DeBora Turpin Jason Tollen Sean Michael Andrews Barbara Birsinger NeeLam Ashfaq Tom Nicoli Shelley Stockwell Cally Rempis Michael Brody Karl Smith M. Paula Daoust CJ Jifcu Sandra Grace Heather Haller Susan Marco Daniel Reyes Claudia Rickard Carrie Hewerdine William Mitchell Paul Langfield Matt Dickson Dave Morris Hansruedi Wipf Conny Wladkowski Linda Herrick Gena Golden ReNae Schramm Antonio Perez Olga Zvereva Carm Blacconiere Steven Rollins Frank Perri Lydia Michalitsianos Nicole Weber Theresa Price Albert Bramante Kevin Cole Janet Rapala Kelli von Heydekampf / Greg Beckett Michael DeSchalit Victoria Gallagher Adam Cox Gila Zak Christopher Leier Bernard Dittrich Désirée Eckert Amanda Dell'Aquila Daniel Browne Sammy Blindell Elizabeth Sterling Jassteena Dhawan Rick Green Amber Cox Robert Chase Paul Wong Ken Guzzo Jenny Bitner Doug O'Brien Greg Beckett Lily Masco Vincent Brigance Carsten Fenner James Ledoux Kate Beaven-Marks Juan Acosta Sandra Bemis Connie Jo Holmes Curtis Floth Gail Webster Sean Michael Andrews Nicholas Spohn Karen Hand Rich Guzzi Carlos Casadas/Jess Marion David Snyder Freja Njorden Mike Mandel Tom Nicoli Frank Prince Nathalie Fiset Kathy Gruver Farida Gipson Burtt Richard Hill Richard Cole Grant Saunders Kim Guillroy Martin Baratz Marina Kostina Scott Schmaren Linda Thunberg Matt Morano Don Barnhart Terry Blome Emma Ramano Melissa Tiers Sharon Jurd Jason Linett

DeBora Turpin

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) for beginners

We will cover the basic history of NLP followed by the basic various terms and techniques for which many other techniques are created from.

Jason Tollen

Internal Family Systems (IFS) - Yes, It's For Hypnotists Too

Internal Family Systems (commonly known as IFS) is a highly developed, evidence-based parts approach. Because it's so effective, its popularity is soaring, and it has recently been called "The Beatles" of therapy. But did you know you don't have to be a licensed therapist to get certified? Come learn what IFS is, and why you may want to consider getting trained.

Sean Michael Andrews

The Fastest Inductions for Clinic, Stage, and Street

Hypnotize FAST! Learn how instant and rapid hypnosis works from the man known as the World's Fastest Hypnotist. Sean Michael Andrews teaches how to do: - The most effective and efficient clinical induction - The most effective and efficient Zoom induction - Instant, shock inductions for demos to gain clients for your practice - The sneaky stage induction to get stellar volunteers - The cannot fail handshake induction for street hypnosis - The "most powerful hypnotist trick

Barbara Birsinger

Game Changer NEW Decoding Process Unlocks Stuck Behaviors, Beliefs and Identities for Rapid and Lasting Transformation

Experience a rapid and lasting transformational method to update survival patterning, often "quarantined" for safety. Decode your clients current behaviors to resolve unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that keep them from health, wealth, happiness, productive mind-sets and other personal or professional goals, and begin to create rapid and lasting desired change. Self-discovery of new strategies - uniquely their own, help clients to transform old behaviors, beliefs, and identities, with respect, as a solution to a previous unwanted states, often present for a lifetime. In this process, clients experience inspiring and transformative Ah-Ha! Moments as the lasting change begins, and they eagerly want more! Video demonstrations and live demonstrations show user friendly, easy to take away, and use right away with individuals or groups.

NeeLam Ashfaq

Inside a Human Mind

It will include the physiological aspects, the role of neurons and the unique structure of the dendrites that encourages electrical charges throughout the nervous system and around other body parts. And the effects of the environment on the behaviors and the study of the inhibitory neurotransmitters (Serotonin, Oxytocin, Dopamine, Endorphins etc).

Tom Nicoli

The Top Reasons Why Every Hypnotist Needs a Coach & Hypnotist

Hypnotists make the big mistake of going it alone once they are in business. Every championship level athlete has a coach and in the game of life, and in the business of helping others, getting guidance from someone with a history of success helps shorten the learning curve both personally and in business. Top level achievers and successful professionals know the value and necessity of personal coaching to achieve and maintain their level of success.

Shelley Stockwell

LET'S DO IT! Hands-on tools to hypnotize yourself and anyone NOW.

This highly experience promises to bring you confidence, fun and many AH-Ha moments...

Cally Rempis

Own The Room - All Eyes On You - Creating unbreakable confidence in public speaking, stage performance and private sessions.

In this quick 1 hour training I will teach you the steps that can immediately create lasting confidence in any situation, whether it is stage performance, public speaking or even session work. All eyes on you!

Michael Brody

How to stage a Stage Hypnosis Show

A fast-paced way to teach and pump up new stage hypnotists! Learn the structure of how a stage hypnosis show works. Fastest 2 hours ever.

Karl Smith

Hypnosis Induction are a Myth

Hypnosis Induction are a Myth But you knew that, Didn't you? Please tell me your trainer had the common decency to tell you how an induction works? Normally they don't, I'm going to teach you everything you need to Understand the secret! Understand the mechanics of inductions! The theatre needed! How to start the hypnotic process before clients even meet you! How to make your own inductions! Anyone can cut and edit videos or hypnotise at a conference, that's easy it's when you're with a client on your own. Let me show you

M. Paula Daoust

What the science of change offers hypnotists.

Our clients come to asking for a change. They want the change, they often need it, and they are willing to pay for it. But they still don't change. What's going on? Using what is known about the science of change and neuroscience, this presentation will explore the issues that can block change. It will look at a variety of common tools we use to help our clients make change and rethink these tools from the lens of brain science. When we understand what makes these tools work, we can be more intentional and effective in helping our clients overcome their own resistance to get the results they want.

