Anamaria Buiculescu Jeff Benink Peter McLaughlin Anna Margolina Katherine A Hardy Gila Zak Geoff Mires Melissa Wild Gail Webster Lisa Sigsworth Joel Elfman Nicole Keller Vardan Kyureghyan Art Kuhns Desiree Holmes Scherini Denis Ridgeway Ia Kidd Joe Kidd TBD Olga Lavrukhina Shawn Carson Joni Neidigh Thomas McGowan Albert Nerenberg Anthony Galie Misha Tuesday Mona Abdulrahim Santl Claire de la Varre David Snyder Lydia Michalitsianos Sarah Carson Margo Drucker William Bullock Steve G. Jones Rich Guzzi Nathan Gist Jess Marion Tom Nicoli Garry Coles Dan Paris Karen Hand Kathy Lindert Mr P Jason Linett Angie Hernandez Tommy Vee Joseph Onesta Matt McMillan Sandra Grace Steven Rollins Hansruedi Wipf Maximillian Dabrowski Traci Kanaan Hena Hussain Nora Koople Anthony Gitch Ken Guzzo/Martin Castor Nickolas Ely Michael C. Anthony Sharon Jurd Shelley Stockwell Teresa Perciful Kellie Karl Doug O'Brien Caryn Bird Steven Baum Mary Welp Chris Thompson Florian Gunther Sherry Gilbert Kate Beaven Marks Shelley Jo Walstrom Holly Stokes Brandon Dean Chandra Petersen Jack Chang Gwendelyn Kay Turensky David Ruby Michael Almarez Jennifer Escalera Self Care Room Jolana Andre Tracy Young Arianna Angara

Anamaria Buiculescu

HypnoYoga and HipnoReiki - the use of hypnosis in spiritual careers

"Besides their esoteric, ancestral practices, Yoga and Reiki are more and more being used in the medical and therapeutic fields, as doctors and psychologists recommend Yoga and Reiki as techniques for stress release. Reiki works on the mental-emotional layer, Yoga targets the body, mind, and soul. Unfortunately, patients self-limiting beliefs, limiting language, subconscious traumas, fears, and phobias often reduce the effectiveness of these practices. Hypnosis and NLP educate people about “mindset” and brain health strategies, how even if they TRY so hard, it feels that everything goes very slow. Anamarie demonstrates how yoga/Reiki teachers that understand application of hypnotic language and waking hypnosis, can conduct group and individual therapy whenever a client has a catharsis during a Reiki session. It can be addressed with hypnotherapy, so becoming a HipnoReiki session."

Jeff Benink

The Lost Gen Z

"The lost Gen Z. ""Gen Z, is the generational cohort following millennials, born between the late 1990s and early 2010s. Research indicates that Generation Z is the largest generation in American history and constitutes 27 percent of the country's population."" This generation is been locked down taken away from the most importent development time of there lives. ""68% of the young people said their mental health had gotten worse during lockdown."" Anxiety and or Depresive Disorder and Grief by the loss of the death of a perent, friend or loved one due to Covid-19 Now, if we can say Post-Covid, there is no help for this young generation. but if we look at the issues they are copping with: Anxiety and or Depresive Disorder and Grief by the loss of the death of a perent, friend or loved one due to Covid-19. These are things we as clinical hypnotherapists can work with. By starting a program to reach this generation and make them feel that they are not alone in this. We talk about 27 percent of the population. There is a business opportunity in working with these kids. *All facts and figures used in this presentation are from sientific reports and research"

Peter McLaughlin

Heal Root Cause Issues with Spiritual Hypnosis

"Help your clients access their deep inner wisdom to locate and resolve the root cause of their most pressing problems. Lead them to their spirit guide and from there, under the aegis of this wisdom heal past life, present life and inter life traumas. Through Lecture, Answered Questions and Live Demonstration, Learn how to: Identify Blocks to Regression, How to work with the client's Spirit Guide, Resolve Karma and more..."

Anna Margolina

Science and Spirituality in Hypnosis

Past Life regression, channeling, soul retrieval, higher self hypnosis, spirit guides and angels, energy healing... Many people use these modalities nowadays, but most believe they have no scientific support. This may be not entirely true. Dr. Anna Margolina has been bridging science and spirituality in hypnosis for the past 10 years. You may be delighted and surprised to discover that energy is real and that modern neuroscience today can help us understand how these spiritual methods can be also scientific. We will discuss how they work from the neurological point of view and how to make them work better for your clients. We will discuss biochemistry or emotions, electromagnetic energy, brain anatomy and then connect what we learned to methods of spiritual hypnosis.

Katherine A Hardy

Dealing with the Difficulties of Sexual Assault Disclosure: Do's and Don'ts

"This WILL happen at some point in your hypnosis career: Your client discloses sexual assault. How you respond to a disclosure is critical to the survivor's well being and recovery, whether the assault occurred 60 minutes or 60 years ago. You may even have a client who discloses themselves as a perpetrator of sexual assault. How you respond to these clients impacts their ability to heal. An appropriate and supportive response is easy to learn in this 2 hour workshop. You will leave this workshop with a print and electronic version of a guide and you'll be ready to professionally manage a sexual assault disclosure in your office.

