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Doug O'Brien

The Havening Techniques

A wonderful opportunity to train with one of the worlds most experienced Havening Techniques Practitioners & Trainers, Doug O'Brien.

The Havening Techniques, utilizing current neuroscience, can help with many issues, including distressing memories, trauma, fear and pain. Havening, a psycho-sensory technique, uses the sensory input of touch, imagination, and attention to create lasting change. Havening is a technique that treats encoded traumas by disconnecting the memory from re-experiencing symptoms, through a process called depotentiation. This is accomplished through using the Havening Touch which creates delta waves in the brain. The delta waves facilitate a neurochemical process that creates the enzyme that removes the AMPA receptors from the neurons holding the trauma in the amygdala.

During these two days participants will receive instruction on how to apply these breakthrough mind body techniques.

Joni Neidigh/Larry Neidigh

From Chaos To Calm:

A Hypnotic Process For Anger & Violence

Nickolas Ely

Restructuring the Male Psyche Certification

In this certification course, you'll train to accurately identify when a man is truly in emotional crisis, whether he knows or talks about it at all. You'll learn to see deeply into his unconscious and archetypal needs and how best to guide him to resolution and assist in the restructuring of the masculine psyche to a state of mature and powerful masculinity.

You'll learn how to identify and reprogram the "hidden epidemic" that viciously plagues men of all ages and their families; that combination of anger, anxiety, depression self harm and lack of self worth that's so incredibly omnipresent in todays men.

We'll focus powerfully on the strength, weaknesses, needs and purpose of four main archetypal structures in the masculine mind, and their many drives. You'll learn to balance the shadow in each archetypal element and gracefully guide your clients through their personal, social and spiritual challenges, whatever they may be so they may reclaim their innate masculine drives and emerge into a more developed and mature man.

We'll be covering the many roles of the truly sacred masculine energy in societies around the world and how to reclaim that power. Most importantly we'll look at the many voices both boosting and poisoning the well of the public mind and how damaging the false prophets of masculinity can be to the world at large, and how we can defeat the dangerous snake oil of this emerging phenomenon.

Make no mistake: This is no support cause for the likes of Peterson or Tate. Here we'll learn from ancient techniques used for eons to guide men into their truest and highest nature for the sake of themselves and their world.

At the end of the workshop, you'll receive certification, work material and entry into a rapidly growing and desperately needed niche field.

Rob de Groof

Hypnosis4Golfers Certification Course

Rick Green

Next Level Hypnosis

Are you confident in your skills? Ready to take on any challenge -- anytime, anywhere? Are you struggling with putting it all together to be the best hypnotist you can be? Or, are you simply a perfectionist who wants to rise to the Next Level?

This class will be a three-day excursion like a hypnosis Boot Camp. Massive immersion into all things hypnotic. And we will be using actual hypnosis to transmit and permeate these skills into you...into your pysche... into your daily experience... into that thing we call Unconscious Competence. You simply ARE "The Hypnotist!"


Mastering Everything from Instant Inductions to Ancient secrets. We will look to how ancient healing and religious ceremonies of shamans and wizard still create magical effects of personal change.

Learn how to structure a client session so you never have to worry about what to say next. It is easy peasy because you will have a structure to work with. And the clients love it.

Learn powerful Priming techniques - Science backed methods to direct your subjects mind to where you want them to go.

And proven simple techniques of metaphor reshifting to change minds.

Learn what works -- and what does not.

How to drive them inward to find their own answers -- Makes it easy on you.

Find out what sacred cows of change work are still being taught as true -- although all research has debunked it. Many first-rate instructors are STILL passing these on. Old information posted on your websites can mark you as not keeping up.

Conversely - find the simple "too good to be true" techniques that is almost cheating. I swear, often, I have resolved the issue in the pre-session chat before any ""close your eyes"" technique. I do the hypnosis simply because they expect the ritual. You would not even have to.

Learn Trauma resolution through the latest research.

And of course -- dealing with those perennial problems -- Anxiety, Stress, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Anger, Fear --- Etc Etc!

Learn "Emergency First Aid" Hypnosis. Be the hero at a disaster.

How to get Super testimonials super easy.

Learn the Ultimate "Convincer."

End the Apex problem -- no one will ever doubt they were hypnotized after you do this.

Become a Self-Hypnosis expert. Able to trance out in under ten seconds....and teach your clients the same!

Learn what is up with the Eyes -- why is EMDR, Havening, BrainSpotting and all these other techniques utilizing Eye movement. You may want to go back to the Swinging Watch!

Asking the Right questions! Make your life easier by getting to the heart of the matter rather than several sessions of poking around. As we all know -- The problem is never the problem.

Dealing with Tough Clients? Do you fire them? I rarely do!

What about a problem you've never encountered before? Can you handle that? Say someone pops into your office and say, ""I know I signed up for no smoking - but what I was too embarrassed to say was I need help with.... this bizarre problem. Can you handle that?
Certainly - when you have some all-purpose techniques ready to go.

Or -- Can you handle the "Religious Objection?" My pastor told me this is Devils-work...
That one is easy when you are prepared.

There is so much more... This is a broad overview of how we are going to fine tune your skills knowledge and experience! Like I said -- We will be using proven hypnosis to install the learnings. Making memory muscles stronger.

Better yet --- this will improve your daily life. You've seen those clients who wanted to lose weight but found that resolving old issues completely changed their life even before the weight dropped. Imagine the difference in your hypnosis in knowing you are a Wizard - You've got this! Piece of Cake. What would that do for your confidence, your outlook, your life.

So join me for three fun filled days in which we will examine all things hypnotic!

First Five people to sign up will receive A FREE BONUS Hypnosis Zoom Session after the Conference. No sense doing it Before -- Because you WILL have changed.

Watch the HTL Facebook Pages for added Bonuses.

Melissa Tiers


The resurgence of research on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics has brought a whole new generation into the field. The effects on mental, emotional and even physical health are being studied and the results are changing minds even in the most conservative of circles.