CJ Jifcu

Technology for sustainable anchoring

Hypnotic procedures based on electronic devices designed for the younger generations (

Sandra Grace

Integrative Hypno-Coaching

Why add coaching to your Hypnosis practice? Learn the benefits of taking a truly integrative approach to your clients' transformations. When we integrate the mind, body and spirit in our practice and approach clients from a coach's perspective... we create LASTING change. *( 1 hour with outline handouts and broad stroke concepts, 2 hour with demonstration of techniques or 4 hour adding partner work)

Heather Haller

Hypnosis and the Fertility Treatment Journey: Why it is Needed, How it Can Help

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in the journey through fertility treatment - particularly for those going through ARTs(Assisted Reproductive Technologies) such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), egg harvesting, artificial insemination and more. These clients are going through a time of incredible physical and emotional stress, yet at the very time that stress is a leading roadblock to successful conception! We'll discuss what issues these clients may face and how we, as hypnotists, can provide key support to success both fertility and regaining control of daily life. Success requires a collaboration between mind and body - and who better than hypnotists to provide a strong, positive mind-body connection? Also find out how hypnotic language and practice with patients can also lead to greater success for medical practitioners. Not only has it been proven in scientific studies, but find out how Heather and a her friend went from no children to 5 children in 8 days!

Susan Marco

Timeline Reset

Timeline Reset, different from timeline therapy, is the revolutionary process that helps clients rapidly release negative emotion and limiting beliefs. Very effective for trauma and PTSD, Timeline Reset combines Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching and much more. Working on multiple levels (the conscious, subconscious, energetic, cellular and soul) creates a very effective modality that helps clients shift from striving to thriving, improving all areas of their lives: health, relationships, career, self-worth, emotional balance and spiritual well-being! Created by Emma Romano, this session is offered by Susan Marco, American Ambassador of Timeline Reset, who has woven this process into 90% of her practice, with great success.

Daniel Reyes

From Hypnosis to Holistic Practitioner

BioField therapy is quickly becoming one of the most sought after holistic modalities in the world, and for good reason! but what happens when you merge it with Consciousness Management and Hypnosis ? The possibility for transformation is sparked within !

Claudia Rickard

The Bunny Talk process

The Bunny Talk process is a simple process starting when the child is young and they play hand shadows with their parent.
The parent and child build a bond through their hand puppet.
The child remembers the feeling that they get from this playful interaction.
It is a useful way to communicate with your adolescent when they are in crisis and need you, yet cannot tell YOU what is going on.
They can, however, tell the hand puppet.
This is because they remember the feeling of unconditional love and they feel safe and secure.

Carrie Hewerdine

Delivering the Mystical Shamanic Journey Experience

With or without state altering substances, you can provide a deep and healing mystical shamanic experience for Individuals and in group retreat settings - Setting the Stage for Success and Healing (with or without plant medicine - deep experience, same great results) 

William Mitchell

Your Clients Want the MAGIC, The WOW, The Hypnotic Phenomena !!!

Why you want to Use Hypnotic Phenomena . Such as Amnesia, Hallucinations, Age Regressions, Age Progressions, Analgesia, etc. in Your Practice. How to Understand natural and induced Hypnotic Phenomena, such as Amnesia, Posthypnotic Suggestion (Memory Functions) Time Distortion, Age Regression and Future Progression (Time), Anesthesia and Analgesia, Hallucinations (Modifying Perception) Hypnotic Dreams. How to Apply Hypnotic Phenomena to Create Positive Results For Clients.

Paul Langfield

Enhance Your Trance: Leveraging Technology to Create and Anchor Fully Immersive Hypnotic Experiences

Clients are looking for a "wow factor". What if you could provide that consistently while also greatly enhancing your clients ™ experiences and predictably generating more positive outcomes (outcomes that result in your clients telling everyone they meet, "you have GOT to experience this")? In 1992, I developed my own Binaural Beats, and started using them as an integral part of my hypnotherapy practice. Thousands of clients later, my process of leveraging the power and flexibility of technology to greatly enhance trance experiences and effectiveness has continued to evolve on multiple levels. Join me for this session to discover the secrets of leveraging these same fully-immersive processes in your successful practice. Learn how you can harness the power of The Multi-Modal Ganzfield Effect; blending light and sound to promote deep hypnotic brainwave entrainment. Understand how to use Stereo Imaging to mark embedded commands flexibly and flawlessly, while firmly anchoring deep states of hypnosis that your clients will easily return to each time they see you. Explore creative ways to leverage music, reverberation, and other elements of sound and light to enhance your Embedded Loops to predictably create spontaneous amnesia and time distortion. And capture it all in a near-studio-quality recording that you can send with your client when they leave. This cutting-edge session takes multi-modal NLP Anchoring to levels you may have never dreamed of all with the flip of a switch (or two). No need to reinvent the wheel. This session will cover practical and simple utilization of: Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones Ganzfield Visual Synchronization Brain Frequency Entrainment Correlating brainwave frequencies to states of consciousness Stereo Imaging and Harmonic Resonance Equipment explanations, options, and recommendations Demonstrations, and Q&A

Matt Dickson

Yoga Language and Pranayama (breathwork) Instead of Guided Imagery for Trance.

LOVE progressive relaxation, but don't love the idea of guiding ANOTHER person through sandy beaches, misty mountains and green meadows? Yoga language is meant to calm the mind and focus on a specific intention (i.e. making a change). AND it's free of the common induction imagery used in hypnotic inductions. Pranayama (yogic breathwork) facilitates the mind-body connection and promotes relaxation. By using yoga's language and breathwork, you will EASILY get your people into trance without the fear of boredom, triggering abreaction, or rejection by the conscious mind! If you prefer to take your time with trancework but are bored with describing spiral staircases and cascading waterfalls, this talk is for YOU.