Gila Zak

The Dynamic Duo: Sexuality and Handwriting

"Do you work with clients to help them change their relationship patterns or behavior? Are you looking for a great resource to make you an even more effective therapist? Gila has combined two of her most popular presentations into one for the first time at HTL: E&P Sexual Suggestibility and Handwriting Analysis. Our sexual personality influences our personal relationships in a profound way. This will either work for us or against us depending who we are in a relationship with. If you are curious about a fast and factual way to gain profound insight into your client's behavior to help them with their relationship patterns, then this presentation is for you! Gila will share in depth Dr. John Kappas' theory of sexual personality: How it is how formed, how behavior can be predicted and how it can be shaped. She will also be explaining how handwriting can give you a clear window into your client's behavior, with clues and traits that may be causing the problem when clients consistently choose ""the wrong people"". Comprehensive handouts will be given out and your own handwriting sample will become a fun and useful way to learn these important tools to wow your clients. Let Gila's experience become your expertise!"

Geoff Mires

Chakra Clearing and Balancing

"Have you been feeling blocked or stuck in your life? One possibility could be that your chakras are not in alignment. What is a chakra anyway? This interactive session will briefly cover what the chakras are and the general beliefs of the functions of each of the 7 chakras. I will then provide a demonstration with explanation of how I personally go through and clear and balance the chakras for a client. Next it will be time to play! Attendees will partner up and practice clearing and balancing each other's chakras. I will be going around and offering assistance and support as needed. Non-believers and skeptics welcome! The worst thing that can happen to you is nothing! As long as you have positive intentions you can't do this wrong! I look forward to meeting you and sharing this fun and interesting process with you!"

Melissa Wild

Creative Awareness

"Participants will become more curious about their surroundings and will follow their curiosity with their camera. This workshop does not require any particular camera; any cell phone camera is all you need. At the beginning nature photos will be viewed along with introspective questions that will guide the observation of nature from various perspectives as a way to learn creative thinking techniques. Attendees will then go on an observational walk led by their own curiosity to explore the setting. The walk will inspire looking at the world more closely to find meaning in the pictures taken by the observer. After the walk they will share pictures of what they observed and reflect upon the insights they experienced. As a result of this experience, attendees will look at their own pictures as a greater means of inspiration, feel inspired to explore the world and take pictures from different perspectives. This workshop will result in enhanced creative awareness and a renewed appreciation of their surroundings. This session will provide a creativity technique to apply in their own practice. We will discuss ways to implement this technique in your hypnosis practice."

Gail Webster

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Shamans believe that the energy and soul may get fragmented due to trauma, pain, fear, abuse Parts of the energy and soul may get trapped in space and time, attach to people and places. Shamanic Soul Retrieval process retrieves the pieces, to allow it to be integrated back to heal the soul and make the person whole again, so he or she can heal on a soul level.

Lisa Sigsworth

ReTrain to Reframe

A transformative program that will elevate your practice and client sessions beyond the normal areas. This can be a one and done or a multiple session program. You and your client will see a positive change in just one session. ReTrain to Reframe will move your practice into master class.

Joel Elfman

Body Games for Hypnotic Change

Your body, breath, movement & gesture are as much a part of the pattern of a habit, belief, or feeling as the pictures, sounds, and sensations you make. Learn some fun ways you can easily tap into some of the body's natural patterns to create elegant change.

Nicole Keller

Enhancing The Hypnotic Experience

The use of essential oils and crystals can be instrumental in giving your clients the best hypnotic experience that will have them coming back for more, every single time. Learn how to set up the perfect atmosphere for your clients with the use of essential oils and crystals. Basic knowledge and understanding of which essential oils and crystals are best suited for different hypnotherapy topics.

Vardan Kyureghyan

Entering a Trance State through Control of the Etheric Body and Chakra Control.

"You get clear understanding the concept of trance state.You will be introduced to practical exercises for effective learning and awareness of mentioned state of consciousness. It allows to recognize and create this condition both in yourself and another person. You can do this by 2 ways: separation of etheric body from physical body, and activation your passive chakra. This is joint presentation with Olga Zvereva."

Art Kuhns

Reiki Infused Hypnosis for Holistic Healing

"Are you a Reiki practitioner or energy healer? Are you looking to combine the gentle and powerful Reiki or healing energy with your hypnosis sessions? I am a Reiki Master who became a hypnotherapist. After becoming certified as a hypnotherapist through HMI, I immediately began looking for different ways to infuse Reiki into my hypnosis sessions. Over the past eight years, I have learned and experienced new ways to create powerful healing and change with my clients. That is what we want, right? I will talk about the importance of energy healing in creating a ‘holistic’ change How easy it is to add energy healing into the session How do you start the “energy healing” conversation with your client? How is an energy healing hypnosis session different from a typical hypnosis session? What does a typical healing session look like? Adding the energy component into your hypnosis sessions is easier than we think. We often get into our own way. If you are a Reiki practitioner or energy healer or are looking to be and want to combine healing energy into your hypnosis sessions, this is the class for you."

