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Daniele Favaro

Overcoming chronic digestive issues with integrated hypnoses.

There's no true healing without growth. - Our specific symptoms are clear messages pointing at specific daily life situations we need to learn from and create practical life changes towards growth and evolution. The symptoms will disappear as a consequence of creating the new skills, behaviors, and strategies to create practical changes in those areas of life in which the patient is stuck in their unconscious limiting patterns.

Nicholas Natale

Secrets of Men: Confidence in Bed

All major issues men face in the bedroom can improve when their personal confidence is strengthened. Secrets of Men: Confidence in Bed is an opportunity to learn how to tap into the single most powerful agent of change in men – their confidence. Informed by leading research, cultural trends, and a spiritual perspective, this combination of education, technique, and hypnotic suggestion can be a game changer for the guys you work with.

Evan Baumgardner

Hypnotically Healing from Bell's Palsy, Synkinesis, and Facial Paralysis

People that suffer from facial paralysis caused by Bell's palsy aren't simply dealing with what is commonly viewed as a strictly cosmetic issue - but rather they are enduring substantial psychological, and in many cases, physical pain, especially if the paralysis doesn't go away. This presentation will discuss the challenges clients with facial paralysis struggle with so you can better help this underserved market get not only relief from the emotional pain of Bell's palsy, but also how hypnosis can be used to alleviate the physical symptoms.

Michael Berkowitz

Beginner's Guide to Working with Chronic Illnesses

Early on in my practice, I had occasion to work with someone with an incurable neurological degenerative disease. At first, I thought this was out of the scope of what I could do, but Melissa encouraged me and I had amazing success in eliminating the client's symptoms. I have since worked with Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Schlerosis and similarly have been able to eliminate or ameliorate symptoms using basic hypnosis techniques that any novice student learns. I want to encourage more people to try applying hypnosis to these kinds of clients to further what we can offer as hypnotists.

Joe Burns

Take Your Coaching Clients From "Survival Mode" to "Trival Mode"

In this course Joe will show you how to combine a strong Theory Of Mind and powerful cognitive tools from his ON PURPOSE PROGRAM along with hypnosis to take your coaching clients from their "Comfort/Survival Zone" to a high vibration and successful "THRIVAL ZONE"

Nickolas Ely

The Magic in The Mind

"Lets face it, hypnotists are modern shaman. We walk people into spirit worlds within them and back out to the ""real world"" and our very words carry the power of spells and incantations. In this class we'll look at ancient mystical traditions of trance and their effects and what we can learn by replicating and applying the methods of the ancient magicians of old for ourselves and our clients. This class is alll about the magic so be prepared to look into some amazing parts of your lived experiences and find the deeply hidden magic within yourself.. "

Surinder Gill

Moving from effect to cause.

I will explain the cause and effect relationship in detail and use real life examples of how I have moved powerfully from effect to cause. Participants will leave feeling empowered and thinking about how they may have been living at effect wtihout realizing it. NLP strategies will be explored with an audience participant that wishes to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more etc....

Seth Deborah

Fascilitating MIndset & Behavioral Change

Mindset shapes our behaviors. Behaviors shape our physical and mental health. Growth mindset relates to brain processes, and these brain processes relate to motivated behaviors. Our actions can be triggered by intentions, incentives or intrinsic values. Intrinsic motivation drives the direction of an individual’s behavior and self-determination. Self-determination is important in the development of becoming more effective in our reflection of ongoing experiences. Facilitating a growth mindset will help your clients to self-regulate learning and coping with challenges that present themselves. Changing mindset will regulate our reactions and ultimately our emotional home we reside in all the time. Our brain is plastic, and able to undergo reorganization and development. Help your clients in this area so real change happens.

Ronia Fraser

Narcissistic Abuse - How to utilise Hypnosis to facilitate healing complex trauma from emotional & psychological abuse

"Despite having become such a social media buzzword over the last few years, Narcissistic Abuse remain one of the most common yet least acknowledged and understood forms of abuse which without fail has a detrimental and life-altering effect on the survivor's mental health and quality of life. In this presentation, Narcissistic Abuse - How to utilise NLP to facilitate healing trauma from emotional & psychological abuse - Ronia Fraser will share: - What Narcissistic Abuse really is - Why it is so dangerous - How to spot it in our clients, friends and family or ourselves - An introduction into how to utilize Hypnosis to facilitate deep healing from Narcissistic Abuse.... Whether you are a therapist or coach and would like to be able the help your clients better, have a family member or friend affected, are an abuse survivor yourself or simply have a professional curiosity what this is really all about... this is for you! Join us for an insightful, truly eye-opening talk on one of today's most current, fascinating and important topics."