Dave Morris

The Palace of Mind: a framework for metaphors and start-to-finish hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnotherapists use metaphors often. We often turn to scripts for ideas on metaphors to use, and yet these can become stale and lifeless. How much better would it be to have a framework for creating an instant metaphor for any issue that presents itself in a session? The Palace of Mind is the virtual domain of the Subconscious Assistant that is loaded with metaphors, easily remembered without the need for scripts, and easily modified for any situation. I will present a start-to-end method of using the client's Palace of Mind to enter hypnosis, find a powerful "chamber" in which to make desired changes, and exit again in a way that will etch itself into the client's memory and allow them to make changes anytime, anywhere. With the Palace of Mind, every issue a client presents can be addressed by "let's go into your Palace of Mind and have a chat with your Subconscious Assistant!"

Hansruedi Wipf

Powerful Regression to Cause Hypnotherapy

What is Regression all about, and how can you benefit from it? Why you should use regression to cause hypnotherapy, how and why it works, what topics you can work with, and how you will produce results like never before. Regression to Cause, based on the work of Dave Elman and Gerald Kein, is a universal tool for all those who want to achieve incredible results - fast! Hansruedi will explain the works behind this technique and give you practical tips and tricks to achieve even greater results. Hansruedi will also do a positive regression with all attending to experience this technique's power on themselves. This is what others say about his work: "Hans is the world's authority in Regression to Cause work."Dr. Fredric Mau"

Conny Wladkowski

Healing from childhood trauma without regression

A lot of people think in order to heal from Childhood trauma that they have to go back and relive and talk about the details over and over again. This often stops them from seeking help and overcoming it. It certainly did stop me and after seeing many different therapist for many years and repeating the same story over and over again, I felt hopeless and gave up. In order to heal from childhood trauma you don’t have to go back and relive it. This often can be more damaging than healing. Your inner child has never left you. What is important is where is your inner child part holding you back and sabotaging you in your adult life? Once we can align your inner child and your adult self you can heal and live the life that you want and deserve.

Linda Herrick

Witness Miracles with Your Clients Using 5 Magic Words

In this interactive session we will:
1. Discuss the importance of, and how to create sacred space.
2. Learn to place yourself within sacred space and invite your client to join you.
3 Discover the 5 magic words that can shift mountains allow you to witness miracles with your clients in every session.
Sit back and watch the amazing results.

Gena Golden

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for Hypnotists of Color

In this workshop, we will examine the historical, interpersonal and institutional origins of imposter syndrome. We will explore ways to overcome and defeat imposter syndrome in our professional work to increase our self confidence and to accelerate effectiveness with client.

ReNae Schramm

I'm a Hypnotherapist! Now what?

Congratulations, you're certified! You're ready to go out and heal the world. Bring it on! But wait, you have so many questions! Where do I get clients? How do I get them to buy? Who even is my client? What are my offerings? Where am I going to practice? How do I schedule them? What should I charge? How do I accept payment? What about taxes? Should I quit my day job? How can I ensure success? What else do I need to know? Oh, my goodness! I'm so overwhelmed! Sound familiar? When starting a new hypnotherapy business, there are so many things to consider! In this class we'll explore the foundational aspects of launching your new practice. The emotions, clarifications, resources, research, offerings, tips, tricks, and more. Come prepared to dive deep and leave with the knowledge to make your new business a reality!

Antonio Perez

Rescue anyone from dangerous conspiracy theories with the F.A.M.E addiction model

Conspiracy theorists get pulled down the rabbit whole because of a litle known phenomena called F.A.M.E. Addiction. As a former conspiracy theorist I've been able to model what pulled me out of conspiracy theories. You can use some of these techniques to help rescue your clients from conspiratorial thinking.

Olga Zvereva

Unleash the power of your inner musical genius

Here is your opportunity to take advantage of state-of-the-art hypnotic self-conditioning techniques especially designed to enhance musicians like yourself. Learn about what you can do to keep your musician happy, healthy creative, and productive. Learn to channel a stream of consciousness from the subconscious mind that translates your thoughts directly into passionate, sincere musical expression that touches others. What you silently say inside to yourself are commands which your subconscious will manifest. Vibrate inside with an energy that will radiate to your audience, so they know something wonderful is about to happen before you even play your first note. Using techniques of hypnosis, you can:

- Transform fear and tension into energy and passion. - Focus on the music, instead of on you and your personal illusions as to how you appear to others. - Acquire a sense of self-confidence and self-assurance so that any stage becomes your personal comfort zone, making playing easier.

Carm Blacconiere

Demonstrations of the Subconscious Mind

Show how the conscious and sub-conscious mind works through experiential demonstrations. A fun way to explain hypnosis and the mind.

Steven Rollins

Be a Presenter

This class helps attendees to identify the process to prepare and conduct winning presentations. The intended audience is Hypnotists who desire to teach classes at conferences or for clients. The course covers: class outlines and structure, preparation and rehearsal skills, use of training aids (such as powerpoint), and presentation techniques. These skills will enable the instructor to provide the attendees with a powerful and memorable message in a clear format.

Frank Perri

Find a Dynamic Hypnotic Voice

As hypnotists, our voice is such a critical and dynamic tool in our tool box. In this practical hands on workshop, participants will be guided how to flex, strengthen and of course own this profoundly personal tool we all wield. I will be using a combination of techniques I have used and learned from my background in theatre, public speaking, and music to encourage participants to really own their voices.

Lydia Michalitsianos

Your High-Ticket ($5k+) Hypnosis Strategy Call

In this workshop, I'm going to show hypnotists and holistic practitioners how to 3x their program price overnight, and sell it, simply by just changing the conversation on their strategy and discovery calls. I will also teach my strategy to upgrade your current low-ticket clients into higher-ticket, premium offers ($5k+).

Nicole Weber

Simple Methods to Remove Mental Blocks

Learn simple techniques with and without usage of ideomotor responses to remove mental blocks and unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You can use these with your clients but also during self-hypnosis to get rid of built up stuff and free energy so that the subconscious can work towards goals so much easier and more successful.

Theresa Price

Magic Question

If you have ever wished a straight line existed from a triggered emotional upset to its root then this IS the workshop for you. Experience the MAGIC question that moves one from emotional trigger to root cause to an empowered choice that permits healing in minutes.

Albert Bramante

Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot: End Self Sabotage Now!