You can join the movement without the drugs! This allows you to ride the wave and to bring your skills immediately to people searching for the transformation that have reservations about psychedelics and the legalities involved.

This workshop will show you how to use hypnosis to explore the extraordinary undifferentiated mental states typically reserved for psychedelics. You will practice techniques designed to instigate endogenous psycho active compounds in the brain. Using a combination of trance, breath work and cellular memory you can revisit or create states of consciousness that mimic the mystical and interconnectedness common in the transformative aspects of the psychedelic experience.

You will learn how to use non linear language to shake up habituated neural networks and stuck perceptual patterns that to create generative change. You will play with different ways of quieting the default mode network in the brain to give clients opportunities to overhaul their existing beliefs and limitations.

Integration of these states into the areas of life where people need it the most has been the biggest challenge in the field so a focus on how hypnosis can foster this will allow you to market your skill set to practitioners in this new emerging therapy.

Freddy Jacquin

JHA Certification

Two day certificate course teaching and learning the JHA Therapy system. This is a technique packed workshop. Includes, The Arrow, The 'Jacquin Time Machine,' 'Blink and Delete' technique, 'Parts Negotiation', Jacquin 'Jumping Numbers' and more: You will also learn Freddy's Quit Smoking Protocol which he has helped tens of thousands of clients overcome the smoking habit with.

Joseph Onesta

The Onesta Process: A Proven Method to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes & Obesity

The Onesta Process grew out of my own experience reversing my Type 2 diabetes consequently losing over 100 pounds and eventually testing insulin sensitive. That was better than I hoped for and with trepidation, I began helping my clients do the same thing. Whether they want to lose a significant amount of weight or reverse their diabetes, my clients enjoy similar, and sometimes even better success than me. This training includes an online, self-paced technical training that covers relevant elements of metabolic science, three full days of hypnotic applications so that you will be prepared to design a client-centered approach to metabolic lifestyle change. Client handbooks augment and educate your clients virtually doing at least some of the work for you. Participating in this training introduces you to a community of hypnosis practitioners who are actively involved in helping clients control and reverse metabolic disease.

Michael C Anthony

Master the Art Of Mentalism

Are you ready to be the smartest person in the room? Are you ready to be the life of every party? Mentalism is the ultimate rapport builder. At a moments notice you can perform miracles for a single person or a group of 1000. Imagine... somebody thinks of a number from 1-100 and you tell them what it is. They can look at a word in a book and you know it. You can even read the thoughts of someone over the phone. This workshop will get down to the REAL work of not only doing mentalism, but how to PERFORM it like a Jedi Master. You will leave this workshop equipped to blow minds anytime, anywhere.

Dan Candell

Rapid Relief Training

This two-day workshop is specifically for people who are serious about working with anxious clients, AND for people who want to expand their reach to work with higher level VIP clients.

Do you get clients that are suffering from anxiety, worry, stress, or doubt? Anxiety is at an all times high, especially now. It is crucial that you are confident in your ability to help clients quickly overcome the feelings of anxiety as you help them build a more high performing level of mind. In this two day, hands on workshop, Dan will teach you how he works with his high level executive and VIP clients. He will teach you about his signature framework that you need to know if you're working with anxious clients. He will teach you his seven of his most effective signature Rapid Relief strategies as well as his deeper inner healing frameworks as well. Dan is known worldwide as "The Anxiety Relief Guy," and his strategies and methods have helped tens of thousands of people around the world. He will also teach you how to create a movement around the work that you do so you can start influencing even more people, if that is your mission.

Jim Kellner/Grant Saunders

Level Up!

Level up yourself and your practice: Your Business in a Box

Fresh off of their successful Thailand Business Retreat for Hypnotists Jim Kellner and Grant Saunders are now bringing a condensed version to Hypnothoughts. This is a Hypnothoughts EXCLUSIVE - only offered here and in Thailand this year.

Leave with everything you need to truly launch your hypnosis business and take it to the next level.
You'll go home with:

  • A website
  • Several social media accounts and tools for automating them
  • 3 professional-looking videos to share on your website and social media accounts
  • A professional logo
  • A professional video intro/outro
  • An opt-in landing page for your email list
  • A white label opt-in for your new email list
  • An email marketing platform
  • A business phone number
  • Public speaking for everyone (Build credibility and gain clients)
  • Coaching on 2 of the keys to success, decisiveness, and leadership.
  • & so much more!

Jim and Grant will lead you through setting up all of the accounts and services that you need to level up yourself and your business. Become THE HYPNOTIST. Everything listed is included in the cost as well as 6 months of follow-up group coaching online. Attendees may elect to pay a small amount to secure a domain name and upgrade certain other options but these are not necessary.

Martin Castor Peterson

Trauma Specialist & Trainer Certification

You may have heard about TCT - Trauma Collapse Technique. The rare technique which has astonished doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists.

This time we will give you a special opportunity. Learn all about TCT to become a certified trainer. So you can setup your own classes - fully backed up by us and our huge network.
We handle most of what you need. Student online access, manuals, certificates and a personal Martin Castor live pep talk with your classes.
Only thing you need is a date and location.

Besides in depth content knowledge, we will teach you how to structure your course, teaching models that works and much more. You will get access to a large video archive and pre-course to be exceptionally prepared before the live class.

Kaz Riley

The Hypnotic Lantern

The world of hypnosis is a vast and fascinating one, with many different applications and techniques to explore. In this 3-day workshop we take a deep dive into the amazing and mind-expanding world of ethical sensual hypnosis. This type of hypnosis can be used for a variety of purposes; from exploring your own sensuality and sexuality and helping others explore theirs, enhancing intimate relationships, helping people overcome limiting beliefs and barriers to pleasure and even being a powerful tool in the healing of trauma.

What is Ethical Sensual Hypnosis?
Hypnosis with the focus on sensuality, playfulness, connection, curiosity, eroticism, fantasy, and pleasure. This type of hypnosis uses every sense of the body and a person's creative mind to create profound and enlightening experiences that enable people to connect deeply with themselves and others. Ethical sensual hypnosis also helps people get in touch with their deepest desires and fantasies. It can also help them relax and let go of any inhibitions they may have. All of this is created within the freedom of a person's mind within their personal boundaries and is both safe and consensual.