Desiree Holmes Scherini

Hypnotic Sigils - Using Images of Intention

Combine the magic of Sigils with the power of Hypnosis! A Sigil is a symbolic representation of a desired outcome. Creating a Sigil that represents a personal intention while under hypnosis supercharges the process. the clients personal Sigil will act as an anchor in the next few days following the session, boosting the subconcsious motivation to achieve the desired outcome. Attendees will be led through the process for themselves in this experiential workshop for their own benefit and preparation to use this magical process for their own clients.

Denis Ridgeway

Increase your income and clients with Stage Hypnosis

How Stage Hypnosis is an incredible way to change your life and income. The information that can start you on the path to becoming a Entertainer.

Ia Kidd

Performance Theme Your Stage Show

"From headshots to Stage shows, Iabou will take you through the process of finding your original self. Iabou will teach you how to naturally stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. Learn what popular theme parks refer to as “performance theming” when picking everything from costumes to colors. These insider secrets are brought to you from someone who was trained by Disney to wow every guest and customer.

Joe Kidd

Stage Presence for Non-Actors

After recording Joe's first hypnosis shows, his wife, Iabou, realized all of the stage techniques they have learned as actors. In this one hour session they will share with you practical stage performing guidelines that most new and some experienced stage hypnotists can use to make their shows even better!


Olga Lavrukhina

Shamanic Trance

"Shamanic Hypnosis and Trance. Shaman Rhythm is a true Rhythm of Self Empowerment. We start with an interactive conversation about the potential of working with the Drum & meaning in traditional cultures and the modern world. !!! I am going completely blow away minds of what drum really is!!! I will show the thread between this instrument, hypnosis, and self-power for each participant. The most ancient parahuman skills were based on the ability to synesthesia ( like in the Avatar movie), which was practically lost due to the cultural and intellectual blockade of the archaic heritage of ancestors. However, this legacy can be partly revived through the practice of shamanic trance states. Defrosting archaic programs is possible with the help of advanced hypnosis, bypassing ordinary views and even unconscious attitudes. We going to discover and understand ""3 Shamanic Worlds"" and the structure of our Human Hive from past civilization's perspectives. As we go to the half session we are ready for Shaman Hypnosis. In Russian, we call it Shamanic Puteshestvie. This course will provide a strong educational foundation, which can not be found in popular books, as well as a ""head-on"" experience. During the last session, I had only 5 min and people already start crying from powerful realizations and changes. This is serious work. Planned outcome after the session- a good feeling, realizing and feeling very comfortable in this life, confidence for the conference, and brave open attitude to meet new friends and colleagues. My work is based on psychoactive processes from the body itself- not with the help of substances or plants. I can host for 1-2 hours per the availability."

Shawn Carson

Tarot Meditations for Hypnotists

"Come and experience the power of the first three Major Arcana Tarot cards: The Fool, The Magician and The Priestess. Learn how you can add the unique hypnotic attributes and skills of each Archetype to your hypnotic toolkit. Warning: After attending this lively and fun-filled workshop you may well find yourself becoming more playful and curious, more masterful, and yes more downright hypnotic in all aspects of your life. Hypnotic installation included."

Joni Neidigh

Hypnotic Inner Coaching: Who's In Your Head?

Join Joni Neidigh for an interactive presentation demonstrating how to help clients develop a strong, confident, focused, motivated, energy-balanced inner coach that will help them reach their goals. Hypnotists will leave ready to apply this inner coaching model to working with individuals, teams, corporations, coaches, keynote presentations, and much more. And.......they will have fun doing it!

Thomas McGowan

Addiction: The work out of the chair

"There is only so much that can be achieved in the chair and there is no silver bullet to addiction. Working with an approach to addiction that empowers the client to self-manage their life, because life will continue to show up after the sessions have finished. By providing various practical tools that the client can use in the early stages of recovery and then moving forward to sustain it, as there is no end date to recovery and help the client to take responsibility and accountability for themselves. In this workshop together we will be looking at the tools that the clients can use, not just with addiction, but are transferable to many more issues that we come across. "

Albert Nerenberg

How to Invent Hypnotic Inductions

As the practice of hypnosis increases in range and potential hypnotists need new hypnotic inductions to suit new mediums such as Zoom, Skype, Teleconferencing, VR or just a long term practice. How do can use the basic principles of hypnotic inductions to develop your own new inductions and increase your range and potential safely, ethically and effectively. The goal of the workshop to help everyone elevate their skillset by using principles of hypnotic induction along with our imagination.

Anthony Galie

Corporate Hypnosis

Misha Tuesday

Foolproof Challenge Phenomena

Challenge phenomena can be daunting to try, especially for new hypnotists. But they are the best way to demonstrate the power of hypnosis and ratify any changes done in trance. This workshop will teach you challenge phenomena that can't fail, and also what to do when riskier phenomena don't go as planned, so the subject does not lose any confidence in you.