Griselda Galvez

Sound Healing and Hypnosis

"Sound Healing and Hypnosis If you are interested in knowing the benefits of a dual approach from a sound healing session combined with hypnosis, attend this conference where you will learn how to introduce this modality to your hypnosis practice. You will be guided through the steps needed for this dual modality session and learn from your own experience, what your client would experiment in a session provided by you. Also, you will receive a list of suggested instruments and a guide about how to implement this dual modality session."

Melissa Tiers

Rapid Inductions for the 21st century

This workshop will update your skill set with fun, fast and impressive inductions better suited for this generation. These are kinder, gentler arm catalepsy inductions without the arm pulling, neck wrenching and authoritarian vibe. Learn how to do Ericksonian style hand shake inductions that are more invitation less command with built in fail safes so they work every time.

Sue Peacock

Becoming a hypnotic urinary incontinence influencer

"Urinary incontinence affects 200 million people worldwide. Often, women wait 6.5 years from the first time they experience symptoms until they obtain a diagnosis. These figures, just represent the people who have reported symptoms. We know that incontinence is one of the least-talked-about medical issues. Between the social stigma that many patients face and personal embarrassment they experience, it's no surprise that there's less understanding about incontinence than most other health challenges. Urinary incontinence also can have a detrimental effect on activity levels and psychological state, leading to depression and withdrawal from social settings. Urinary incontinence impacts on the individual, on society and on the economy. As hypnotherapists we are well placed to use our skills to help people manage their symptoms so they can re-engage with their life. My presentation will discuss why hypnosis is perfect of this group of patients, why it is a useful method to teach other health professionals and my experiences of treating this group of people using case studies."

Karen Hand


Learn several versatile change techniques to use for yourself, your clients or in groups.

Mike Mandel

Ego States: The Missing Ingredient in Therapy

Understanding ego states is a game changer; The difference that makes the difference in good therapy. You’ll leave this session with the keys to improving all your therapeutic work whether NLP, hypnosis or anything else. Special bonus: Mike will teach you the ego state pre-frame that eliminates resistance to hypnosis.

Christophe Pank

How to work deep state in Self Hypnosis

I will show how we can work in esdaile and sichort state in self hypnosis

Ashley Bradley

Refining Your Niche through the Power of your Story

In this class, participants will walk away with a uniquely branded niche and a new way of talking about their business that feels exciting to them AND deeply resonates with their dream clients.

Chris Thompson

Adding Ericksonian Language to Your Hypnotic Work

"No matter what kind of hypnosis or change work you practice, understanding Erickson's brilliant use of language can be a game changer. Add these skills to your toolbox for the ultimate in hypnotic flexibility. You'll never need a script again."

Mark Sewell

Your Highest Consciousness - The Ultimate Resource State State

How to tap into your (and your client's) highest consciousness, and use this as a resource for building your practice or achieving longer lasting results with your clients.

Timothy September

Better Questions - Better Results

Have you ever wondered how some hypnotists or coaches are able to help people make miraculous breakthroughs during the interview / discovery phase of the session? During this interesting discussion, you'll learn a proven system that will rapidly change the way you ask your client questions and what to listen for.

Jason Linett

Attract PRE-SOLD Clients

"You don't just want CLIENTS. You want PRE-SOLD Clients. Join Jason Linett for an intensive deep-dive where we will dive in together to help you craft the right MESSAGE and the right STRATEGY to take the guesswork out of consistent client attraction. WARNING: come ready to CHALLENGE what you might already know or believe about marketing. The concepts we've proven to consistently work for hypnotists (and in other industries!) disrupt conventional marketing knowledge. If you're brand new, I'm going to help you nail the right messaging from the start to stand out as the #1 choice to your dream clients. If you're already working professionally, I'm going to help you activate the right brain chemistry to truly scale your business. This is 100% about your messaging and your identity. No tech required! (Could be a 2hr or 3hr. 3hr means more hands on - but 2hr is fine, too)"

Martin Castor

Quantum MindFlow

Introducing Quantum MindFlow: Unlocking the Power Within for Personal Transformation and Success

Join us for an extraordinary conference session as we delve into the world of Quantum MindFlow, a transformative protocol designed to manifest positivity and master your own life and success. This innovative approach combines modern conversational hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (HNLP) techniques, infused with the strength of MindBending Language, to unleash the mind's ability to create instant change.

Quantum MindFlow stands out as a unique and highly effective protocol, revolutionizing the traditional therapy model. In this approach, the focus shifts from the problem to empowering individuals to become masters of their own lives, embracing all aspects of success, positive mindset, self-love, self-respect, and responsibility.

Quantum MindFlow is more than just therapy; it is a catalyst for personal development. Through this protocol, individuals gain the tools, insights, and confidence necessary to transcend limitations, embrace success, and create positive changes in their lives.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey towards self-mastery and fulfillment with Quantum MindFlow.