During our 3-day workshop you will learn:

  • Active consent and ethics in sensual hypnosis
  • The hypnotic wheel of consent
  • Sensual and playful inductions
  • Sensual deepeners
  • Using the "no suggestion" suggestion to enhance sensuality
  • How to create and intensify sensations in the body with hypnosis
  • The pleasure principle
  • How to create pleasure and orgasmic experiences using hypnosis
  • Full body mindgasm
  • How to access eroticism
  • Eroticising non-erogenous zones
  • Can you feel it, moving sensations around the body
  • Sensual and sexy post hypnotic triggers
  • Sensual overload
  • Creating arousal
  • Musical triggers
  • Sensual trance and mutual hypnosis for couples
  • Sensual fantasy escapes
  • Using hypnosis in roleplay
  • Sensual hypnotic bondage
  • And more

This workshop is highly experiential, playful and intriguing. Jam packed with demos and practice.

Come and join me for three fun-packed and enlightening days and leave with a unique and valuable set of hypnotic tools and enhanced confidence in your hypnosis skills.

Ken Guzzo

The Evolution Intervention

David Snyder

Identity by Design

IDB: Become a Powerful Hypnotist... Get Certified
Instantly and automatically be able to create powerful hypnotic language that installs change in yourself and others ON DEMAND. Take action and join Real World Hypnosis: Identity By Design.

David Snyder is known around the world for being one of the top names in Hypnosis and NLP.

You want to be here for this next outstanding training event in Las Vegas!

If you've already trained with David, we know you'll be back for more. If David's work is new to you, get ready for a mind-opening experience as you tap into his tested methods of hypnotic change.

This powerful hypnotherapy training course will give you the EXACT skills you need to become a powerful hypnotherapist. Melt away people's emotional problems and heal them from pain.

This course is David's most complete hypnosis training and certification curriculum. You will experience key healing silos that you can put in to practice right away. It's heavily focused on intensive drilling and training, so you will install these skills directly to your subconscious mind, and automatically be able to apply these skills whenever you do a session.

Defense Against the Dark Arts: to be added

Lydia Michalitsianos

Scale Your Business With High-Ticket Hypnosis Programs

In this 1-Day workshop, I will share how to go from selling packages and programs for less than $2k, to creating compelling, irresistible High-Ticket Hypnosis Offers that they can sell for $5k+, to create consistency, profitability, and client retention.

Like myself, I used to sell programs for around $1k or $2k and always felt like I was underselling the true value of the work. I struggled paycheck to paycheck for years before I finally took action, tripled my program prices, and learned how to sell high ticket programs with authenticity and ethically.

And in this event, I'm going to show other hypnotists and holistic practitioners how to:
- See the true value in what they provide
- Convert their low ticket programs into compelling, irresistible high-ticket offers
- Stand out and differentiate from the pack
- Drop their price on the phone with confidence and authority
- How to sell their new program without being 'salesy'
- Have your clients sell themselves into your program (instead of you)
- Handle money and time objections with leadership and authority

I am going to share how to go from selling packages and programs for less than $2k, to selling compelling, irresistible High-Ticket Hypnosis Offers that they can sell for minimum $5k+, to create consistency, profitability, and client retention.

Traci Kanaan

Comedy Writing for Stage Hypnotists

So, you're using a stage hypnosis routine you read in a book, been doing the same routine for years, or just would like to add another skill to your performance bag of tricks. Maybe you want to create a killer funny pre-show talk so you don't have to hire an opener, create original bits for your stage show, or be able to come up with those off the cuff remarks to make your hypnotized subjects even funnier. If any of these sound like you. You found your course! Your instructor was an internationally touring comedy headliner, and was voted Top Female Lifestyle Entertainer of the Year in 2015-2018. She's also a hypnotist and has done numerous stage hypnosis shows.

What you'll learn in this class:
An understanding of why people laugh
The basics of joke writing, set up and punch
10 secrets comedians use to make their routines even funnier
How to create and test hysterical premises for your stage hypnosis routines

What you'll be doing in this class:
Using your own life to begin writing jokes.
Learning how to try out your humor incrementally on stage.
How to create original, hysterical bits for stage hypnosis shows.

Adam Cox

Digital Hypnotist

In a single day you will learn how to create digital products that can make your hypnotherapy business more profitable than ever before. You will learn how to use digital technology to build a client base and to create high margin and high value products that will enable you to impact millions. You will learn what equipment, software and technology are necessary to take your therapy business to the next level.

Gila Zak

2 Minds Technique

See for yourself why this was one of the most talked about presentations at HTL 2022:

As hypnotists, we are trained to use techniques that bypass critical thinking thus leaving logic, reason and intellect aside.

In this presentation, you will learn a unique method that utilizes both the Thinking Mind and the Unconscious Mind in tandem to shift core beliefs running outdated programs.

Gila will briefly discuss the theory behind this technique and then offer a detailed, step by step demonstration with someone who is a self-described ""hard to hypnotize"" volunteer. You will also leave with an outline of the process to be used in your own practice and ways to customize it to your clients.

Here is a peer review about the Two Minds Technique:

Gila Zak's Two Mind Technique is the most powerful and profound experience I've had in hypnotherapy. I first began seeing Gila in May of 2019 and her work has changed my life. Her technique is exciting and fascinating to me, both as a client and as a hypnotherapist in training. Her technique is quite transformative; it provides a deep and abiding path to freedom. I'm beyond grateful for Gila's help, especially with the use of this Two Mind Technique and look forward to experiencing more of it. I also cannot wait to begin incorporating it into my work with clients. ..Chris Linebarger C.Ht.

James Ledoux

Hypnotic Course Blueprint

This course provides hypnotists with the skills and knowledge necessary to design and build profitable hypnotic courses.