Mona Abdulrahim Santl

Shortcut to Regression - Start Before Birth

Claire de la Varre

Introducing Human Givens Therapy

Human Givens Therapy is becoming increasingly used in the UK - working with populations in the National Health Service, military veterans, workplace counseling, the Prince's Trust, and various educational organizations and mental health groups. This means that hypnosis, guided imagery, and the Rewind Technique (a reworking of the Fast Phobia Cure) are being rolled out to a wide audience of the general public with mental health issues in the UK. HG therapy aims to make sure a client's emotional needs are met and includes detraumatization, psychoeducation, teaching missing skills, and practical strategies for panic, anxiety and depression. This talk summarizes the Human Givens approach, explores the Rewind, and provides some practical and useful tools for hypnotherapists.

David Snyder

Face Reading for Fun and Profit

Lydia Michalitsianos

Grow Your Email List Fast & Furious

In this workshop, High-Ticket Hypnosis Business Strategist Lydia Kathryn shares her "ads free" organic strategy to build your email fast and furious. If you're ready to stop waiting for people to "Book-A-Call" on a website and want to build an audience of your own of people who are excited about what you have to offer so you can cut your own paycheck at any time, then join Lydia as she shares her organic strategy you can use to build your online audience quickly all while positioning yourself as an expert and authority online.

Sarah Carson

12 Things They Didn't Teach You in Hypnosis Training

You have learned a variety of inductions, how to help a client change and transform, you may have learned some business techniques, but stepping out into the real world of running a successful hypnosis practice comes with a whole range of additional aspects that you may not have covered in your training. In this hour I will share 12 real world insights, invaluable gems of knowledge, and practical tips that I have picked up over the years. Come and learn the ingredients in the secret sauce that your Hypnosis Training might have missed out!

Margo Drucker

Breaking Bias

NEWS FLASH: Racism is Ridiculous!

How to change unconscious biases, and undo systemic programming No guilt. No shame. No bullshit. No drama.

Join me, and be a part of the solution.

Here comes the horn-tooting...Award Winning Certified Hypnotist (Ventura

County's #1 Hypnotherapist 2023), Racial Bias Elimination Coach & Trainer,

international instructor, active duty Navy Veteran, working SAG/AFTRA actress, Survivor, former student of and current assistant instructor to Melissa Tiers, etc...

William Bullock

Relax and Absorb

"This session is designed to give attendees a relaxing break from the hectic process of attending the HTL conference. The excitement, rushing and social aspects of the conference can impact our ability to absorb and process the enormous quantities of information we receive. By using the techniques we all help others with every day, taking attendees on a relaxation journey and offering tips and techniques for improving attention and retention of information you have already experienced as well as preparing for future sessions, in this session you will be both transported and given the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate while at the same time maximising all the benefits of being at HTL. Built into the session will be simple techniques to empower participants to prepare for each session they attend so they can really make the most of all the information they receive at the conference and assist in recalling it when they get back home."

Steve G. Jones

How to Make Money Online as a Hypnotherapist

Dr. Steve G. Jones will discuss the importance of Branding, Marketing, Products and Production to your hypnosis practice.

Rich Guzzi

The Hypnotic 180. How to Handle Any Situation on the Fly

The Hypnotic 180 with Rich Guzzi is an intensive session that equips you with the skills to handle any situation on the fly. Learn to adapt and respond with confidence in social, professional, and personal scenarios.  Learn Hypnotic techniques  to enhance your communication, decision-making, and resilience. Develop the ability to make rapid, informed choices, defuse conflicts, and embrace change effortlessly. Harness the power of your intuition and strengthen your mental agility. This course combines practical exercises, case studies, and hypnotic techniques to empower you with the tools needed to navigate unexpected challenges and thrive in dynamic environments.

Nathan Gist

Own the Room: How to Build Confidence Even When you are new

"Improvisational Hypnosis enhances your ability to quickly and effectively listen, adapt, create, and respond based on client driven content. You will learn how to build unshakeable confidence as a practitioner without scripts no matter who or what issues you are working on. Improv Hypno is fun, interactive, and is designed to help you to create flexible, client specific content on the fly. Discover techniques and practice issue resolution while being in the moment. Come learn, laugh and enjoy engaging your brain just as much as your clients!"

Jess Marion

5 Psychedelic Lessons for Hypnotherapists

Hypnosis is a powerful way to alter perception and open a person to positive change. It is not the only method though and it is not the only altered state we can inhabit. Psychedelics offer us another, and more profound, door into the unconscious and super conscious. The lessons learned from that space can dramatically grow our change work skills and benefit our clients. In this talk we will explore 5 key discoveries I have made and how they can help our clients continued evolution.

Tom Nicoli

The #1 Must Know Secret For Weight Loss Success

Too many hypnotists make the mistake of focusing in the wrong areas when it comes to weight loss. But once this #1 secret is understood client success and business profits increase. I learned this after months and months of doing 105 one hour sessions per week after helping a pastry chef release 40 pounds, witnessed on national TV - Dateline NBC.

Garry Coles

Psychoneuroimmunology: Is this going to be the next big thing in Mind/Body Medicine?

"The presentation will give a description and brief history of psychoneuroimmunology, (PNI), using an analogy to understand the underpinning concepts of PNI. The key components of the immune system along with their functions will be discussed along with how these can be affected by stress and moods. Peer reviewed, evidenced based research relating to the use of hypnosis within the field of PNI will be presented allowing participants to utilise the findings in their practices. "

Dan Paris

What happens when AI is a better hypnotist than Milton Erickson or Dave Elman?