This talk will discuss my research for my book on Self Defeating Behavior in Performing Artists and Actors. There is a link between self esteem, self efficacy, identity, personality, and both fear of Failure & Fear of Success. I will discuss how these factors affect and influence our ability to be our own Worst Enemy at times. Interventions will also be discussed too

Kevin Cole

The Perfect Anxiety Relief Pre-Talk

During this presentation, you will learn Kevin Cole's simple, and highly effective Pre-Talk for working with Anxiety Relief clients that allows them to much better understand the Foundational Neuroscience of how their brain "Does Anxiety", and how you can help them Rapidly Relieve It!


Janet Rapala

Hypno Massage

This is a hybrid technique, combining hypnosis/hypnotic language and suggestions with massage and breathwork to effect relaxation or comfort. Participants will learn a process that combines hypnotic language with a simple massage technique combined with observation and entrainment of the client’s breathing for the purpose of relieving stress/anxiety and/or inducing relaxation or hypnotic trance in a seated client. It is experiential so that tissue memory may be established. An experiential technique will be presented for participants to experience massage through a scripted experience to guide them in self-applied massage.

Kelli von Heydekampf / Greg Beckett

The Journey is the Destination

Are you a new or struggling hypnotherapist? When we come to HTLive it means we are ready to heighten our skill level. It is helpful to do this not only on a technical level, but also take time to dive into what this means for us on a personal and professional level. Remember, we are becoming someone we don't yet fully know and sometimes that comes with frustration, doubt and uncertainty. Join two veteran practitioners for an interactive discussion about what it means to develop your own hypnosis practice and style. This session is meant to support you by creating a space where we tap into the collective wisdom of the group so that you can get a clearer picture of your path, share your challenges and feel supported.

Michael DeSchalit

Setting Up Your Clients for Massive Success

How to intentionally program your sessions and facilitate your clients through the process of achieving success from the very beginning when they first start working with you, all the way through your program, and continuing on even after they are finished working with you. This is a two part presentation. The first part will cover the details of how you structure your client sessions. The second part will be on my patented system of helping clients create the highest expectations for their change work so that they can achieve massive success.

Victoria Gallagher

NLP Techniques for Manifesting

The secret sauce for Law of Attraction is Inspired Action! Yet, just how does one gain the confidence, the motivation, and the inspiration to act? That's where manifesting techniques come into play. I have spent the latter part of my career coaching my clients to align with their desires and achieve success. In this workshop, I'm going to share my favorite techniques I like to use with my clients, and you can use them with your clients too. We're going to cover many NLP techniques and strategies you can practice in this class. And I'm even going to provide the step-by-step scripts, which I have tailored to use for Law of Attraction Clients. You can use these to help yourself or help others. Here are some of the techniques I use, and we'll go over as many as we can in class (and what we don't get to will be available as a free download): The Circle of Excellence Rapport Building Pacing and Leading Mirroring Discover powerful, yet simple techniques to turn desires into reality How to Use Your Sub Modalities for Powerful Change Accelerated Learning Techniques Clarify and Focus Your Thoughts Find Your Purpose, Path, and Direction in Life Identify and Overcome Obstacles to Reach Your Goals Train Your Mind to See Opportunities How to Tune Your Mind for Success Reframing Communicating with Parts Introduction to Timeline Therapy Unconscious Pattern Change/Pattern Interrupt Clear Fear, Worry, and Anxiety Future Pacing Create Powerful Anchors Victoria M. Gallagher is a LOA and Manifesting Expert, Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Trainer, Award-winning and Best-Selling Author, Hypnosis App Creator, and has been coaching clients to manifest success in their life for over 24 years! Come join in on the fun and deepen your understanding of The Law of Attraction, NLP, LOA, and get the How to Guidance for helping yourself and others to Manifest Business Success!

Adam Cox

The Digital Hypnotist

Adam discusses the impact of the evolution of technology on Hypnotherapists and what the world of Web 3.0 will mean for therapists. What place will therapists have in a world of AI therapists with access to infinite scripts? What is the point of a physical therapy clinic when people are spending most of their time in the metaverse? Why a niche is more important than ever when there are no geographical barriers and how you can create innovative digital products that will only be possible in a decentralised future... Live examples of creating digital assets in real time...

Gila Zak

The Dynamic Duo: Sexuality and Handwriting

Do you work with clients to help them change their relationship patterns or behavior? Are you looking for a great resource to make you an even more effective therapist? Gila has combined two of her most popular presentations into one for the first time at HTL: E&P Sexual Suggestibility and Handwriting Analysis. Our sexual personality influences our personal relationships in a profound way. This will either work for us or against us depending who we are in a relationship with. If you are curious about a fast and factual way to gain profound insight into your client's behavior to help them with their relationship patterns, then this presentation is for you! Gila will share in depth Dr. John Kappas' theory of sexual personality: How it is how formed, how behavior can be predicted and how it can be shaped. She will also be explaining how handwriting can give you a clear window into your client's behavior, with clues and traits that may be causing the problem when clients consistently choose "the wrong people". Comprehensive handouts will be given out and your own handwriting sample will become a fun and useful way to learn these important tools to wow your clients. Let Gila's experience become your expertise!


Christopher Leier

The Magic of NO!

How many people do you work with who struggle to say no? This presentation explores the reasons why people have a hard time setting boundaries and communicating assertively. It provides attendees with techniques they can teach their clients or use in their own lives. By overcoming the patterns or beliefs that keep us from saying no, we can more effectively cultivate the things that really matter to us, and live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Bernard Dittrich

Therapy for Therapists - Using Active meditation to Heal Yourself in Order to Better Help Your Clients

How to transform theraputic hypnosis into a self directed meditation to heal yourself and better serve your clients. 1 or 2 hour

Désirée Eckert

Hypnotic Cord Cutting

Offer a new service with cord cutting hypnosis! This protocol gives your clients a powerful experience, while severing ties in the most gentle and holistic way, often resolving long-held patterns and delivering healing that spans spacetime. Also includes covert self-hypnotic shielding techniques to maintain boundaries going forward, plus a full protocol PDF.

Amanda Dell'Aquila

Elevate Your Business in 3 Simple Steps with QR Codes: Perfect for Marketing, Presentations, Courses & More!