Topics include:
- Brainstorming course ideas
- Instructional Design Theory
- Creating your course outline
- Picking your course platform
- Element of an effective hypnotic course
- Recording and editing course audio/video
- Using hypnotic techniques throughout your course
- Launching your course

Matthew Bradley

7 Links to a Change Reaction

I will be sharing the rapid change technique that i have developed over the last 12 years and explained in my recently released my book '7 links to a change reaction'. It would be really helpful to read it before you come to the workshop.

Understanding that there are two ways of learning and each has it's own language. It is increadibly difficult to try and change a behaviour when the behaviour you want to change doesn't understand what you are saying!

One of these learning methods becomes the dominant editor in how we recieve information. Often the fear or flight which doesn't mess about in a crisis as opposed to the more cerebral, critical mind which hums and ha's (while Rome burns) It then translates the incoming information into being more alligned with it's viewpoint, anxious for example to match it's unhelpful missconcieved beliefs.

Imagine you have anxiety, (your editor)! You have tried to read books on techniques to rid yourself of it but that hasn't worked. So you are lucky enough to book a class with one of the best breathing coaches around. You get to the class and there are maybe twenty of you taking part. You lie down on your mat between two others and the instructor tells you to take a long deep breath....don't block it though, and let the breath out. You listen to the instruction you follow exactly as the others do and you exhale. "Good that feels better" you think but then your anxiety editor kicks in reminding you that you didn't seem to breath as deeply as the couple on either side! So you do it again and this time you notice a slight pain in your chest and, by the way, you still didn't breath as deeply as the others. Or so your editor feeds you. One last breath then. You repeat the breath. However now your heart is pounding wildly, the pain is worse and those other mothers are still breathing more deeply! Well of course they are how did i think it was going to change, it never does!

No not unless you change the language your using to one that the editor used to learn the bhaviour in the first place. Maybe before you could speak, maybe during a traumatic period where the language used is rarely that we are using here, logical and conscious. So we will learn to understand how to communicate and edit the editor and to understand why it often is the dominant force!

Release it, replace it with the desired new response that suits your clients needs today using my 'through the looking glass' technique. This technique is rapid, powerful and durable so your client is taken on a fun, fruitful and life changing journey using techniques that won't demand the elements associated with traditional hypnosis and so don't have to worry whether 'they can do it or not'. All that is required on their behalf is to be observant and watch the magic happen!

Marina Kostina/Freddy Jacquin

Healing Trauma

This Workshop is inspired by a true story: Marina's near-death skydiving accident in June 2022 and Freddy's integral part in her recovery process. It provides a recollection of the event as well as hypnosis and bio-energy practical training for helping survivors of trauma.
By the end of this workshop, hypnotherapists will be able to help their clients transcend the limitation of their physical bodies and tap into the realm of energy where faster healing and deeper meaning reside. We will tap into the subconscious mind, bio-energy and quantum field to show the science (and technology) behind the "miracles" that both authors manifested during this healing journey.
Specifically, the workshop will focus on the following 5 topics that are of crucial importance in surviving trauma:

a. Pain
b. Anxiety and PTSD
c. Immobility, limited movement
d. Shame and self-doubt
e. Loneliness and separation

Plenty of stigma exists about the mental issues caused by accidents, and not enough support systems are available. This workshop trains hypnotherapists to help their clients on physical and psychological levels through the terror of catastrophe, allowing them to find deeper meaning in a seemingly unfair event so that an empowered life is a tangible result.

Roy Hunter

Spiritual Hypnosis: Accessing Divine Wisdom

Learn Roy's protocol for helping clients access that part of the inner mind that is most closely connected to his or her perception of God or Higher Power. This amazing aspect of hypnotherapy can result in what seems like miracles of the mind; and Roy has edited two books with case summaries contributed by well-known hypnotherapy instructors and authors from around the world. This workshop will be experiential! Register early, as every seat was filled in 2022. A participant workbook is included, along with a free PDF copy of his second book on spiritual hypnosis: EXPERIENCING SPIRITUAL HYPNOSIS.

Grant Murrell

Hypnosis Business Supercharger

If you want a Hypnotic or Holistic business to achieve great results in a short time with no advertising budget whatsoever, then this workshop is for you!

Forget about lengthy complicated strategy, long drawn out, overpriced courses from so called gurus, if applied, these methods will deliver fast results for you and your business, thus helping you to help yourself while helping others too.

  • Learn, practice and get live feedback on creating your dream business now
  • Discover, practise and gain advice on how to attract your ideal prospects into your business
  • Understand, practice and receive a live critique of the correct communication style for your ideal business prospects, so that you're literally "Speaking their language"
  • Realise hidden potential in your business that you never knew existed, and how to maximise this while saving hours of valuable time, tons of money and irreplaceable energy, while increasing profits automatically. All done in real time on the workshop with live feedback, enabling you to put the plan into practice immediately!

Nathalie Fiset

Hypno-Baby Certification

Get certified in the complete hypnosis for natural childbirth program created by Nathalie Fiset, family doctor and certified hypnotherapist, who delivered over 3700 babies. Jump in the hypnosis for natural childbrith market, a very popular, lucrative and evergreen niche. Some instructors already had clients signed-up before they even took their certification! You will get all the material including the scripts and recordings and will be ready to start teaching this fun and very rewarding program!

Sandra Grace/Freddy Jacquin

The Graceful Arrow

As you learn mastery of this exciting new technique to assist your clients, this course will allow you to “level up” in order for you to create the life and business you desire. This combination of The Grace Protocol and The Arrow Technique offers you over 50 years and thousands of client experiences in a fun, exciting, life changing day of phenomenal results. After an amazing HTL weekend, through love & joy, you will bring mind, body & spirit together through a truly integrative approach and return home joyfully inspired with your new certification.

Amanda Dell'Aquila/Sandra Grace

Integrative Kundalini Reiki Certification

Go beyond linear hypnosis sessions and incorporate this ancient practice of moving energy easily and effectively. Find a new level of freedom for your clients in using our integrative protocol - with proven techniques including, but not limited to, movement, breathwork, and modifications to fit all niches.