One of the most special aspects of being an NLP practitioner or hypnotist is we care about words. Not just nouns, verbs, and adjectives but prepositions, pronouns, and conjunctions. The little words that help us understand our client's world and navigate them toward outcomes that help them put big things in their rearview mirror and important goals within their control.
This talk will help you get the most out of AI language tools to examine your client's language and write custom one-of-a-kind scripts that are truly just for them. We will also look at the ethical issues that are now part of the world with AI and Large Language Models that put our language patterns in the hands of everyone who knows how to prompt AI.

Karen Hand

Hypno Magic is in the BS

Ask a hundred Hypnotists, "What is Hypnosis?" and you'll get a hundred different answers. Ask a hundred people on the street and you'll get a hundred more answers. Believe it or not, every single one of those answers is correct! In this seminar, you'll learn the importance of all that BS and how to effectively work with whatever presents. You will also learn the #1 Secret to Successful Hypnosis and how to utilize it with every client.

Kathy Lindert

My Top 10 Tricks to Help People Quit Smoking For Good!

Being an ex-smoker, I understand how smokers need "things" to help them overcome the anxiety with their hands, or even just to do something to keep them busy. I have been using 10 different tricks/techniques to help my clients quit, and to feel less anxious and definitely in control. Come learn how to be more effective with your quit smoking protocol. This is a hands on session and you will learn how to do all the tricks and techniques in the 2 hours.

Mr P

The Alchemist

In this class I will lecture, demonstrate, and discuss the various ways I use to rapidly change (transform) your client's Goal (Gold) in their Mind (Mine) to help improve their lives. The methods I will demonstrate will be quick, easy, and straight to the root of the block.

Jason Linett

Attract PRE-SOLD Clients

"You don't just want CLIENTS. You want PRE-SOLD Clients. Join Jason Linett for an intensive deep-dive where we will dive in together to help you craft the right MESSAGE and the right STRATEGY to take the guesswork out of consistent client attraction. WARNING: come ready to CHALLENGE what you might already know or believe about marketing. The concepts we've proven to consistently work for hypnotists (and in other industries!) disrupt conventional marketing knowledge. If you're brand new, I'm going to help you nail the right messaging from the start to stand out as the #1 choice to your dream clients. If you're already working professionally, Im going to help you activate the right brain chemistry to truly scale your business. This is 100% about your messaging and your identity. No tech required! (Could be a 2hr or 3hr. 3hr means more hands on - but 2hr is fine, too)"

Angie Hernandez

Entity Be Gone!

"The question I am asked the most, "How do you get rid of an Entity?" I decided a class would be the best way to demonstrate and teach several ways to clear Entities. In this class, I will show clearing an Entity from a volunteer. I also will give you a chance to learn the techniques that I use in my practice when an Entity shows up. What do I do when an Entity crashes my session? What are the signs an Entity may be in play? How do I know for sure I've discovered an Entity? What if an Entity refuses to talk to me? How do I get an Entity to cross over? Should I find out from where the Entity came? Should I ask the Entity's name? What if the Entity refuses to go? Should I search for more Entities? Do I advertise Entity removal? I plan to cover all these questions and more in Entities Be Gone! Don't miss it!"

Tommy Vee

How To Use The Hand Clasp Experiment To Get Your Best Volunteers

Learn how to demonstrate the Hand Clasp experiment to get the best volunteers at your hypnosis demonstrations. This experiment has produced most of my best volunteers in my shows throughout my career. Use this format and elevate your demonstrations.

Joseph Onesta

Hypnosis & The Metabolic Revolution

For decades we've been told that the way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. We've also been taught that obesity is the cause of conditions like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease leading to heart attack and stroke and that obesity reflects character flaws. This multi-layered misinformation is responsible for health problems of millions of people. In this introductory presentation, we will explore the truth behind the misinformation and the role of clinical hypnosis is critical in saving lives and healing much of the damage that has been done.

Matt McMillan

Hypnotic Excellerated Learning Strategies

"Practice Hypnotic techniques and build skills. Assimilate new material FAST and Make IT Stick! Experiential workshop breakout sessions will have you doing What Works. Real world strategies for (MCAT, GRE and Exams)."

Sandra Grace

Integrative Hypno-Coaching

"Why add coaching to your Hypnosis practice? Learn the benefits of taking a truly integrative approach to your clients' transformations. When we integrate the mind, body and spirit in our practice and approach clients from a coach's perspective... we create LASTING change. *( 1 hour with outline handouts and broad stroke concepts, 2 hour with demonstration of techniques or 4 hour adding partner work)"

Steven Rollins

Be a Presenter

This class helps attendees to identify the process to prepare and conduct winning presentations. The intended audience is Hypnotists who desire to teach classes at conferences or for clients. The course covers: class outlines and structure, preparation and rehearsal skills, use of training aids (such as powerpoint), and presentation techniques. These skills will enable the instructor to provide the attendees with a powerful and memorable message in a clear format.