Daniel Browne

Using Hypnosis to Support Victims and Survivors of Conversion Therapy

Join 'The LGBT+ Therapist' Daniel Browne for this engaging, informative session that will equip you with knowledge and understanding of what conversion therapy is, the psychological trauma it can cause to LGBT+ people, and how to help victims and survivors work through their trauma using hypnosis. There is so much good work that hypnotists can do with victims and survivors of conversion therapy. This workshop will share real life, practical examples of how hypnosis can be a helpful intervention used in supporting victims and survivors of conversion therapy to affirm their identity and embrace who they are.

Sammy Blindell

How To Make A Global Impact With Your Hypnotherapy Business

"During this 1 Hour Workshop you will learn how to: - Go from Local Business to Global Business - Stop Selling Your Time For Money - Take Your Business From $0-$10,000 per month or More "

Elizabeth Sterling

Hypnotic Skills for Social Media Success

"Could you use a jump start into the wild world of social media? Are you concerned that you won't be able to keep up with all the platforms and trends? Let me make it simple for you. It's time to jump in with both feet and share your gifts with the world. ( Even better, have a blast doing it! ) In this class you'll connect the very skills that you use to create lasting transformation for your clients into your simple social media roadmap. We will walk through my KISS Method (yes, Keeping it Super Simple) by applying specific social media strategies to 4 key hypnosis strategies that you use already: CAPTURING ATTENTION GAINING RAPPORT USING KEY QUESTIONS INSPIRING ACTION Come to this session and you'll be crafting posts that connect AND convert.

Jassteena Dhawan

Revealed: The Secrets to Hypnotist Self-Care

" In this practical, informative and experiential workshop, you will: * Gain insight, clarity, and understanding of what is important to you, what drains you and what restores you * Develop the tools and skills to identify and prevent burnout, stress and compassion fatigue. * Discover your own path to Self-Care * Develop an actionable plan for your own Self-Care"

Rick Green

The LifeSaver Protocol

Learn a powerful method to assist people who have given up on life. Losing the will to live can result in common problems resolved by hypnotherapists -- Depression, overeating, smoking, no exercise, etc etc. This is so common following Covid. When you resolve this -- great results simply fall into place with most issues. Hope is restored. The Lifesaver Protocol uses the power of metaphor shifts, double binds, reframing, and Identity shifts to create an internal revelation and desire to live and to thrive.

Amber Cox

Chronic Pain Relief for Your Clients

"Over 50 million people suffer with chronic pain. This is an area that I have worked extensively in to help clients get relief and manage the many challenges that chronic pain inflicts. Many people suffering the impact of chronic pain will often in an attempt to ""manage"" their life turn to opioids. This often compounds the problem and begins a very vicious cycle. The medical field is over flooded with patients in chronic pain and more often then not have no alternative or complimentary services to help their patients with chronic pain. Often a person becomes so debilitated that their quality of life suffers immensely resulting in even more problems such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness. A major factor in chronic pain are the emotional components. Come join me and I will give you proven tools and techniques I use so you can immediately help people struggling with chronic pain. There is a huge need for complimentary alternatives to help with the chronic pain crisis. You have unique skills as a hypnotist to deliver much needed relief ."

Robert Chase

Build Your Business with Social Media Videos

Learn video strategies for each social media platform (Instagram, TikTok and YouTube) to build your business and attract clients with videos optimized for social media. See my journey, using these strategies and tactics, and what can be accomplished in just one year on social media starting with zero subscribers in the Fall of 2022 until now.

Paul Wong

Shifting Limiting Beliefs for High Achievers

"In this workshop, Paul Wong shares his experiences of working with 7- and 8- figure business owners, best-selling authors, and influencers. Even though they are highly successful in their professions, and live luxurious lives, why are they still suffering? One core belief is the "I'm not enough" belief. This belief comes from early sufferings or traumas or passed from ancestors' conditioning and programs. This belief causes them to suffer from insecurities, unhappiness, failing in relationships, and even debilitating chronic health problems. If you or your client is a high achiever but something is missing or you are suffering from the above issues, come to this workshop to learn how to de-layer the decades and generational suffering. "

Ken Guzzo

Integrating Psychology, Spirituality, and Science!

"Who are we? Are we our thoughts? Are we our minds? Are we the emotions eminateing from our hearts? Are we human bodies with souls? Are we souls presently in human form? …or are we much more than that? When you were working with a client, who and what are you intending to change? Is your goal to shift behavior? Is it to fix a problem? Or are you able to hold the space for an complete, integrated being to evolve? Join me, for a provocative discussion on the integration of psychology, spirituality, and science, as it pertains to helping those who have placed their trust in us."

Jenny Bitner

Dreamwork in Trance

Are you listening to the guidance of your dream world? Do you have imaginative clients who would like to work with their dreams or you would like to use your dreams for your own continued journey into a magical, dreamy life? Join us for this workshop on making sense of the messages from your unconscious. The world of dream and trance are interrelated. In this workshop, you will learn a technique for discussing dreams in community and give dream guidance to a few participants that bring their dream for group inquiry. We will also use an image from your dreams as a point of entry into group hypnosis so that we can go back into your dream and reimagine it in your own ways. Come prepared with a dream to discuss or to re-enter in trance.


Doug O'Brien

Sleight of Mouth

Everyone knows that Sleight of Mouth is unmatched when it comes to verbal persuasion and belief change, but how can you apply this verbal aikido to hypnotic induction and suggestion? Find out from the guy who literally wrote the book on Sleight of Mouth, Doug O’Brien

Greg Beckett

Book Up Your Business: The Benefits of Pairing with Best-Selling Books

Learn how pairing a best selling book, like The Four Agreements, can assist in growing your practice in person or online.

Lily Masco

Immersive Hypnotic Events: TranceFigure Templates Into Your Own Creative Change Work

"Learn how to easily turn existing templates into a thematic hypnotic experience of your own creation. Put the scripts away and let your knowledge and imagination align to design a world for guests to float into. You'll walk away able to offer immersive braincations while gifting lasting change as a party favor."