In this (1 or 2 day - at your discretion) pre-conference course students will experience Kundalini Reiki, give and receive sessions as well as reiki attunements for level I, II, and level III/master.

Leave this session having:
-experienced Integrative Kundalini Reiki
-learned and demonstrated Integrative Kundalini Reiki protocol
-learned history and lineage of Kundalini Reiki and the Integrative parameters
-with an understanding of how to apply these protocols in their current practice

Amber Cox

Programs for Clients

Have you thought about offering programs to your clients but not sure how to? In this workshop I will help the participants to build a 4 to 8 session program to offer to their clients. This will be a systematic approach to use as a structure that incorporates Emotional Intelligence, Hypnosis, NLP and other modalities. I will also work with participants to customize this program with their particular specialty as well as adding some very beneficial approaches that guide clients to long term change sustainability. TWO of the most important components of clients making a change and more importantly that change manageable and ongoing is having a strategy and the belief (mindset) that they can. Often times a client has a goal in mind which is great, but without a strategy or system to follow and the belief that they can attain and maintain the goal, it will not last long term. This is where Third Loop Learning comes in which is identity level change. Participants will be equipped with a turn key system that includes materials, workbooks, techniques, assessments and a structure to offer a 4 to 8 week program.

Jason Linett

Print Money with Online Challenges & Virtual Events

Carolyn Ching

Relationship Paradigm

This one-day workshop will enable you to assist your clients to attract a new Relationship or help clients to improve existing relationships.
We will be looking at communication, beliefs values and other things that are important in attracting, establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship.

This paradigm is a blueprint for attracting/ creating / maintaining great relationships. Whether you are working with singles wanting to attract the right relationship or couples wanting to repair/ rekindle their relationship, this paradigm gives you the tools to work with them in creating their desired outcome . (And of course its great to use yourself!) Using techniques and tools from NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time line Therapy and over 20 years of experience working as a Counselor, Coach,Hypnotherapist and NLP/TLT therapist/ Trainer this approach to working with Relationship issues in Therapeutic/ Coaching sessions is tried/ tested and successful!
This workshop is both theoretical and experiential, and by the end of the day you'll have a great tool to Enhance your Practise and your personal life!

Mr. P

The Real Street Hypnosis

In this class I, Street Master Hypnotist Mr P along with some of the worlds' best Street Master Hypnotist, will lecture, demonstrate, teach, and discuss the various ways we use to rapidly gain rapport and hypnotize on the streets anytime and anywhere. Learn the skills needed to truly elevate your game to the next level and get the confidence you need to become the Best Hypnotist in the World.

Scott Schmaren

The Quatric Formula for Success

Scott has developed a protocol that can be used with your clients for any and all things they come to you with. It can be used to overcome obstacles and challenges and to accomplish goals. It is life changing. Scott has used this formula to help Olympic athletes achieve world recordings and Fortune 500 CEO's take their companies to new levels of success.

In this program Scott will lay out for you the entire Quatric Formula including live hypnosis session for each section of the protocol.

Maria Bird

Past Life

Past Life Regression is a life altering and transformative experience. For many, it offers healing and understanding of unconscious behaviors and conditions. For others, it’s an exploration of their psyche and most of all, it’s fun.

You will learn and practice:

  • Four inductions to bring your client into trance
  • Regressions: Into Childhood, Infancy, In Utero, Past Lives
  • Gain the confidence with applying these techniques with your clients
  • How to handle frightening or overwhelming experiences during a regression
  • What to do if you client becomes "stuck" or cannot move forward from a particular scene in the regression.
  • Exploring connections between past life experiences to present day occurrences
  • Progressions and much more

You will also receive a manual with inductions, deepeners, scripts, pre-talk , intake form and questions to ask yourself when building a business.

Although, I do not advertise for past life regression, I get several inquiries each week about past life regression. It’s a booming business and well worth exploring.

Holly Stokes

Overcoming Autoimmune/ Miracle Code

Did you know Autoimmune disorders affect 20% of the population? That’s 1 in 5 people.

Autoimmune illnesses are a growing and silent epidemic, people are struggling with chronic illness and pain everyday, but they suffer in silence. There are 100+ autoimmune disorders, classified according to the symptoms: In Multiple Sclerosis, the immune system attacks the nervous system, in Chrone’s disease the immune system attacks the colon, in Grave’s disease, it attacks the thyroid, in Lupus, it attacks the body’s soft tissues, etc. Even though the symptoms may be different, the root issues and the behavior of the immune system is similar.

Autoimmune conditions are still largely a mystery according to Western Medicine practices, they don’t know what causes them and the main treatment is to prescribe medications that suppress the immune system, often with many side effects. Many people are frustrated and looking to holistic practitioners for better answers and an integrative approach.

This is where hypnosis really shines in Mind-Body Medicine and can make a powerful difference in recovery and healing. Learn the tools and skills to engage the Unconscious Mind and the body’s own inner healing abilities while untangling the challenges of chronic illness to get back to health and vitality.

Are you ready to make an impact for those suffering with health issues and add powerful and dynamic skills to your toolkit? Or perhaps you know friends or family that are frustrated with the medical approach and looking for more answers? In this course, you’ll learn a systematic approach for untangling the complicated web of body symptoms, health issues and the Unconscious reasons behind them.

In this one day training, you’ll learn to:

· Untangling the Unconscious reasons causing health issues

· Get Answers from the person’s Unconscious Mind in powerful new ways

· Create customized plan for clients struggling with illness

· Overcome the sabotaging parts of the mind to get it onboard with self healing.

· How to talk about autoimmune challenges with clients

· How to unhook the core issues of health symptoms

· How to transform the blocks and set the stage for inner harmony of body systems.