Marion Spurgeon

Get Help! How to Onboard a Virtual Assistant

"Anyone running their own business could use more help, but for the self-employed, letting go of the nitty gritty can be daunting. Won't it take longer to explain how to do it than just doing it myself? Can I afford to hire? How can one outsource something like answering the phone, when so much of hypnosis is based on personal connection? I went through this learning curve last year, and I have so much to share. From how I identified my priorities, and convinced myself of the value, found my courage, took the plunge, and wish I had done it sooner. I will be sharing scripts, templates, agreements, systems, automations, and how I trained my own assistant rather than going through Upwork, which I have also used, and we'll discuss the pros and cons of both approaches. Let me support you in getting more support! "

James Ledoux

From Brain to Bank - How to Build and Launch a Profitable Online Course

An inside look at how to brainstorm, build, and launch a profitable online course.

Artur Makiela

Most spectacular instant inductions as a WOW effect in therapy, onstage & streets

"Spectacular hypnotic inductions are very important part of the hypnotic show. However, they can also be used in hypnotherapeutic practice. They instantly suspend the critical factor of awareness and immediately put the client in a trance, giving him a huge WOW effect and an even greater understanding of the power of his mind. During this one-hour presentation, I will share with you flash and spectacular ways to induce a state of hypnosis, in just a few seconds. Content: - Differences between classical, rapid and instant inductions - How to play with amygdala - Suspend critical factor - Shakehand induction - Falling backward induction - "Psychokinetic" induction - let's add some "magic" :) - Practice "

Steve Roehm

Hypnosis Without Pants

"Build a six-figure Hypnotherapy/Coaching practice working three days per week entirely online with clients who are craving your work. *Pants may be required for the class, but it is Las Vegas, so we will see. "

Richard Nongard

Utilizing Dreams in Hypnotherapy

Joni Neidigh

What’s Sports Got To Do With It? A Paradigm Shift for Working With Athletes Who Happen to Be People.

Hypnotists often limit their ability to work with athletes by limiting their own beliefs about the skills they have to offer athletes and the myriad of issues that impact athletes. Joni will show you not only how your most basic hypnosis skills will help this under-tapped market of people who need you but how much fun it can be doing it. Come play and learn!

Tracy Gray

Make More Money with Mentalism

This class makes it easy to get more clients, more shows, more friends! Have you ever been introduced as a hypnotist and the next thing you hear is "Do Something, Do Something"! In this interactive lecture, you will learn 3-5 mentalism and street hypnosis effects that you can use the next time you are asked to "do something". This information will make your fearless! Learn how to perform successful and fun hypnosis demonstrations at fairs, community events, or private parties with no fear of failure. Add preshow walk around effects to your stage show as a money making add on. Not only be able to make money doing local events, but also gain more paying private clients! This really is great information for the therapists, stage and street performer.

Michael Johns

Randi Light

Stop Fears, Phobias, & Anxiety Attacks -Fascinating & Effective Techniques

An estimated 19 million people deal with one or more fears and phobias – from public speaking to flying and driving or bees and elevators. And what about athletes and performers that become fearful of doing their dives, back flips or something else? These highly effective techniques noticeably and rapidly reduce the emotional charge in the brain and the nervous system. Also, they can be done in or out of hypnosis, online or in person. What's also great about having these tools in your toolbox is they can also be used for PTSD and for anxiety and worry about future experiences.

Larry Neidigh

Using Binaural Beats To Enhance Trance

This class will explain what binaural beats are and how they affect the depth and quality of hypnotic trance. Hypnotists will learn how they are created and how the brain interprets them. A demonstration of how binaural beats can be embedded in Hypnotic Music will be provided.

Doug O'Brien

An Introduction to The Havening Techniques

The Havening Techniques, utilizing current neuroscience, can help with many issues, including distressing memories, trauma, fear and pain. Havening, a psycho-sensory technique, uses the sensory input of touch, imagination, and attention to create lasting change.

Michael DeSchalit

So You're a Hypnotist... Can You Hypnotize Me???

As hypnotists we are always asked... "Can you hypnotize me???" Whether we are at a work mixer, cocktail party, social event or even on a plane, we need to have a great response to this question. I will teach you how I use my performance skills combined with my knowledge of hypnosis to not only answer that question but leave that person with a feeling of excitement about hypnosis. This is a great class if you are either a stage or clinical hypnotist. Either way, it will help you to boost your confidence and grow you business.

Roy Hunter

Inductions for the Analytical Resister

How often do you have a client claim that he or she did not feel hypnotized, because they "heard every word" you said? Roy will discuss and demonstrate inductions that help get analytical clients into hypnosis, along with ways to help convince the client that he or she actually experienced hypnosis.