Vincent Brigance

How to Sell on TikTok

"TikTok has staggering organic reach but you don't need a massive following to book clients. Yes, we will cover how to create content that stops the scroll and incentivizes engagement, BUT most importantly content that actually converts into sales. World-class hypnosis skills are a fantastic thing to strive for and possess, imagine the impact you'll create when the world understands how you can help them. We will also cover how to sell on TikTok Lives. I will also teach my formula for speaking to the needs of a markets unconscious desires.

If you want me to do a two hour session we will spend the remaining time taking action: creating TikTok accounts, entering content into templates and writing hooks. "

Carsten Fenner

If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere

Learnings from performing stage hypnosis + giving dance classes to likely resistant audiences :-) This class is for you, when you are new to stage hypnosis and need some techniques to break the ice, to get people involved who on the first hand, don't wanted to participate. - People in Germany would like to lean back, but don't want to get involved. How can you make people like them want to be part of the show. How do you get enough subjects to perform an interactive show? How can you break down barriers?

James Ledoux

Intro to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This class provides an overview of seven AI tools and how you can leverage them in your hypnosis business.

Kate Beaven-Marks

HypnoDough Boosting Client Goal Focus and Self-Care

You can have fun and learn something highly beneficial for your clients at the same time! This fun informative session is a fast-paced, highly interactive exploration of ‘HypnoDough’. After a brief overview of the HypnoDough approach and how it is used for insight and change within a therapy session, you will learn how to use a rapid goal-focus and self-care HypnoDough technique with clients. After a quick demo, you then get to work with this HypnoDough technique, and even take home the results of your efforts! The session will end with a Q&A.

Juan Acosta

Therapeutic Convincers for Virtual and in-Person Sessions

One key element of effective therapeutic interventions is our ability to intensify and harness our subjects' belief in the process and us as facilitators. In this entertaining presentation you will experience the process and discover how to easily eliminate any doubts in your subjects' mind that they were hypnotized. Take this class to get rid of feedback like: "that was great but I'm just not sure I was actually hypnotized" and help your clients achieve lasting change.

Sandra Bemis

Harnessing a Fresh Start: How to Use a New Beginning for Motivation

"Ever wonder why people start things on Mondays? Or how starting a new journal or calendar is so revitalizing? There is sound research for this effect. Harnessing the Fresh Start Effect is a successful tool that can be used in any hypnosis or coaching practice.

Learn how it works, why it works and when it won’t be successful. Discover how to combine it with your hypnosis/coaching practice. "

Connie Jo Holmes

Leadership at Any Level

Being a leader is a way to stand out in your profession by being a principal player in your business, communities, and life in general. It is also a great skill to teach your clients. Many people feel being a leader is reserved for the person with the corner office or the person with the huge, leader-like title. Nothing could be further from the truth. This presentation will cover what it means to be a leader, what it means to be a leader at any level, how to be a leader in your profession, and how to teach leadership skills to your clients. Understanding how leadership at any level allows you to stand apart from the rest will be beneficial whether you are new to this profession or have been in business for decades.

Curtis Floth

Look Like a 7-Figure Brand With Canva

"How to look look like a seven figure brand using easily customizable design templates in Canva. Look, you can be a highly profitable and irresistible brand online. Thanks to Canva, you don‘t need to to rely on complicated design programs and expensive graphic designers to make it happen. Unfortunately, it's just as easy to build a brand in Canva that screams ""amateur"" or ""rookie"" too. Causing people to believe that you offer low quality services at a cheap price. In this presentation, I will show you how to avoid the many pitfalls in Canva that make you look unprofessional. Plus, I will also show you ways to leverage Canva to create lean-looking and professional marketing content for your business... fast. Even if you've never used Canva before or have zero design skills."

Gail Webster

North Node Hypnosis Protocol

Integrating the individuals North Node to help those lost on their purpose through Hypnosis. How many times do you have a client ask I don't know my purpose in life?

Sean Michael Andrews

The Fastest Inductions for Clinic, Stage, and Street

Hypnotize FAST! Learn how instant and rapid hypnosis works from the man known as the World's Fastest Hypnotist. Sean Michael Andrews teaches how to do: - The most effective and efficient clinical induction - The most effective and efficient Zoom induction - Instant, shock inductions for demos to gain clients for your practice - The sneaky stage induction to get stellar volunteers - The cannot fail handshake induction for street hypnosis - The "most powerful hypnotist" trick

Nicholas Spohn

Install and Anchor Powerful Resource States

This experiential presentation will take you through the full gambit of resource states. What is a resource state? What are the components or building blocks that we can use as hypnotists to install resource states? How do we install one (or multiple)? How can we amplify our capabilities by simply changing our state? How can I instantly read the state of someone else? And of course... you are going to get a chance to install in your nervous some of the powerful resource states I use to create massive change in my clients. Body language, frequency, breathing, language, hypnosis its all here!

Karen Hand

Scripting with Magic Words and Language Patterns

"Are you ready to ditch the scripts and just KNOW how to work with every client on every issue every time? In this workshop you will learn the #1 secret to effective suggestions. You'll discover the magic words that make a difference in change work and you will return to your client sessions empowered. If you're more comfortable with a script, discover how to write effective scripts that meet your client's needs. If you prefer to work on the fly and ad lib your way through the session, you will be empowered with the words and language patterns that create success. After this workshop, you will never have to spend precious time searching for the magic created in someone else's'll personalize your sessions for every client. Plus, you'll get a cheat sheet that makes the work easy and fun so that you will really know what to suggest in a way that creates lasting change. "

Rich Guzzi

The 7 Figure Hypnotist Protocol

The Complete Blueprint to become really successful at hypnosis. Business techniques, web skills, automation, product creation, delivery methods, speaking, coaching, training, asset development PLUS all the little nuances and more. This is the A-Z soup to nuts checklist on what will be needed to not just earn a living in hypnosis but to become prosperous on a major scale.