· Understand the Biopsychosocial Model of health

“I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease, an auto-immune disorder where the immune system attacks the thyroid. Because the stress seemed to make the symptoms worse, my doctor referred me to work with Holly. In working together we changed mental patterns and emotions causing the stress. My symptoms have greatly reduced, once in a while I notice them, but then I think back the meditations we did together and I feel better as I get my mind to refocus. I’ve never been so able to handle stress in my life.” --- Kathleen C, Portland, OR

“My doctor referred me to work with Holly to create a more holistic approach. Together, we identified the causes behind fibromyalgia. As I worked on my self care plan, I learned to navigate my emotions and the flare-ups subsided. I learned to recognize what my mind was doing and make the switch to new patterns. Thank you Holly for helping me to reclaim my inner voice and my life.” –Jessica B. Gannuscia, Salt Lake City, UT

I’ll be sharing the tools, tips and strategies I’ve learned over the years in working with clients, as well as what I did in my own self healing journey to overcome an Autoimmune condition. I am now medication free, got my health and energy back, and back to being active, running rivers and enjoying the sunshine. Let me shorten the learning curve for you and your clients.

Holly Stokes, Author of the Upcoming Book: The Miracle Code: Overcoming Autoimmune through Keys of Self Healing.

Holly Stokes, Master NLP Health Coach & National Guild Hypnosis Trainer, 3 time Author, Speaker and keeps a full time practice and wellness center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the last 17 years, she has worked with thousands of clients in ‘rewiring’ the brain out of old habits, fears, stress and the sabotage that steals health and vitality through NLP Hypnosis and Coaching. She created the A Lighter You! System to address the REAL reasons we gain weight: old habits, cravings, mental blocks and lack of motivation.

From her own experiences and working with clients through Mind Body Self Healing, she has distilled tools and practices to address and resolve the Unconscious reasons behind autoimmune issues and health challenges. She shares these tools and skills in the upcoming book: The Miracle Code: Overcoming Autoimmune with Keys of Self Healing.

She has been quoted by Shape Magazine, Active Times and Chicago Tribune. She appears on radio shows and local TV in Salt Lake City, where she keeps a full time practice and co-owns The Life Harmony Wellness Center and Training Center. She says, “Life, health, happiness, achievement - all gets easier with your brain onboard."

Will Horton

Waking Hypnosis That Works

It's not your fault as most people teach theories and methods that do not work, you know that you know they are not teaching what really works to influence others and yourself.

Persuasion Sales Training can help. Dr. Will Horton can show you how to get others to do what you want and have them think it was their idea! See how the NLP 4 Business program is helping people just like you discover the way people think and to finally develop a life worth living.

You can't start good habits or a new life while you practice bad habits like NLP Addictions! Dr Horton's passion for NLP and Hypnosis comes from personal experience. Not only has he used NLP and Hypnosis to overcome an alcohol addiction, but he's also used these techniques to redo his entire life! YOU CAN TOO!
Do You Dream Of Really Knowing How To Influence People And Get Them To Take Action?
As I think of this I am reminded of how many times I am asked, What are the true secrets of NLP and hypnosis, the things no one teaches? Well, the secrets are those truly elite things that most trainers do not teach because they do not know.

In fact, only a select few on the planet know it and they do not share as they do not want you having this powerful information. You know this in your heart of hearts. You dream of knowing what few do, and although NLP and Hypnosis scratch the surface, you feel there is something below that. Information that will radically change the way you communicate and increase your effectiveness beyond what few achieve.

As my dear friend Tony Robbins says, Success leaves clues but you have to be a damn good detective to find them. Most get a few techniques and stop and start teaching from flawed information. They don't know, they don't know.

Michael DeSchalit/Don Barnhart

The Resolution Revolution

Do you struggle with juggling all the different facets of your life? Do you feel like you are going in ten different directions all of the time? Do you want to have balance between your business and personal life? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, then this workshop is for you. Don Barnhart and Michael DeSchalit will share the secrets of how they balance all of their business and personal goals all year long. These two each run multiple businesses, produce shows, run coaching practices, tour on cruise ships and conduct training seminars all of the time, and they also have families they want to spend time with. So if you need and want to learn how to find and maintain balance in your business and personal life, this is the workshop you cannot afford to miss. You will leave feeling empowered and with a new set of skills to take you to your next level in life.

Chris Gillies

Perfecting Demos

Chris has spent the last 2 years working with corporate clients to deliver powerful lecture demos to their workforce, these presentations are also delivered to places like the Freemasons, Elks Lodge, Oddfellows and other clubs. When done properly you can leverage lecture demos to increase your client list, make additional sales and make sure you are positioned as the expert in your field. Over the course of the day Chris will show you the perfect formula and help you learn the theatre and performance of the lecture demo.

Linda Thunberg

From Shattered to Wholeness- Childhood Chakra Regression Certification

Enhance your regression practice! Join Linda to learn her award winning transpersonal modality! Take clients from victim-hood to adulthood. Healing the shattered energy fields, peeling the onion of emotions, retrieving their essence, forgiveness work and integration of the inner child are just a few of the techniques offered so clients can find self-acceptance, and wholeness, mastering their perception of themselves and the world around them. Course fee includes Book, Demo and Experientials! Receive certification from the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.

Kaz Riley

RECLAIM - Helping People Overcome Shame

Kaz Riley's RECLAIM framework will help you identify, explore, and heal your clients "deepest emotions" from shame. Shame is one of the most profound and destructive emotions humans experience, when someone experiences shame, they have the overwhelming feeling of "I am bad"
More often than not their shame is completely MISPLACED.

Whatever issue your client is presenting with, be it weight, smoking, anxiety, phobias or relationship issues, shame is nearly always present and dealing with it is a vital part of a successful therapeutic outcome.