Hansruedi Wipf

Ultra-Height & Ultra-Healing- Access Your Supra-Conscious Mind's Wisdom

"Working with the Supra-Conscious Mind is one of the most fascinating topics in hypnosis. Sometimes you need to go where solutions just linger the highest levels where your mind can take you. ""Expect nothing, be open for everything"" is what I tell my students before taking them up to these fascination levels. What is the so-called ""Supra-Conscious Mind""? Does it even exist? How to get there, and can magic or miracles happen? First, you need to go really deep in order to go higher and higher. Ultra-Height® was developed by Gerald F. Kein, the founder of OMNI Hypnosis. Thousands of his students use this technique to help their clients access information that may otherwise remain deeply hidden. Ultra-Healing® was developed by Hansruedi Wipf and combined with Jerry Kein's work. It is a powerful level where energy can flow in abundance. Find out how to get to these fascinating levels, what you can do there, and experience these levels on the spot when Hans takes you there during his presentation. What will you experience? What will you find out? What insights will you get, and what problems will you solve? Let Hans guide you there for you to achieve the highest levels your mind can take you."

Maximillian Dabrowski

The Organic Client Aquisition Process for Hypnosis Business Owners

"In this workshop we will be learning the 5-Step Client Aquistion Process to grow an impactful hypnosis business to 6 figures and beyond. The Client Aquisition Process for hypnotists involves the 5 steps: breaking attention, growing an audience, booking appointments, following up and enrolling clients. By the end of this workshop, the participants will walk away with the exact blueprint and knowledge of how to find, attract and enroll new hypnosis clients organically so that they can create more impact and income with their hypnosis business."

Traci Kanaan


"Do or do not" there is no try! Channel your inner Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, or Yoda, and enjoy a fun, entertaining, and action packed hypnosis session based on Star Wars (A New Hope). Embrace the ways and wisdom of The Jedi. Continue your Jedi Knight training and recommit yourself to using "The Force," what we refer to as "Hypnosis."

Hena Hussain

How to Read Your Client Like a Book

"Learn if your client is open to change or not? - Does your client have self-esteem issues? - Do they have strong family structure? - Do they live in the past or in the future? - How stressed are they? - Do they have any childhood trauma and at what age? - Are they blocked in their goals? - How do they cross their T's and dot their I's? - What body gestures and facial expressions are they using? In this program, Hena Husain C.Ht., PhD will teach how to read your client like a book to increase your success in your sessions. Remember 90% of communication is non-verbal. By using handwriting analysis and face reading you will understand what your client is communicating to you about their personality and life without even looking at their intake. You can build trust and rapport instantly with your clients by interpreting their tree drawings. Increase your closing rate by understanding their non-verbal language and tap into their subconscious mind. This is an experiential workshop where you will be able to use the tools right away in your practice Monday morning."

Nora Koople

Self-Care: More than a Buzzword

Based off research from my 2020 book, Self-Care for Crisis for Mind, Body and Spirit, this presentation looks at the importance of self-care and why we practitioners need to be mindful of it.

Anthony Gitch

Hypnosis Without Trance

Learn how to amaze and attract clients who are "skeptical" of traditional hypnosis and how to make your day to day work more fun for you and more interesting and accessible to the general public. Learn how subconscious dominance works and why it is an effecive tool for creating lasting change in your clients lives.

Ken Guzzo/Martin Castor

The Power of Mentoring in 2023

Nickolas Ely

The Magic in The Mind

"Lets face it, hypnotists are modern shaman. We walk people into spirit worlds within them and back out to the ""real world"" and our very words carry the power of spells and incantations. In this class we'll look at ancient mystical traditions of trance and their effects and what we can learn by replicating and applying the methods of the ancient magicians of old for ourselves and our clients. This class is alll about the magic so be prepared to look into some amazing parts of your lived experiences and find the deeply hidden magic within yourself.. "

Michael C. Anthony

How to Scale Your Hypnotherapy Business by Performing Stage Hypnosis

Do you want to grow your therapy business? Do you want to greatly increase revenue by adding a fun, interactive element to your hypnosis? You've already got the skills... now learn to take them to the stage for exponential growth. Learn how much to charge, learn the real secrets behind building a show the CORRECT way. You'll also watch recorded clips of Michael's show so you can see exactly how he does it in a real world enviroment. It'll be a hoot!

Sharon Jurd

How to earn $346,337 in 1 year

Shelley Stockwell

HYPNOSIS: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

This Stockwell Protocol gets you High with your Higher Self! So get ready to own your special gifts and be at the top of your game in happiness, health and life. This class in highly experiential and includes rapid ways to uplift yourself and others in and out of trance...

Teresa Perciful

Word Salad

Words matter in health care, psychology, and hypnotism. This class will cover how to simply stucture your words and theirs, for successful change work and in the Healthcare environment.

Kellie Karl

Achieving Excellence as a Performer

Doug O'Brien

The Most Important Ericksonian Language Distinction No One Ever Taught You

This one hour seminar you will learn the most important Eric signing language distinction that no one has ever taught it before and it will transform your abilities to capture your clients imagination just through language.