Tommy Vee

Use Testing & Challenges For Deepening Hypnosis

Increase your success rate and your client's confidence level. Help your clients get into deeper hypnosis. Your confidence level will increase. Eliminate your clients from saying "I'm not sure if I was hypnotized." When your clients leaving with the feeling that 'something' did happen, they will be more successful.

Carlos Casados

An Introduction to Family Constellations & Systemic Coaching

The Systemic approach invites us to integrate shadowy aspects in our personality with our Core Self with its core needs while cultivating and refining our sense of unconditional love, especially for ourself. This is a phenomenological process which varies from but has some elements in common with psychodrama and Internal Family Systems. The practice allows us to connect with and meet our ancestors through their representatives in a healing Field "beyond right and wrong", where there are no victims or perpetrators. When we coach systemically, we encourage our clients to see the big picture and how each problem is actually a solution waiting to happen.

Jeff Richards

Bridging the Belief Gap with Transformational Storytelling

"Hypnosis has been described as the process of getting the conscious and unconscious minds to believe the same message. For some clients, that's a short step. For others, what they believe now and what they need to believe to achieve their conscious goals are separated by a canyon, and for those clients, there's Transformational Storytelling. Someone who has smoked for 40 years or has shopped at big & tall stores since they were in their 20s is going to have a hard time believing "genuinely believing" that they can change. It's our job to help them create that belief, and we can do that with Transformational Storytelling. In this talk, you will learn how to identify the emotional states that will get your client from where they are to where they need to be and how to tell a story that takes them through those states in a way that creates deep-seated beliefs. You'll also discover how to integrate this type of story into your standard session format seamlessly or use it with the ""What The Heck To Say (When You Don't Know What The Heck To Say)"" session structure if this type of approach to hypnosis is new to you. Whether you're an experienced storyteller or you're just beginning to work without scripts, you'll learn something useful from Transformational Storytelling."

Natalya Chevskaya

Metaphysics of Metaphoric Associative Cards

"Metaphoric Associative Cards is an effective and safe tool to reach the subconscious mind of any resistant client in a very gentle way. How long does it usually take you to establish rapport with your client and reach your client on a deep subconscious level? You can learn to do that in a fast, safe and gentle way without any resistance from your client. Some clients cannot put a finger on their problem, but just by pulling one card out they can easily realize their most immediate problem. That allows you to create instant rapport and trust, because it is your client's own words and interpretations that are being used, not your suggestions or explanations. Based on the metaphors provided by your clients you can come up with an acceptable way to reach the deepest level of subconsciousness where your clients can accept your suggestions. Metaphoric Associative cards activate the subconscious level of your client's mind, helping your clients find the root cause of their problem. This process bypasses the mind and allows advancement into the depths of the phyche. Just by answering simple questions about a card and describing a picture, while being disassociated from their problem. In the process of playing your clients can safely express their most difficult topics using metaphors. This process of play allows a client to stay in a state of trans, and works wonderfully with kids and adults alike. Come and join me for a class, where you can experience the power of Metaphoric Associative Cards in a joyful, creative and light atmosphere. "

Kellie Karl

Everything You've Ever wanted to Know About  Performing Hypnosis Shows on Cruise Ships

Join full-time stage hypnotist Kellie Karl for  revealing and enlightening Q & A and learn what is' like to perform hypnosis shows on cruise ships. This is a must see for anyone considering working in the cruise ship industry.

Dan Candell

Rapid Relief From Anxiety Framework

Dan has a unique frame that helps people get rapid relief from anxiety, worry, and self-doubt. In this one hour workshop, Dan will give you his Framework and also teach you some Rapid Relief Strategies that you can use with your clients.

Traci Kanaan

Psycho-Patterns, Qu'est que C'est?

"Your client is in your office with a problem they can not fix themselves. They consciously know what they're doing wrong, yet they can't stop themselves from doing it. I call these "psycho-patterns," and oddly enough, they covertly show up in other areas of your client's life. This class will help you spot some of the more common psycho-patterns, and then show you fun and engaging ways to point them out to your client. Once your client sees, hears, and feels the psycho-patterns in a new light, they begin to break up those psycho-pattern connections on their own and move into their next best life. "

Scott King

Turn Your Voice into Money!

"You will: Leave this class with a hypnosis recording that can provide you a residual income stream for life. We will: Write (in under 20 min), Record (as a group), and Speed Edit (live over my shoulder) a hypnosis audio like no other."

Jim Kellner

Analyze This!