Carlos Casadas/Jess Marion

Psychoactive Facilitation in the Sacred Medicine Space

"In this 2 hour experiential workshop Carlos and Jess will share the hypnotic power of sacred ritual to create healing and transformation. You will have the opportunity to experience one of our Sacred Mushroom ceremonies but with hypnosis in place of the mushrooms. Whether one ingests psychoactive substances or not, Sacred Rituals can become a respectful acknowledgement of important life events and/or a soul-nourishing self-cultivation practice that adds Grace and intuitive flow to the experience of everyday living. Ritual can enhance the wellbeing and spirituality of our clients and ourselves by creating and maintaining order, clarifying intent, and strengthening resolve. In this workshop you will discover: How ritual creates a context for change and alters states How rituals call us into a sacred space and time How to make ritual meaningful The hypnotic principles that underlay effective rituals The role of banishment and invocation to connect with your higher self and fully step into an empowered way of being How to incorporate the elements and create a multi sensory hypnotic experience How to connect and participate with the spirit of the chosen medicine The importance of and how to close rituals in a way that empowers participants in their daily lives. And much more! "

David Snyder

Energy Hypnosis: Instant and Rapid Healing Techniques 

Energy hypnosis is the ability to use states of hyper-rapport and energetics to systematically reprogram the body and mind to

Instantly remove pain,

Remove and Reprogram Past Issues,

Amplify Pleasure States and that is still just the beginning.

Project and Sense Emotions

Measure Energy Fields and More

you'll rapidly learn the true nature of trance,

how to induce trance without speaking,

how to use subtle energy manipulations to quickly make profound physical and emotional shifts in the body

Freja Njorden

Sensual Submodalities

"Playing with the building blocks of the erotic. A practical and experiential way to playfully engage, enhance, and expand the submodalities of pleasure and sensuality. Hypnosis is used in every area of healing and generative change, and it is just as easily used to improve and enhance our pleasure experience. "

Mike Mandel

Ego States: The Missing Ingredient in Therapy

Understanding ego states is a game changer; The difference that makes the difference in good therapy. You'll leave this session with the keys to improving all your therapeutic work whether NLP, hypnosis or anything else. Special bonus: Mike will teach you the ego state pre-frame that eliminates resistance to hypnosis.

Tom Nicoli

Frank Prince

Using Hypnosis to Inspire Nobel Prize Winning Ideas

In the broad field of INNOVATION, the truly most sought after prize is a breakthrough idea. An idea that results in true innovation. This session focuses on the learning's acquired through research into the thinking processes used by successful inventors and Nobel Prize winners. These learnings translate into hypnotic strategies you can use to drive results in businesses or with individuals. Organizations spend millions to innovate every year. It might as well be with you! In this workshop we will: * Make important distinctions between ideas, inventions, and innovations. * Explore the key underlying principles to breakthrough thinking. * Use tools to increase creativity at an individual level. * Learn ways to use hypnosis to inspire inventive thinking. * Learn the secret process used by successful inventors. * Understand the wiring of your brain for innovative thought. * Introduce specific methods for generating a Flash of Insight. * Learn the steps to create an innovative culture in an organization as a hypnotist. * And, while we're at it, we'll also explore blocks in our idea belief systems and how to change them in an instant. "While there is no guarantee you'll be the next Nobel Prize winner, I CAN guarantee you'll walk out thinking more like one! "

Nathalie Fiset

How to REALLY get Medical Referrals

A family doctor gives you the inside scoops on how to really get countless medical referrals. Dr. Fiset is also a hypnotherapist and will reveal the mistakes to avoid when getting lots of medical referrals that will grow your practice very fast.

Kathy Gruver

Self-Care: Conquer your Stress

Go from worrier to warrior with this fun, practical workshop on decreasing stress and managing your response to change. We know stress is a killer in our society and sometimes, we are so busy giving to others that we overlook our own needs. Take some time for yourself and learn 5 proven techniques to stop stress in its tracks. And, all of these techniques can be taught to your clients too!!! Learn a simple breathwork exercise that just takes seconds to work. Think you can't meditate? I'll show you how! And if you already meditate, this is a great tool to add to your 'in the moment' stress-busting toolbox. Will also cover crafting affirmations, how to use mindfulness to be more present with your clients and loved ones, and using visualization for healing and meeting your goals. All of this while having fun along the way!

Farida Gipson Burtt

Creative Spiritual Connection

Ideomotor response playtime. We have such an amazing ability to tune in and listen on a deep level to our intuitive nature and balance the hemispheres of our brain returning us to our natural state of calm. As an artist myself I encourage others to get down and dirty and artisticly express messages from within.

Richard Hill

The Mirroring Hands Experience: A Special Demonstration.

We will experience, together and as witnesses to a personal demonstration, this gentle yet incredibly powerful practice that was developed by Ernest Rossi during his years with Milton Erickson and now entrusted to Richard Hill.

Mirroring Hands is a unique form of practice that focuses on what the client can manifest with minimal directions or suggestions from the therapist, but with the therapist’s sensitive responsiveness and appropriate guidance. Mirroring Hands is not designed for any single issue, it is for every issue.

It is about the client’s needs, not just the symptom that brings them to therapy. Mirroring Hands is especially powerful when the client and the therapist do not know for sure where they need to go.

In this demonstration you will feel what it is like when your own natural problem-solving capacities are given the space to take you exactly where you need to go.

Richard Cole

Instead of This, Do The Other Thing! Skit Creation for Not So Creative Stage Hypnotists

"Coming up with new skit ideas for your shows can seem daunting at first, which makes it so it's so easy to ""steal"" some great ideas that are already out there. Maybe you're a performing veteran, and feel the creative juices have run dry. What if there was a simple method to re-imagine you old, tired skits, and turn them into NEWER, FRESHER ones? Or step OUTSIDE the box, and make something no one has ever seen? In this workshop, stage hypnotist coach Richard Cole will walk you through a skit creation process step by step, so that when you leave, you'll have a handy tool, to create something different and unique to you, at a moments notice!"

Grant Saunders

Livestreaming for Hypnotherapists

Don't let your zooms let you down, level up your live streams to elevate your business and grow your brand. learn where, when and how to go live and the best tools to do so. also discover one of the fastest growing live platforms to easily get monetised as well as get discovered by new audiences.