In this 2-day workshop you will learn:
1. The different types of shame that can happen throughout a person's lifetime including

  •  Self-evaluation shame (the inner critic, not being good enough, body shame)
  •  Societal shame (Failing, unwanted exposure, social media, sexual shame, being poor)
  •  Family and developmental shame (When a child's needs are ignored, dismissed, or actions misinterpreted from caregivers. Cults and sects)
  •  Intergenerational shame (ancestors committed crimes, acts of war, ancestors did bad things)

2. The reclaim framework and techniques for every-step of the process

  •  Recognise the shame
  •  Evaluate the sources and origins
  •  Courage to challenge and change
  •  Let the past belief go
  •  Accept the new belief and learning
  •  Internalize
  •  Move forwards

Techniques include:
The paper doll technique
Silencing the inner critic
The learn and relearn protocol
The art of not giving a f@%k
Building Boundaries
Embodied self-protocol....
And much more

Couse materials include:
Manual with full scripts and protocols
Client resource e-book

Rich Guzzi

Gorilla Hypnosis

The only 5 inductions you will ever need to hypnotize anybody anyplace anytime. 2 days of training and 2 nights out in the field DOING the inductions with the group. Walk into any room with UNSTOPPABLE confidence KNOWING you are a walking induction machine.
Skeptics, resisters, non optimum conditions, groups, live, online, radio, TV. Corporate settings will all be no match for your hypnotic powers. This class has a pedigreed alumni of past attendees who are now amongst the ELITE on the planet at getting subjects deep into hypnosis quickly and easily.

Shawn & Sarah Carson and Jess Marion

Council of Internal Advisors

Have you ever wished you could create like Thomas Edison, have the business acumen of Steve Jobs, the compassion of Mother Teresa or the insight of Milton Erickson? Or maybe the determination of an Olympic athlete, the flair of a renowned designer, or the strategic ability of a chess Grand Master. Have you ever wondered what it might be like to sit down and chat with Elizabeth 1, seek advice from Abraham Lincoln or ask for guidance from Nelson Mandela?

In this 2 day immersive workshop you will experience the CIA (Council of Inner Advisors) pattern from the inside out. Tap into the power of your unconscious mind and draw from it infinite amounts of wisdom, inspiration and success.

- Learn how to create your own Dream Team of advisers
- Establish an inner meeting space or aleph point
- Interact with your council members
- Apply this pattern to your personalized goals

Not only will you come away with your newly created council ready to work with you, but you will also understand how to lead others through this experience for their transformation and personal growth.
Co-taught by Sarah Carson, Shawn Carson and Jess Marion

Steve Roehm

Conversational Alchemy

The evolution of Conversational Hypnosis. You will discover how to covertly alter the reality of your clients in a way that destroys old beliefs, changes habits, opens their mind to possibilities, and makes you the go-to Hypnotherapist/Coach in your area. Open to all Hypnotherapists and Coaches. An Ethics contract will be required to attend.

Kate Beaven-Marks

EMDR Skills for Hypnotherapists

Why learn EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, most commonly referred to as EMDR is a highly useful and adaptable therapy approach for any professional hypnotherapist. A valuable form of bilateral stimulation (BLS), it is commonly used to help a client access, process and resolve bothersome, distressing or disturbing past, present or future experiences, negative beliefs and unwanted body sensations.

Yet EMDR has so much more to offer! It can also be very effectively applied to address anxieties, phobias, and performance concerns (including professional, personal, and sporting performance). Indeed, with the blending of hypnotherapy and EMDR (H-EMDR) the diversity of application is expanding rapidly.

In addition to addressing issues and concerns, H-EMDR can also beneficially used to develop and enhance supportive positive responses and beliefs. This makes it a superb tool for ego strengthening, resource building, goal focus and future pacing.

This two-day training is designed to be highly practical. It is focused on you gaining the practical knowledge and skills to be able to confidently and effectively use H-EMDR within your hypnotherapy practice. The workshop is supported by a detailed manual which includes plenty of supporting theory and links to research evidence, together with a workbook for use during the training, enabling you to truly engage rather than write copious notes.

During the training workshop you will work progressively through the entire H-EMDR protocol, finding out how to adapt well-established protocols to suit a vast range of contexts, making it a valuable resource and useful addition your skill-set, whether novice or experienced.

Both in-person and online approaches will be included, together with self-care approaches for client and therapist.

Whether you are a hypnotist, or hypnotherapist, who is new to EMDR, or have previously attended EMDR training and wish to refresh their skills you are welcome to join this workshop.

Bill Anapoell

The Homunculus Protocol: An Easy Technique for Managing Pain

In this workshop, I will share some of my favorite inductions for pain work and will go over the techniques, scripting, and patter in breakout sessions so that you can use the same technique I use in the hospital with your friends, family, and clients at home. This will be a hands-on experiential class. When you walk out at the end of the day, you will be competent in treating both acute and chronic pain.
Pain can be acute, subacute, or chronic and knowing which technique to use or how best to approach a particular client can be confusing. However, by matching the pain stimulus to the specific area of the neuroanatomy that is being stimulated, we can easily map out a simple technique that that will allow you to handle any situation on the spot! I promise not to bore you with hard core science, but I will show you how having a basic knowledge of neuroanatomy will allow you to effectively approach any type of acute pain your client has.
This course not only teaches a readily useful technique for acute pain management, but also gives the participant an understanding of human behavior. Additionally, the technique itself is a conglomeration of many hypnotic principles that can be adapted to a variety of situations.

Karen Hand/Sherry Gilbert

Metaphor Magic

Do you remember the story about the boy who cried wolf?
How old were you when you heard that story designed to teach a lesson? Isn’t it interesting that you still remember that story and it’s meaning all these years later. That’s a powerful post-hypnotic suggestion, is it not?

That's the magic of metaphor and story-telling.

You can craft a perfectly positive and well-worded suggestion but it's the mind magic of the metaphor that is likely to spawn lasting change just like that little boy who cried wolf.

Discover how to elicit meaningful metaphors from your clients, children, partners, employees, etc. In the simplest form, you'll have a better understanding of the pictures being made in the head of the story-teller and in the best -case scenario, you'll have a perfect path toward change for good.

In this workshop you will learn very powerful techniques to use in groups or in private sessions to reveal the power of the metaphorical mind. You will discover how to use symbols for powerful change-work. You will experience how to create metaphoric magic and how to ask the right questions to gather important information from your client to build rapport and speak the language of THEIR mind.