The Progressive Muscle Relaxation induction is probably the most used hypnosis induction today. It's used by hypnotherapists in offices, on videos, and mp3's. But many people do not respond to it or worse, hate it. Persons who are more analytical and those with ADHD can find it challenging to "relax" no matter how many times the good intentioned hypnotist reminds them to do it. Wouldn't it be nice to have options in your hypnotic toolbox? In this you'll watch and practice different inductions that may work better for those "hard/impossible to hypnotize people." Key Takeaways; Learn how to spot analytical clients and those that may not be a great fit for a PMR induction so that you can give them an experience that is more likely to be successful and want to come back and even refer their friends and family to you. Learn how to talk to analytical clients in a way that makes them more likely to sign up with you AND get more out of their sessions so that you'll have greater client success resulting in more personal success for you! Takeaway several new scripts and ideas for on-the-fly and intuitive inductions that will work with more clients so that you'll have greater success with even more clients.


Kelli von Heydekampf

Who wants to play? Harnessing the Hypnotic Power of Improv

Hypnosis and Improv really are kissing cousins. Too often adults forget to dive into the world of play and consider its creative powers. We hypnotists know that what we can imagine, we can make a reality. What better way of doing this than through play? This session is meant to create a space to let go of achieving and striving for a bit and drop into being. It will be a combination of improv games as well as an interactive discussion to explore our own creativity, confidence and vulnerability.

Brenda Gray

Parallel Universes/Hypnosis & Martial Arts Training

This class covers my 4-step process (4-Play) for creating change. Its shows the parallels between learning a martial art and practicing hypnosis. Learning martial arts can be substitued for whatever goal you wish to achieve by using this process.

William Mitchell

Hearing the Vision: Mental Imagery in Hypnotherapy and Religious Experience

"Give Your Clients the POWER of Hypnosis combined with Imagination and Mental Imagery. The notion of vision, the motivational impact of mental imagery, has become a central theme in business, athletics, leadership, and spirituality. The success of legendary leaders such as Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Pastor Rick Warren has typically been ascribed to their visionary capacity. Effective vison should describe a world where the mission is advanced. Such visions paint a picture and tell a story. The vision should be so vivid as to enable the client to transport themselves to the future and to witness it and experience it. Hypnotism and hypnotic phenomenon like future progression is uniquely capable of the creation of such powerful internal experiences that can motivate and help our clients in all areas of self-improvement. The Rev. William Mitchell has used the power of Hypnotism and Hearing the VISION to help thousands improve their health, work, and spiritual lives. "

Sandra Grace

Stop Listening TO Clients and Start Listening FOR Clients

"In 30 years of coaching I've learned to be a phenomenal listener. As a Master Teacher, I know that it is the skill of learning to hear what the client is not directly saying (or maybe even not yet aware of) that will allow you to support them in their healing. Learn the Top 3 Keys to Leveling Up Your 'Listening' to explode your results. *(1 hour with overview with handout OR 2 hr with hypnotic experience & partner work)*"

Michael C. Anthony

Software for Your Business. Handle Clients and Finances Easily

A BRAND NEW, TOP SECRET software is being launched for therapists, coaches and performers. Now you can easily handle tedious administrative work effortlessly... even from your phone. Forget spreadsheets and old databases, forget being glued to your laptop. Forget complex invoicing and multiple systems just to make things work. Michael C. Anthony is a known Enneagram 7, that means he likes to do things the easy, stress free way while maintaining quality. Michael had this software created for himself, but it's too good to keep secret. Now you can stay on top of appointments, invoices, statistics and SO MUCH MORE! You can automatically send and receive text reminders. Easily send, receive and store contracts with e-signatures. You can truly be on top of your business and you can do it all from your phone while sipping a martini in the Caribbean. Come and watch how this software will make your business run like a dream.

Jo Moon

More Books and Authors: What's New in 2023

With a plethora of hypnosis books on the market which ones will you choose to read? Where should you invest your time? Jo's 2023 Book Report update will guide you through the newest books on the market, books that fit your niche, and books to expand your mind. Join Jo, one of HT's long-term presenters, and navigate your way to enhancing your knowledge base in an hour of fun and a profusion reading and educational resources.

Martin Castor

How to Nail Any Problem

"Searching for the real problem or how to solve it in a client session is What most therapists pursue in their sessions. What if there was a way to find the real problem, and change what ever the client think it is - to a new resource and behaviour with one one session. We've created a special matrix to nail it in any conversation. And this talk is all about that :0) listen - learn - and get more leverage. "

Gila Zak

Hypnosis and Dream Therapy

"Do your clients ever tell you that they have had a recurring dream throughout their life? Do they tell you that their dreams have changed since they started hypnosis? Has someone told you what your dreams symbols mean, and could they be wrong? Our dreams have long been a mystery of the mind. While science can quantify what dreams are, it's still not entirely known WHY we dream. From a metaphysical perspective, it is believed dreams can give us glimpses into past life memories and the astral realm. In this presentation, Gila will present a meta-analysis of dream theories and guide you in ways to incorporate dream therapy into your practice to make you an even more effective therapist. She will also question the myth that one definition can be assigned to common symbolic representations. Let Gila's experience become your expertise! "

Tom Nicoli

The Top Reasons Why Every Hypnotist Needs a Coach & Hypnotist

Hypnotists make the big mistake of going it alone once they are in business. Every championship level athlete has a coach and in the game of life, and in the business of helping others, getting guidance from someone with a history of success helps shorten the learning curve both personally and in business. Top level achievers and successful professionals know the value and necessity of personal coaching to achieve and maintain their level of success.