Kim Guillroy

Grow Your Hypno/Coach Business

Create a sustainable, predictable and successful business using this simple framework. Walk away ready to help more people, make more money and create more impact.

Martin Baratz

Energetic Rejuvenation with Kundalini Yoga

"Energetic Rejuvenation with Kundalini Yoga Come and learn a Kriya (yoga set) that will Move Energy from the base of your spine to the Top of your head. Join me as I guide you through a series of movements (kriyas) breath control ( pranayama) Mantra and Deep Relaxation , that will leave you Rejuvenated and Energized as well as Relaxed. We all accumulate energies as we interact with Life especially if you deal with peoples issues. To keep your Energetic / Vibrational System clean and flowing, join me with loose fitting clothes and a yoga mat or towel and if you can’t sit on the floor you can do it from a chair. You will take home a Kriya that you will be able to do when necessary or even daily or just when you need to feel Better. Who knows it might even become another Good Habit or Tool . "

Marina Kostina

Bio-Energy Foundations for Hypnotherapists

"Hypnotherapists are well aware of the power of subconscious mind, which in part creates an electromagnetic field, called biofield that can be measured with scientific, state-of-the art equipment. Yet the majority of our clients still don’t realize the power that lies within them and outsource their happiness and well-being to external circumstances, events and individuals. For hypnotherapists, who understand that the key of the clients’ problems lie beyond their conscious minds, the knowledge of bio-energy becomes of a great importance, as together with unconscious mind it allows the therapist to address the issue from within and increase their healing impact. The presentation consists of 3 parts: LEARN: In this part you will learn the science behind your energy fields, and realize that these fields contain information about your health, longevity, sickness, happiness, talents, motivations and main personality traits. You will also see the research behind hypnosis (specifically Arrow Technique developed by Freddy Jacquin) and realize the power it has on people's energy. PRACTICE: In part 2 you will quickly analyze bioenergy photos of various people, including my celebrity client Kanye West and diagnose their problems and challenges. APPLY: You will leave with concrete tools that will instantly help clear your own energy fields, cut off the sources that drain these fields, know how to rejuvenate, expand and produce energy for well-being of your clients, as well as teach your clients to speed up their own healing processes. "

Scott Schmaren

The Skinny on Weight Loss

"Less than 5% of people that lose weight, keep it off. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool to put your clients in that 5%, if it is done correctly. Scott Schmaren has created a hypnosis weight loss protocol that has helped him lose almost 200 pounds and keep it off for more than 15 years. His protocol has helped many people overcome their weight loss challenges. In this program Scott will share his protocol with you including doing live hypnosis sessions. He will have an open and frank discussion with you and answer all of your questions. You owe to yourself and to your clients to offer them the highest level of service you can, let Scott help you with that."

Linda Thunberg

Couples Past Life Regression: What Does the Past Have to do with the NOW?

"What does the past have to do with the NOW in a couples’ relationship? Emotions, habits, and patterns last for lifetimes with individuals and also soul groups. Learn how to conduct a PLR with couples of all sorts to understand, cope and heal eons of issues. This protocol includes: Interviewing couples for Regression Successfully put couples into PLR Navigating each partner’s emotions Wrapping up sessions on a positive note Debriefing couples to stay in the now. "

Matt Morano

Unconscious Bias

When meeting a new client (or a new person), a tremendous amount of information is traded before any words are ever spoken. Powerful forces in the form of unconscious bias can literally shape the direction and outcome of that very first meeting, even before the all-important Pre-Talk. Understand the nature of unconscious bias and how it can affect your interactions with your clients and other people you meet. Engage in several activities to help you recognize your own biases and develop strategies for addressing them.

Don Barnhart

Producing Your Own Show - From 4 Walling to Free Falling

Explore the good, bad and the ugly side of producing your own show. Why are you waiting for someone to book you when you can produce it all yourself?

Terry Blome

Every GREAT Hypnotist Should Have one go to Rapid Induction

Most Clinical Hypnotist want to help people, but what do you do if there isn't much time or the setting won't allow for a progressive relaxation? I will teach you a Rapid Induction you can take home and use from day one to help others quickly an almost any setting.

Emma Ramano

The Family Freedom Protocol

"The 8 session genius for your confident and magnetic practice The Family Freedom Protocol is a one-of-a-kind Practitioner training program, which gives you a step-by-step system on how to take clients from a stuck state into a thriving state in just 8 sessions. It gives you the tools and foundations to become a confident, effective Practitioner, and facilitator of change for your clients and magnetising the abundance you deserve."

Melissa Tiers

Embodied Cognition: Thinking Outside the Brain

This lecture goes over some of the key ideas in embodied cognition and how to use them in our practice. You'll understand the unconscious influences always at play in our mental processing and how to keep the body in mind when helping clients to make changes.

Sharon Jurd

How to Attract High Paying Clients?

Do you feel like you are doing everything right, but you are not getting high paying clients?

You have the knowledge and desire but are not getting the results?

You know what you should be doing but nothing you do seems to work?

I am going to share with you 2 simple strategies that you can take action on immediately and you WILL get results.

When implemented you will have a stampede of clients that are not trying to get you to reduce your fees or saying they cannot afford you.

I am sharing with you strategies I only share within my SMJ Coaching Institute and have not been shared on stage anywhere else in the world.

If you want to enjoy marketing without marketing, if you want to enjoy selling without selling this is the session for you.

You don’t need fancy funnels or online complex strategies. I will show you what’s working for my coaches all over the world in every environment….in this environment right now!

Even during COVID my coaches in my program increased their income by 200% on average.

Let’s get less clients, paying more money and live a life that you have always dreamed about .

See you at my session!

Sharon Jurd

Jason Linett

Hypnotic Language Hacks™ for Premium Clients

Take the guesswork out of WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT for CONSISTENT client attraction.

Join Jason Linett for this interactive workshop where, together, we will deep dive into twelve specific language patterns that have been proven to help you

• Get more of the RIGHT clients

• Prevent the common conflicts most hypnotists complain about.

• Get consistent PREMIUM sales without feeling sleazy.

Change your words. Change your business. Change your life.