a time of year when their room rates are at their lowest. We wanted a location that had kid and family friendly attractions built into venue so that you can bring the family and know they are having fun close by. We chose a place with an active night life for anyone wanting to stay up late having fun with their old friends from the site during their annual opportunity to spend time together.

4500 W. Tropicana Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89103

1-800-ORLEANS (800-675-3267)

Group code: AHT0C08