Anthony Gitch

The Perfect Hypnois Demonstartion

Learn how to effectively and confidently demonstrate the power of the subconsious mind to individuals and groups in order to build your practice. In this fun class I will show you how I demonstrate, attract, and wow clients. You will have practice time to learn this sure fire way of booking more clients while having fun and setting you up as the go to hypnotist in your area. You will learn a complete demonstration that is quick, effecitve, and easy to perform.

Amber Cox

Emotional Hygiene Practice for Your Clients Well Being

"Emotional Hygiene might sound funny but it is actually incredibly important part of taking care of our brain. Teaching your clients to regulate their emotional state intentionally so they can improve their mental and physical wellbeing will improve your clients results long term. In addition teaching your clients how to better take control in a proactive way of their emotional state will improve their communication with anyone they are engaging with. When we grow up we are taught practical skills such as brushing our teeth, tying our shoes, using utensils etc. but more often then not we were not taught how to manage our emotions in a healthy way. As a result many people grow up with repressed and unexpressed feelings which result in many emotional and physical problems throughout life. Come join me and I will share several ""skill building"" tools and techniques that you can teach your clients so that they have an emotional hygiene practice. This will help your clients regulate and deal with uncomfortable and harmful emotions in a proactive and healthy way. "

Karl Smith

Hypnosis Inductions are a Myth

"Hypnosis Induction are a Myth But you knew that, Didn't you? Please tell me your trainer had the common decency to tell you how an induction works? Normally they don't, I'm going to teach you everything you need to Understand the secret! Understand the mechanics of inductions! The theatre needed! How to start the hypnotic process before clients even meet you! How to make your own inductions! Anyone can cut and edit videos or hypnotise at a conference, that's easy it's when you're with a client on your own. Let me show you "

Michael DeSchalit

How to Program a Stage Hypnosis Show for Massive Success.

In this presentation Michael DeSchalit will reveal his special formula for programming an amazing hypnosis show for any type of audience. This presentation will cover everything from every aspect and every angle and from start to finish. If you are performing stage hypnosis shows at all, or are thinking about becoming a stage hypnotist, do not miss this presentation. Michael consistanly performs about 200 shows a year, from schools and corporate shows to headlining a show in Las Vegas, and he is one of the busiest hypnotists in the business. So why not learn from someone who has done the work for over 20 years.

Richard Hill

Hypnosis works – except when it doesn’t: Why Mirroring Hands is a never-fail experience.

At the heart of the Mirroring Hands approach is an experience that is co-created, in a responsive way. When clients are given the opportunity and the circumstances they naturally go where they need, and are able, to go. The common difficulties of resistance and failure disappear. I have never asked anyone to close their eyes or relax and yet clients do – in exactly the way that is right for them. Some people choose to keep their eyes open, which they tell me later was exactly what was needed – for them. It is not unusual to not do any form of induction because many clients take themselves into a trance at the exact time that is perfect for them. The approach that supports Mirroring Hands allows for a true collaboration between the client’s natural capacities and the therapist’s skillfully attuned response-ability.

Kathy Gruver

Myth, Archetypes and Dungeons and Dragons. Be Your Own Hypnotic Dungeon Master

BYOD (Bring your Own Dice) for this fun and adventurous workshop on using mythic and archetypal journeys and Dungeons and Dragon to enhance your hypnotic practice. We know that we can't have hypnosis without visualization. Tap into symbolism and ancient mythic images to take your clients on life-changing and health enhancing journeys. Empower your clients to guide their own adventures, slay their own inner dragons and heal their own wounds. I will have dice, but bring yours if you have them.

Kaz Riley

Helping Women Overcome Sexual Dysfunction

A staggering number of women experience sexual dysfunctions such as arousal and libido issues, orgasm issues, Vaginismus and pain-related difficulties within intimacy, sexual intercourse either alone or with a partner. Many of these women suffer in silence or are too embarrassed or ashamed to seek help. This workshop will help practitioners understand what these problems are, how they impact women's lives and relationships, as well as how hypnosis is a uniquely placed and powerful way to assist women to overcome their sexual dysfunction. Enabling them to experience pleasure from sexuality without pain, anxiety, or shame.