Caryn Bird

Leveraging Your Losses & Challenges to Emerge a $150,00 Champion in Your Business

Everyone experiences loss. We lose those we love to tragedy or outside circumstances; businesses lose dreams of being successful, and athletes lose games, stop competing due to injury, or age out. How can those challenges help us be better at life, better hypnotists, and help us change more people's lives?

Steven Baum

Negotiation: Theory and Skills

"Negotiation is a discipline, with its own concepts and skills to be practiced and mastered. Great negotiators are not born, they’re made. Although negotiation skills are critical, both professionally and personally, they are not often taught in school or on the job. This seminar delivers an overview of the difference between traditional (distributive) bargaining and interest-based (or integrative) negotiations; learn to identify your own and others' interests, to create and claim value, and to craft constructive agreements for all parties. Participants will have an opportunity to practice the skills taught during a simulated negotiation during this seminar. Everyone is invited to display their powers of persuasion."

Mary Welp

Meditation Meets Self-Hypnosis With RISE

RISE Hypnotic Meditation is a direct, simple and adaptable way to teach and practice self-hypnosis for change. The presentation will focus on the knowledge we have as hypnotherapists and how to do disperse this information out through classes and workshops in our communities.

Chris Thompson

Adding Ericksonian Language to Your Hypnotic Work

"No matter what kind of hypnosis or change work you practice, understanding Erickson's brilliant use of language can be a game changer. Add these skills to your toolbox for the ultimate in hypnotic flexibility. You'll never need a script again."

Florian Gunther

Metaverse Hypnosis

"A look into the not-too-distant future of the business of hypnosis. Technology is changing rapidly. A few years ago, many of us scoffed at online hypnosis. Now some of us don't even have our own physical practices anymore. But don't you also feel something is missing? What about greeting someone at the door? What about having a nice space that was decorated by you and is hypnotic in and of itself? Wouldn't it be cool to have some magic in online hypnosis? Guess what? It's coming! The next digital revolution is the Metaverse aka web 3.0 and it is already here! The Metaverse is a 3D-internet and you don’t even need special VR goggles to enter it. And it is not far off in the future. Everything already exists and we can already carry out hypnotic sessions in the metaverse. This talk is not only for tech-savvy people, but also for those that are fascinated by what the future will bring. I will give you a guide on: - what you need to enter the Metaverse - how you can enter the Metaverse - how you can build your practice in the Metaverse as of today - what kind of clients you will find in the Metaverse - how the Metaverse will change our profession in the next 10 years"

Sherry Gilbert

Increasing a Client's Oxytocin Levels - A Potential Solution for Anxiety & Depression

"So many of our clients are struggling with anxiety and depression. One of the most exciting new treatments for anxiety and depression is oxytocin. What if you can help your clients increase their oxytocin production for themselves using hypnotherapy and mindset change? We'll discuss: Stress response options Why some people are at greater risk of being deficient in oxytocin Lifestyle changes that improve oxytocin levels Hypnotherapy sessions and scripts to increase oxytocin levels"

Kate Beaven Marks

Hypno-EMDR tools & the Rapid Resolution Technique

"EMDR is a technique used to access, process and resolve past, present and future experiences, beliefs and sensations. When combined with hypnotherapy, it can take your therapy practice to another level. This highly practical and interactive workshop starts by exploring what EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) can bring to change-work and therapy as a technique, and how when it is combined with hypnotherapy (H-EMDR) it becomes even more beneficial. The Hypno-EMDR protocol is discussed and the session then rapidly moves on to teaching you how, why and when to use bilateral stimulation in-person and online. You then get an opportunity to apply this new skill straight away, whilst you learn and practice some highly beneficial stabilisation techniques, which can be used with any therapy client. With your new knowledge and skills, you will then learn and practice the H-EMDR Rapid Resolution Technique; an effective tool for addressing anxiety, phobias and performance concerns with your therapy clients (and for self-care)."

Shelley Jo Walstrom

Whatever It Takes - Energy Healing Meets Hypnosis

Just for a moment, think about you clients, especially the ones that struggle getting and keeping the results they want. What if it's because their limiting beliefs and sabotaging may not be linked just to emotions and thoughts. What if you could have several tools in your tool box to choose from. Open yourself to doing "Whatever it Takes" to help them feel successful, take back their lives and create optimal health. Come learn about different modalities in the energy healing arena along with the power of feeding the brain, body and hormones, while also changing their limiting beliefs, and thoughts through hypnosis.

Holly Stokes

Tap Your Hypnotic Genius: Write Your Own Scripts & Record CDs, Mp3s

Tired of reading scripts? Reading scripts could be turning your clients off. It can sound like a cookie cutter approach and people want customization. Become the expert go to Hypnotist with customizing scripts and products that sell for you. Learn the essentials of great script writing, how to use structure and flow, and how to add in hypnotic languaging tools. This workshop hones your hypnotic skills, adds in the power of inspiration and ultimately improves your effectiveness with your clients. Your clients will love the work you do and rave about their results, bringing you more referrals to grow your practice!