In this workshop you will discover:
- How to use your client's metaphors to create a session.
- Handy metaphors to have at the ready for a variety of applications.
- How to turn metaphors into stories
- How to use metaphor in private sessions and with groups
- Metaphors for working with children
- Script-writing on the fly using provided metaphoric material.

Attendees will walk away confident and excited to be able to immediately to use metaphors in their sessions, workshops and scripts.

This workshop includes several hands-on activities to give attendees a fun, memorable and effective experience that can easily be adapted for their practice.

Tracy Gray

Mentalism for the Hypnotist Intensive

This 2-day intensive class will increase your ability to get more clients, do more shows, make more friends! Have you ever been introduced as a hypnotist and the next thing you hear is "Do Something, Do Something"! In this interactive class, you will learn enough mentalism and street hypnosis effects to perform impromptu on the street, at parties, and even build a complete mentalism show. And when I say learn, I mean really learn it. You will be able to practice and perfect. You will have a chance to do the effects for real people as we will go out in the evening and perform what you learn. Impress your family from the minute you get home. This information will make your fearless! Learn how to perform successful and fun hypnosis demonstrations at fairs, community events, or private parties with no fear of failure. Add preshow walk around effects to your stage show as a money making add on. Make your stage show more unique. Be the life of the party. This really is great information for the therapist, stage and street performer. My goal as a teacher is for you to leave with more useful and practical information than you have even gotten in a two day intensive class.

Barbara Scholl

OMNI HypnoKids® Training from Switzerland

You can expect a highly intensive training in which you will learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy from one of the most distinguished and experienced instructors in the field. Many with previous experience in hypnosis find this training to be beneficial not only to understanding the working of hypnosis better but also to improving their existing skills.
You will learn the art of self-hypnosis, waking hypnosis techniques, deep-level phenomena like the Esdaile State, superior pain management techniques, and how to bring people into deep hypnosis with easy-to-learn instant inductions. We will show you the metaphysical states (Ultra-Height / Ultra-Healing) of hypnosis and teach you regression.
Universal Therapy with all the relevant techniques of Inner Child Work, Chair- and Deathbed, Grey Room, Forgiveness, and powerful delivery of suggestions. You will find out how to make your client the best script there is and will not rely on reading any scripts.

"Regression to Cause & Fix it" (R2C) is modern, uncovering hypnotherapy – the supreme discipline of hypnosis and the core competence of OMNI. Every symptom has a cause - learn how to uncover the cause and neutralize its energy in the form of unprocessed emotions.

This training is for those who are serious about taking their hypnosis skills to the most advanced levels. You will be able to start work right after the training. No additional training is necessary.

One great online platform: You will also have access to the entire training online, where you can repeat any lesson anytime, anywhere. You will have a great forum at your disposal to ask questions after graduating with us.

The entire therapy workflow is process-oriented, therefore repeatable, and can be applied to all types of challenges that clients may have.

Come join the ever-growing global OMNI-Family!

OMNI Hypnotherapists transform lives!

Karl Smith

Presenting Your Presence

Have you been promised that funnels, Fb posts and Google ads will make you 6 figures?

Did you buy them and nothing happened?

There's a piece of the jigsaw missing you need before all of that!

You need presence
You need to be known as an authority
You need confidence

I promise you will have all three by the time we finish.

I will teach you how I've taught hypnosis and mental health training, with the template I will give you!

You need presence first, you need to be known then get funnels and other tools.

If you've bought all this stuff and got nowhere it's because you need to build your presence!!

I will build it with you!

Anthony Gitch

CONTROL Practitioner Training

This is a 3 day intensive for hypnosis professionals. You will learn:

Day 1-

1. How CONTROL was created
2. Course overview
3. Group introductions
4. Getting CONTROL of ourselves
5. The CONTROL System - 7 step overview
6. Our model of the mind
7. How to communicate directly with our subconscious
8. The possibility of instant changes
9. The Paperwork Protocol - Part 1
10. Structuring subconscious communication
11. In introduction to ‘Insights’
12. How to negotiate changes in ourselves
13. The Paperwork Protocol - Part 2
14. The basics of self maintenance
15. How to maintain CONTROL
Day 2 -

1. Part 1 - review, questions and comments
2. The Goldilocks Protocol
3. K.I.S.S
4. The consultation process
5. Rapport
6. Client intake + assessment
7. Explaining the system
8. Demonstrating CONTROL to clients
9. Demonstration consultation
10.Your first consultation
11. What can we help people with
12. Code of Conduct / Ethics
Day 3-

1. Session 1 - Introduction
2. The three most important pieces of
3. Session 1 - Demonstration
4. Insights - what, when and why
5. 20 valuable insights
6. Case study group exercise
7. The saboteur
8. Your first client - group work
9. Session 2 - Review and Re-do
10. The Result-O-Meter
11. Session 3 - Consolidate and educate
12. Completing the work
13. Other strategies
14. Abreaction
15. Building a reputation means building a

Ken Guzzo

Smoking Cessation Specialist

Highly regarded as the most effective Smoking Cessation protocol developed to date. This is a business in a box system and includes all the business systems, the forms, music, videos, scripting for smoking, chewing, vaping, cigars, and pot. It also includes all the practice management, and marketing to build a 100% referral practice.

Be the most effective Hypnosis specialist in your area. Earn $700 plus per session, or 2k-3k per day. Become proficient in the Guzzo Protocol, a powerfully compassionate, and impactful session experience, that will turn your clients into enthusiastic referrers!

Learn how to easily get clients through your door at no cost to you, and with no high-pressure sales tactics.

The best part, your first five clients will pay for all of it! I'll show you how to get those first clients through the door to get your course paid for within a week or two of your class.

Get the entire course online ahead of time, so that when you come to class, you're not coming to learn it and go home to practice. You're practicing with me so that you can feel confident and competent to have those clients waiting for you the week of your return.

David Snyder

Vibrational Healing