Theresa Micheletti

How to Connect to Spirit Guides & Master Teachers

Spiritual Hypnosis. Experience how to guide your client to communicate with their Spirit Guide and communicate with the Master Teacher or Messenger of their choice.

Scott Schmaren

Healing the World with Kindness and Love

"Every client you see comes to you with obstacles and challenges they are trying to overcome. The reality is that their challenges are only a symptom of something else. They are lacking at a core level, kindness and love for themselves. If you help them rediscover the kindness and love they have for themselves their issues will fade away or they will be easy to get rid of directly. In this program Scott will share a powerful hypnosis session with you that will help you rediscover the kindness and love you have for yourself (and you can use it with your clients)"

Melissa Tiers

Rapid Inductions for the 21st century

This workshop will update your skill set with fun, fast and impressive inductions better suited for this generation. These are kinder, gentler arm catalepsy inductions without the arm pulling, neck wrenching and authoritarian vibe. Learn how to do Ericksonian style hand shake inductions that are more invitation less command with built in fail safes so they work every time.

Seth Deborah Roth

Fascilitating MIndset & Behavioral Change

Mindset shapes our behaviors. Behaviors shape our physical and mental health. Growth mindset relates to brain processes, and these brain processes relate to motivated behaviors. Our actions can be triggered by intentions, incentives or intrinsic values. Intrinsic motivation drives the direction of an individual’s behavior and self-determination. Self-determination is important in the development of becoming more effective in our reflection of ongoing experiences. Facilitating a growth mindset will help your clients to self-regulate learning and coping with challenges that present themselves. Changing mindset will regulate our reactions and ultimately our emotional home we reside in all the time. Our brain is plastic, and able to undergo reorganization and development. Help your clients in this area so real change happens.

Sharon Jurd

5 Simple Steps to Building Your Income

Lisa Kunschick

Moving Beyond 1:1 Hypnosis - 11 Keys to Group Inductions

Moving beyond 1 on 1 hypnosis - 11 keys to Group Inductions

Sammy Blindell

How To Turn On Your Hypno Sales T.A.P. & Create Invincible Impact

"During this 3 Hour Workshop you will learn The 7 Reasons Why Customers DON'T Choose You & How You Can Change That. Plus How To... - Improve Your Personal & Business Brand - Create Even Greater Impact Globally - Gain Greater Credibility & Respect In Your Industry - Build Trust With Your Dream Clients - Increase Your Word of Mouth Referrals - Stop Wasting Time & Money on Ineffective Marketing - Boost Your Profits Significantly Over The Next 12 Months"

Chuck King

"Show Time"

This presentation is for anyone that wants to or is already doing shows, presentation to include all aspects of doing Stage Hypnosis Shows

Phylicia Mason

Chakras 101

David Snyder

Hidden Laws of Attraction: Get Lucky for Life!

Lucky People, We Love them, We Hate Them, We all want to be one.
Do we not?Interestingly Scientists have discovered a unique set of traits that ALL LUCKY People Seem to have an abundance of.Combine this amazing knowledge with a little NLPPOWER Magic and PRESTO…The luckiest person on the block can be YOU.Remember something, and this is very important, no matter how skilled and knowledgeable you may be, LUCK is theX Factor that can completely change your game.So, getting lucky is very very simple.

Freddy Jacquin

The Arrow Technique Including TPM (Total Perception Management) for Emotional Control

The numerous ways of using the Arrow Technique to elicit change. Including how to eliminate chronic pain, both physical and emotional. How to have complete control of your emotions. How to flood your mind and body with positive emotions, including confidence and self esteem, how to eliminate anxiety and stress. Also 'Quantum Healing'.

Grant Murrell

Hypnosis Business Blueprint

"If you ever dreamed if starting your own Hypnosis or Holistic business but don't know just how; or if you already have a Hypnotic or Holistic business yet want more of your ideal clients; or maybe if you already have a very busy, long established business and want to have more free time to do the things you love with those you love, then this is for you! Learn how to set up, save time, money and energy by using the time tested methods that already help clients all over the world to get their dream business set up, running and advertising in record time! Discover the art of knowing exactly who are your ideal clients, those who appreciate you the best and benefit the most and who recommend you more than any others. Identify where you can find hours of spare time in your business each and every week, that you can use for leisure instead, while making even more profit and keeping your clients wowed! "

Jolana Andre

Hypnotic Confidence

Learn how to walk into any room and KNOW you can handle ANY situation thrown at you. Never have the fear of not being able to get amazing results with a subject or group ever again. This is a MUST attend workshop where you will be doing multiple exercises to build muscles that you never knew existed.