Brandon Dean

Kick-Start Your Stage Hypnosis Career by Four-Walling

Tips from the Trenches for New (and seasoned) Stage Hypnotists. Since 2012, hypnotist Brandon Dean usually self-produced about a dozen stage shows each year in venues ranging from 50 to 200+ seats; in industry lingo — four walling. Show business is 90% business, 10% show. Brandon shares his experience and practical advice to self-produce your own hypnosis show — from show branding and poster design, to marketing and promotion (these are not synonyms); social media tips; tiered ticket pricing, ticket brokers (including Groupon), and night-of box office management. Also maintaining a clinical practice, Brandon will discuss how doing shows benefits his practice and attracts new clients without "pressure selling from the stage." Prepare yourself for the inevitable common bumps and bruises that are part of the fun, rewarding and often lucrative experience of four-walling and learn about other "benefits beyond revenue." This two-hour session includes a 30-minute Q&A and discussion with session participants. An accredited Professional Stage Hypnotist and Certified Stage Hypnotist, Brandon Dean trained in his craft in Las Vegas, Nevada with the best hypnotists in the entertainment industry; most notably, his primary mentor Marc Savard, the renowned Justin Tranz, and Geoff Ronning, author of The Ronning Guide to Modern Stage Hypnosis. (Countless seminars at HypnoThoughts Live have helped along the way!)

Chandra Petersen

Calling Home all Parts

"Calling Back Parts Soul retrieval has been an integral part of shamanic practices for centuries and recovery of lost parts is at the core. We are born whole and complete but throughout our lifetime we start "losing" parts and it is vital to our energies, health and wellbeing that we return to the state of wholeness. Losing parts happens in three ways: 1. Accidentally leaving a part behind. . If you have a memory that seems to haunt you, or you just can't quite make sense of why a particular memory keeps getting triggered, it may just be that you left a part of yourself at that point in time and every time it calls out for you that memory crosses your awareness. 2. Giving parts of ourselves to others. Often times in life we are told to just give yourself to those who need it. This is incorrect, we are not supposed to give a part of ourselves, we are supposed to share. 3. A part of self is taken by someone. Sometimes that person doesn't realize they are doing this and sometimes they do. In this training you will experience a parts recall hypnosis session as well as have a tool (script) to use with your clients to help them return to wholeness. I have used this technique as a stand alone session but have found that it is a perfect first session for my 4 part trauma work. Remember, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and when we are whole, all of our parts are healing and working together as they were meant to. "

Jack Chang

Mind Bending Language and Quantum Linguistics Made Easy

Mind Bending Language is a great way to help a client get out of the reality that they are experiencing and holding them in a problem state. It may not be easy to develop skills for doing mind bending language and when there is a simple way to practice and master this, clients and practitioners both benefit, changing realities to make a difference. Let's help you to make the difference in the client quickly.

Gwendelyn Kay Turensky

The Power of Laughter!

"Feeling stressed, tired or fatigued? Not anymore! Come learn first hand the power of laughter and how it can reset your mental and physical state within a few short minutes! Not in the mood to laugh? Even better! Let me show you how your brain doesn't know the difference between a real laugh and a made up one! You will leave this session energized and ready to take on the world!"

David Ruby

Evidence-Based Hypnosis

How to locate and evaluate clinical research and clinical trials about hypnosis.

Michael Almarez

Residual income via live streaming on multiple platforms at once

Jennifer Escalera

How To Incorporate Sound Healing Into Your Hypnosis Practice

How To Incorporate Sound Healing Into Your Hypnosis Practice

Experience a sound induction and learn how to incorporate sound healing, and soundbaths into your practice for client transformation and profit.

By learning how to play various sound healing instruments, you'll add more value to your client's, groups, and community while deepening their transformational healing experiences.

Take your passion of helping others, add healing sound medicine to take your skills to another level that will have a greater impact on those you serve and support.

What to expect from this training: Experience a 30-minute group soundbath Learn the basic concept of sound healings, soundbaths, and the healing benefits so you can easily incorporate this modality into your personal life and business

Learn how to setup your sound healing instruments for 1:1 sessions, groups, or community events
Find out what instruments to start with and which ones to combine How to create your uniquely intuitive style of playing soundbaths so you can feel confident and grounded to use sound medicine as a form of healing
How to set up virtual soundbaths so you can provide distance healing
You' ll get a link to get my Sound Healing Guidebook For The Beginner Sound Practitioner

Self Care Room

Self Care room is hosted by Sandra Grace.

There are going to be people offering several modalities of care for people who need a brief break from the hustle and bustle of the presentations.

Jolana Andre

Profitable Mastery of Events & Retreats: Strategies for Outstanding Results and Financial Success

Discover the Profitable Mastery of Events & Retreats in this dynamic session with Jolana Andre. Learn proven strategies to plan, execute, and monetize successful events and retreats. Explore budgeting, revenue generation, marketing, and more to ensure outstanding results and financial success. Unleash your potential in the world of event management.

Tracy Young

Scriptnosis - Sometimes it is necessary.

Scriptnosis, is a necessity for almost all hypnotherapist at some point in their career. The pros and cons of using script to conduct a therapy session. The basic ins and outs of getting, using, and avoiding scripts for your sessions.

Arianna Angara

Escaping the Prison of Perfectionism