James Harrison

Bridging Neuroscience and Western Medicine

"Perhaps the oldest behavior of all life forms is foraging- the seeking and acquiring of resources. If you are curious about how Clinical Hypnosis holds up when looked at through the lens of contemporary neuroscience, then this talk is for you. We build up from foraging and look at 4 areas of research: State Change, Interoception, Exteroception, and Predictive Processing. This allows us to distinguish our professional practice from the mainstream of "relationalâ"Psychology. Instead, I propose an ethical practice where the hypnotist acts as a guide for the client, with their permission, through the reawakening of foraging behaviors. This material marks the introduction to James's forthcoming book of the same title."

Ronia Fraser

Introduction into Narcissistic Abuse  and how to utilise Hypnosis to facilitate recovery

Despite having become such a social media buzzword over the last few years, Narcissistic Abuse remain one of the most common yet least acknowledged and understood forms of abuse which without fail has a detrimental and life-altering effect on the survivor's mental health and quality of life.

Randi Light

Intuitive Activation Hypnosis

Do you and your clients want to enhance, trust and act on your intuition?  During this class, you will learn and experience 3 processes to rapidly connect you with your intuition, give you insights into exactly how you best receive impressions as well as acquire a method to actively read and influence people. You will also experience a hypnotic method that assists with clearing and healing which allows you to be more open and receptive to the insights and information coming through for you personally and for your clients.  Learn what blocks your intuition as well as how to break through those barriers in order to easily trust and act on your inner genius.  One more offering you will receive during the class is a personal ritual to make it easier for you to show up in a high vibe for your client and easily accept intuitive downloads to provide to your clients.

Barry Koen-Butt

Your Hypnotic Voice

"Your voice is the most powerful tool that you have as a hypnotist or NLP practitioner. Like a professional musician, your voice is your instrument, and it serves you to use it to the best of it's potential to inspire, influence, change and motivate - and to keep your audience engaged and interested. This experiential workshop will teach: The basic physiology of your voice and why it's important to know How to breath properly to support you voice to avoid huskiness and avoid damage Proper pacing and spoken melody to keep your listener engaged How to look after your voice so it lasts all day long but, more importantly, life-long. How to remove "fill-words" such as "um", "ah", "so" and "like" to sound more confident and intelligent Many people cringe when they hear the sound of their own voice, and make common mistakes that undermine not just the quality of their voice but the effectiveness of their instrument. Like it or not, your voice is a vital component of your professional brand so don't take it for granted! You will leave with tips, tools and techniques to: Have more confidence in your voice. Sound more professional. Be heard and respected. Have greater influence and authority. This is your chance to learn from a voice actor, spoken-voice coach, and fellow hypnotist to not only LOVE your voice, but to use it effectively. "

Steven Rollins

Hypnosis 101

"Are you new to Hypnosis? Join us for this beginner level class where we discuss what hypnosis is and why it works. I have repeatedly attended hypnosis conferences and found people who were curious but had no actual idea about what hypnosis was. This class hopes to fill that gap. This class is also good for experienced Hypnotists looking to conduct their own educational classes but unsure how to get started. "

Caryn Bird

What are the Secrets to a Successful and Profitable Hypnosis Business?

Ari Golocovsky/Kaz Riley

Working Inclusively - Normalizing Alternative Lifestyles in Hypnotherapy

Ari Golocovsky and Kaz Riley will discuss the unique lens that will assist in working with clients from LGBTQ, BDSM, and CNM (consenual non-monogomy) communities. With an overview of gaining better understanding about these groups as a whole and examining issues that may affect these communities specifically. The goal is to create a place of understanding and acceptance for all.

Sammy Blindell

How To Make A Global Impact With Your Hypnotherapy Business

During this 1 Hour Workshop you will learn how to: - Go from Local Business to Global Business - Stop Selling Your Time For Money - Take Your Business From $0-$10,000 per month or More

Self Care Room

Self Care room is hosted by Sandra Grace.

There are going to be people offering several modalities of care for people who need a brief break from the hustle and bustle of the presentations.

Cat Darras

Empathy Unleashed: Eradicating Unconscious Bias Through Loving Kindness Trance

Cat Darras

Picking up the Pieces

"Ah, those powerful events that have us humans scattered, sometimes all over the place! 99% of us have experience at least one in our lifetime. Many have experience multiple events. Childhood bullying, medical trauma, extreme poverty, vehicle accidents, violence, witnessing violence or death, natural disasters, loss of a beloved one... these are all examples of events that cause Soul Loss, Parts Loss, Fragmentation...

This workshop provides you with a simple technique that will assist your client in retrieving and integrating those lost pieces. Yes, you heard right, a simple one. I approach this Good Work (as we call it in the territory I live in) with plenty of HUMOR and a light Heart. Humor is good Medicine, so let's laugh and relax and play with the toys that we've been given. We may discover even more new ways of working that will change peoples lives!"